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Notes and Queries, July 29, 1922. AUTHORS' INDEX. 523 Lewis (Alfred Sydney) on Penderell (Richard), descendants of, 256 White (Gilbert) of Sel- borne, 152 Lewis (Penry) on ' Castle Daly ' and Galway, 47 Edwards (Lieut.-Col. Clement Martin), 338! " H," dropping the: Cingalese, 338 Mill! Hill School, arms of, 357 Lewis (R.) on thumb Bibles, 310 Lezze on palindrome on a sundial, 430 Lindsay (Charles L.) on Nicholas Hilliard, 432 Lister (B. J.) on rhymed History of England, 376 Loder (Gerald) on Brighton : Antheum, 76 ; the " Chalybeate," 295 liegeman (H.) on street noises, 360 Lorena (M. E.) on Accra : James Fort, 245 Lucas (J. Landfear) on Cheapside, width of, 290 Final " den " in Kentish place-names, 49 French coinage and the Birmingham mint, 490 Paris as centre for female fashions, 490 Tapestry in Victoria and Albert Museum, 190 Tokeley Gully, 432 Lumb (G. D.) on Erghum family, 99 Leeds, the arms of, 156 Lupton (E. Basil) on author wanted, 471 Por- traits of Coleridge and Dickens, 148 Watson (Brook), the one-legged Lord Mayor, 438 M M. on Capern (Edward), 175 Devonshire MSS., 236 Herrick (Robert), his grave, 487 House bells, 174 Kendall (Williams), 177 Maunder (Samuel), 94 M. (A. T) on birth, inference as to date of, 173 Boates (H. E.), 297" Intue," 474 Poor Law documents, 472 Whitefoord (Col. .Charles), 153,243,285 M. (E.) on Battersea enamel works, 70 M. (P. M.) on Montresor (Col.) of Belmont, 214 Smokers' folk-lore, 38 M. (G. M.) on D. Serres, his naval pictures, 93 M. (H. C. H.) on hymn-tune composers, 394 M. (H. M. C.) on author wanted, 298 M. (J.) on flag, identification sought, 70 M. ( J. G.) on Morland (Sir Samuel) and Cromwell, 281 Willys (Sir Richard), 101, 123, 145 M. ( J. H.) on Adah Isaacs Menken's ' Infelicia,' 97 M. (J. S.) on Senator Roy Barbosa, 371 M. (R.) on author wanted, 252 M. (W. J.) on Sprusen's Island, 336 M.A., Oxon., on Vesalius, 349 Mabbott (T. O.) on Blake in America, 128 De Kempelen's automaton chess-player, 255 Poe (Edgar Allan), literary allusions in works, 408 Ruskin : Geneva letter found, 69 Me. on " Coffee-houses," East London, 107, 238 Cutty Sark and Capt. Moody, 467 Dodd (Rev. William), 481 Hackney Mermaid and the Old Freemasons, 388 London : the social eigh- teenth century, 207 Middlesex Justices, 1745, 305 Ratcliffe, 466 Ratcliffe Cross and Stairs Memorial, 20 Smith (John Frederick), 391 Vine Tavern, Mile End : Stepney Manor Lordship, 253, 294 Me. (R.) on mules on mountains, 456 McGovern (J. B.) on " Cannot away with," 470 " Intue," 410 Paslew (Abbot), his place of execution, 407 " Up to," use of phrase, 169 MacSweeney (Joseph) on Shakespeare and the Pelican legend, 246 Me William (Bruce) on Charles Alcock, 357 Madge (S. J.) on De Haryngy, 109 De Heringe- shae, 248 Herebertus de Middlesex, 209 Highgate, 132 King's Printing House, Thames Street, 1653, 268 Stroud Green, 188 Magrath (John R.) on capon tree in Jedwater, 493 Dalstons of Acornbank, 95 " Qui strepit in campo," 489 Rhymed History of England, 352" Time with a gift of tears," 130 York, the Crossed Keys at, 376 Mann (A. H.) on Dr. Crotch, 470 Maples (A. K.) on Bishop Reynolds, 273 Markland (Russell) on Abbot (Richard), 190 De Kemplen's automaton chess-player, 171 Meyler (William), 190 Poetry, eighteenth- century, 176 Redfern (Francis), 168 Siddons (Henry), 168 Marston (G. M.) on barrel organs in churches, 254 Marten (A. E.) on Martin family, 350 Mason (Stuart) on Oscar Wilde, 270 Matthews (R.) on Swinford family, 330 Mayall (Arthur) on Louis de Male, 490 Maycock (Willoughby) on Arab (or Eastern) horses, 138, 198 Byron (Lord) and Corsica in 1821, 312 Grant (Baron), 115 Greenwood (James), 219 " Kangaroo Cooke," 156 Men- ken (Adah), 115 Nigger minstrelsy: W. E. Gladstone and the ' Camptown Races,' 217 Quotation : " So he kept his spirits up," 100 Woods (Nicholas), The Times correspondent in Canada, 412 Maze (R. Hart) on General John Nicholson, 109 Mazingarbc on regimental chaplains, H.M. 65th Regiment, 109 ; H.M. 84th Regiment, 129 Mercer (H. C.) on nigger minstrelsy, 379 Merry weather (George) on American humorists : Capt. G. H. Derby, 159 Mew (Egan) on Stephen Theodore Janssen, 210 Mills (Barton R. V.) on De Kemplen's automaton chess - player, 155 Latin proverb : origin sought, 150 Milsted (G. H.) on wines, 355 Minakata (Kumagusu) on the bear, the horse and the aubergine, 308 Moor (A. G. Gordon) on Moir surname, 372 Moore (J. H.) on Adah Isaacs Menken, 196 Moore (Milner) on song wanted, 210 Morgan (Forrest) on Menken (Adah Isaacs), 133, 458 Wypers, 451 Moring (Alex.) on Gentlemen of the Poultry, 36 Mundy (P. D.) on Henry William Herbert, L20 Murray- (John) on " Bull and Mouth," 257 Myddelton (Thos. C.) on calendar : old and new style, 432 Myddelton (W. M.) on John Stow and the New River, 489 N N. (B. B.) on Bredon Hill, 390 N. O. Sellam " on author want.-ti. TJ Nevin (J. D.) on NYvin family, 131, 316 Newton (E. E.) on " Hand and Pen " sign, 293 Tuiniii-s in the Strand,' 498 Noble (W. M.) on newspapers : oldest halfpenny evening, 436 Norman (Philip) on ' Assumption of the Virgin,' 181 O. (M. N.) on Dapp's Hill, 330 Epitaph in Tet- bury Church, Glos., 170" Labbut, The," 330 O. (V. L.) on Adrian Stokes, 474