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12 s. x. JUNE 10, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 453 late Mr. Henry B. Wheatley, in his ' London Past and Present,' quotes Stow to the effect that some other " Bosse Alley [was] so called of a bosse of water, like unto that of Billings- gate, there placed by the executors of Richard Whittington. " On some plans preserved in the City Surveyor's office at | the Guildhall, Boss Alley is shown on the j west side of the Old Coal Exchange (since ! demolished) on the north side of Lower j Thames-- Street, with a block of buildings < between the alley and St. Mary's Hill, the ' southern end of which was opposite Billings- gate Dock. What else is known about the history of this figure w^th a protruding abdomen ? L. L. K. ' THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN REVIEW.' I shall feel obliged for information as to when this reputable quarterly was started and ceased to appear, and also as to who edited it. ANEURIN WILLIAMS. Meuai View, North Road, Carnarvon. JAMES BORDIEU, OR BOUKDIEU, was admitted to Westminster School in Septem- ber, 1728, aged 13. Particulars of his parent- age and career are desired. G. F. R. B. WASHINGTON. In Heath's ' Dorset,' p. 50, j it is stated : The progenitors of some very distinguished American families resided in Dorset. The Washingtons, the ancestors of the American Veridious, are said to have once lived at Cerne Abbas. Now, there was a certain Thos. Washington of Cerne Abbas, who died in 1724, but he certainly was riot a direct ancestor of George Washington, though he may have been of the same family. In August, 1716, deposing in a Chancery suit (Chanc. Proc. 1714-58, 890/4, Jolliffe v. Madgwick), he gives his age as " eighty or thereabouts," which would make his birth about 1636. He married Mary Randall Jan. 4, 1676/7, at Cerne Abbas. His will (dated Jan, 1, 1723/4, proved Aug. 27, 1724 ; P.C.C. 201, Bolton) throws no light on his ancestry. His descendants believed that he came from Ireland to Dorset. Can anyone place Thomas in the Washington pedigree ? He has left no descendants in the male line, his only son dying s.p. T. C. DALE. WEDDING-RING : CHANGE OF HAND. Cranmer is said to have changed the ring- finger in the marriage service from the right to the left hand. Why was this done, and when ? R. C. HOPE. GRAZIA DELEDDA. I should be grateful for biographical information concerning this admirable writer of novels on Sardinia, and for references to reviews of her work in English, French, German and (especially) Italian periodicals. ' La Madre ' has recently been done into English. Have others been translated and, if so, into what languages ? O. Y. GRANTEE OF ARMS WANTED. On Jan. 24, 48 Victoria, Garter Woods and Clarenceux Blount granted to W F of G ,. Co. Berks, son of S F , the following arms : Per chevron dovetailed gules and argent, in chief two lions' heads erased of the last and in base a salamander in flames proper ; and for the crest, Upon a mount vert an antelope argent, seme of estoiles sable, armed and unguled or, resting th& dexter forefoot upon a fountain proper. Can anyone kindly complete the blanks ? Walsall/ S. A. GBUNDY NEWMAN. BYERLEY. A Byerley pedigree in Nichols's ' History of Leicester ' is headed ' Byerley of Byerley in Com. Ebor.' Could any reader kindly inform me if Bierley Hall, near Bradford, Yorkshire, is the original home of this family, which spread to Pickhill, Yorks, Middridge Grange. Durham, Leicester, London, and the Isle of Wight, where there is also, near Niton,, a hamlet called Bierley ? I have seen most of these pedigrees, but am trying to discover their earliest 'seat. H. HOPPS. AUTHOR WANTED. Can any reader complete the quotation : " But this I know From . . . and first beginning There's nothing worth the pain of winning Save laughter and the love of friends " ; and tell me who wrote* it and where it may be found ? J- T. WILLIAMS. REFERENCE WANTED. The author of a book on modern Spain, published probably 1908- 1915, tells of meeting with a priest holding some such position as that of university professor or rector of a college, who made no secret of keeping a concubine, and who said (of himself and the like) : " We always go to Confession before we say Mass." The author expresses inability to see how Confession without purpose of amendment can make matters right, and comments : "In Ireland such a priest would be dragged off the altar if he attempted to say Mass." Reference desired. (REV.) TOM COLLINS. The Vicarage, Bishop Monkton, Harrogate. [We insert this query for the purpose of obtain- ing the reference required, but cannot insert correspondence on the statements quoted from the book.]