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12 s. x, JUNK io, io22.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 451 derived from " kepping," meaning a meet- ing or trysting place. I shall be very glad to have the views of some readers of |

  • N. & Q.' There is no other capon tree;

in Scotland, I believe. O. HILSON, J.P. Jedburgh. WYPERS. SIR RICHARD TEMPLE'S remark (at ante, p. 172) to the effect that " W ypers " is etymological ly correct interests me, and i will others. Will he explain the detail ? I know that where an old pronunciation contradicts a spelling, nine times in ten | the former is right and the latter wrong, and I like to know the facts. FORREST MORGAN. Hartford, Conn. " STONE-COAT." In Reynoldes's ' Passions and Faculties of the Soul of Man ' I find these lines, which are a translation of that passage in Book III. of .the Iliad where Hector rebukes Paris for flying from Menelaus : Trim Warriour, tell me what thy Lute can doe, What Venus Graces, comely hair, sweet hew, When thou shalt vallow in the dust ? Th' art far Fitter to weare Stone-coat, than Coat of War. Reynoldes's work was first published in 1640, but I quote from the edition of 1647, p. 305. What is this " stone-coat " ? It has been overlooked in the ' N.E.D.,' usually so careful. I seem to have read that " stone- jacket " is modern slang for a prison, as " stone-jug " certainly is. Can " stone- coat " and " stone- jacket " be brought together ? RICHARD H. THORNTON. Portland, Oregon. HERALDIC. Per fesse gules and vert three hedgehogs (boars ?) argent. To what .family do these arms belong ? They are not in Papworth's ' Ordinary.' F. SYDNEY EDEN. 56, Holland Road. Kensington, W.I 4. 'f ROCHESTER CHARTERS : " WAVESON. "- White Kennett, in his 1701 edition of Co well's ' Interpreter,' gives a quotation .(s.f. "Waveson") as follows: In tantum quod omnes gunitiones [ = punici- ones], correctiones, deodanda, Waveson, Flotteson [ + .Totteson] Lagason et Wrecks et [v.r. ac] Regalia videlicet [ + omnes] Magnas places captas, &c. 'The corrections and additions are from MS. Lansd. 203, If. 198, a volume of Elias .Ashmole's transcripts of ' Deeds and Seals.' A note on the flyleaf says that Ashmole's collection of deeds was destroyed by fire in his chambers. Even if W T hite Kennett copied from the original deed, he was as careless as Ashmole's clerk, who, for example, writes previlia for privilegia. I shall be glad to know whether, and where, this strange document has been printed. It is a charter of Arthur Planta- genet, Earl Lisle, Lieutenant and -Vice- Admiral of Henry, Duke of Richmond and Somerset and Earl of Nottingham, High Admiral of England, W T ales, &c., and is noted, from theLansdowneMS., in ' Letters and Papers of Henry VIII.,' IV. ii. (1872), 1193. Is it the charter of Henry VIII. men- tioned in Brigstocke Sheppard's report on Rochester Municipal Records in the ' Ninth Report of the Historical MSS. Commission,' I. 286-9 ? This seems very unlikely. Have any other MSS. there reported on been printed by a competent scholar ? Does waveson " occur in any earlier charter ? Q. V. MAJOR WILLIAM MURRAY. Could any reader give me any biographical details about Major William Murray, formerly 10th Hussars, who, in 1861, acquired great notoriety in connexion with the affair known as the Northumberland Street tragedy ? I am especially anxious to learn whether he married, and when and where lie died. JOHN HALL. [Some correspondence on the Northumberland Street affair will be found at 12 S. ix. 359, 396.] LONDON COMMERCIAL SCHOOLS IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. Can any reader tell me where to obtain information regarding such establishments ? I do not refer to public schools in London, but to those where boys of the middle class, sons of City freemen, would be sent, provided that they were not scholars at Christ's Hospital, St. Paul's, Merchant Taylors' or Charter- house Schools. Is there any history of such minor establishments and lists of boys who attended them in the early eighteenth century ? BERNARD P. SCATTERGOOD. COLONEL RICHARD ELTON, author of ' The Compleat Body of the Art Military.' Can anyone tell me (1) the connexion between the above and the family of Hotham ; (2) the names of Colonel Elton's children ; (3) where he is buried ; (4) whether his widow married again ? D. P.