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448 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 a x. JUNE 10, of her daughter, Margaret Emily, who died September 26, 1842, aged 11 months, and of a daughter who died in her infancy. 77. Close to 76, n. from it on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. To the memory of Francis Moody, who was more than thirty years Clerk of this Parish. He was born October 28, 1758, died October 6, 1833. " Prepare to meet thy God." 78. Close to 77, n. from it on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Frances, wife of Francis Moody, who departed this life May 17th, 1824, in the 65th year of her age. ' There I was in Labour without Rest, Here I am in Best without Labour." 79. Close to 78, n. from it on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. a reddish-brown stone of a very perishable nature, all wording peeled off. 80. l^yd. n. from 79 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Catherine Whitehouse, who died Novr. 21st, 1834, aged 68 years. 81. Hyd. n. from 80 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. Sacred to the memory of the Revd. Thomas Clementson, who departed this life on the 17th of April, 1829, aged 74 years. Also of Mary Clementson,* relict of the above, who died October 14th, 18(5?) 2, aged 82 years. 82. On west side of path leading from south- east entrance to south door of chancel. On a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Jenny Johnson, relict of the late Isaac Johnson, Barrister at Law, of Lincoln's Inn, London, died March 18th, 1841. aged 83. Also of John Sugars,t brother of the above, died February 17th, 1844, aged 85. 83. Sins. s. from 82 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e., partly sunk in ground. To the memory of Mrs. Elizth. Sugars, wife of John Sugars, who resigned her soul to the will of her Maker on the thirty-first day of January, 1803, aged seventy-five years. 84. Close to 83, s. from it on a m.u.s ; w.f.e., much sunk in ground. In memory of John Sugars, who departed this life March 24, 1823, aged 65 years. 85. lyd. s. from 84 on a t.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Mary Ann, the wife of Thomas Riley, of this parish, who died llth January, 1854, aged 48 years. 86. If yd. s. from 85 on a t.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Elizabeth, J the daughter of John & Edith Sugars. . he departed this . ife, September . . . , aged 22 years. " Dear Friends To sleep . . . But at the Judgme . . ." / 87. 3ins. s. from 86 on a m'.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Elizabeth, the wife of John Sugars. She departed this life May the 9th, 1755, in the .9th year of her .ge. 88. 2ins. s. from 87 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Richard, the son of John & Edith

  • 1852. Mary Clementson, St. Peter's, October

18; 83 yrs. G. A. Burnaby, Rector. t 1844. No. 477, John Sugars, St. Paul's, Feby. the 21; 85. G. A. Burnaby, Rector. [There was a John Sugars churchwarden of St. Peter's from 1744 to 1750.] % 1742. Buried, Eliz., daur. of John Sugars & Edith his wife, Sepr. 13. 1755. Buried, May llth, Elisabeth, wife of John Sugars (farmer). Sugars. He dep. this life Decemr. ye 1736, aged 22 years. " All you that come my grave to see, As I am now so must you be ; Therefore prepare without delay, I in my prime was snacht away." 89. 8ins. s. from 88 on a m.u. and wide s. ; w.f.e., nearly all crumbled awav. In memory of To ... S ... On foot-s. close to n.s. of it. John Sugars,* 1751. 90. Close to foot-stone of 89, s. from it, on a s.u.s. ; w.f.e., a portion of the stone broken off. In memory of Ruth, ye daughter of John and Edeth,, she depad. this . . . ., aged (9?) . . . 91. Close to 88, s. from it on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Mary Sugars, t who died May 25, 1788, aged 2(6 ?) years. Verse of four lines almost all illegible. 92. Close to 91, s. from it on a s.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Edward Allison, % who died June 10, 18(1 ?)4, aged 68 years. 93. Close to 92, s. from it on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e., nearly all crumbled away; this has at some previous time been recut. In . . mory of A . . . n, d . . . .817, a ... 6. 94. Close to 93 on a s.u.s. ; w.f.e. H . . . body of Ed . . . es,|| who departed this . . fe October the 2(4?), 17(26?), in the 6 yea. of his age. 95. lyd'. s. from 94 on a t.u.s. ; w.f.e., has been broken in half across centre and from centre and top to centre in middle it has been fixed together with two iron clasps. Sacred to the memory of George Hasleham, Esq.,^| Captain of the 5th Royal Veteran Battalion and fourth son of the late Revd. E. Hasleham, of York- shire, who departed this life on the 28th day of May, 182(5?), in the 60 year of his age, after having faithfully devoted upwards of 40 years in the service of his King and Country. 96. 2|yds. n.w. from 95 on a m.u.s, ; w.f.e. In memory of Sarah, daughter of William & Mary Brown, who departed this life February 19th, 1853, in her 60th year. 97. Sins. n. from. 96 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.e. In memory of Edward Joseph, son of Charles and Amelia Brown, who departed this life on the 6th day of June, 1839, in the 13th year of his age. " Surrounding waters stopp'd thy breath (O heartfelt grief too big for tears), On thee, dear child, came sudden death, Just in the life's most blooming years."

  • 1751. Nov. 11, buried, John Sugar of ye Bury

Farm. t Not in register. Bottom portion of page in register has been cut away. J 1814. Alison, Edward, St. Mary's, Bedford, June 12, 1814, 67 yrs. Philip Hunt, Rector. 1817. Allison, Hannah, St. Peter's, Bedford, December 21st, 1817, 66 yrs. Philip Hunt, Rector. || 1726. Edward Marks, tailor, was burd. the 24th day of Octobr., attested by Susanna Garret before Mr. David Ovray. f 1825. 135, Hasleham, George, Captain in 5th R.V.B. St. John's, Bedford, June 3rd, 1825; 63 yrs. Philip Hunt, Rector.