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NOTES AND QUERIES & jWetrtum of Sntercommuntcation FOR LITERARY MEN, GENERAL READERS, ETC. " When found, make a note of." CAPTAIN CUTTLE, No. 195. [ T S H ] JANUARY 7, 1922. ___^ v Registered as a Newsvaj>er. (J^xforb SERINDIA. A detailed Report of Explorations in Central Asia and Western- = most China, carried out and described under the orders of H.M. Indian Government by AUREL STEIN, K.C.I.B., Indian Archaeological Survey. Text, three volumes ; == Plates, one volume ; case of Maps. Royal 8vo. 12 12s. net. The official account of Sir Aurel Stein's second great Central-Asian expedition in the = years 1906-8. THE MUFADD_ALI YAT. An anthology of Ancient Arabian Odes. Compiled H by Al Mufaddal, son of Muhammad, a member of the tribe of Dabbah, according to the recension and with the commentary of Abu Muhammad Al-Qasim Ibn Mu- hammad Al-Anbari. Edited for the first time with a translation and notes by CHARLES JAMES LYALL. Volume I., Text. Volume II., Translation and = Notes. 4to. 6 6s. net. THE QUEEN'S COLLEGE. By JOHN RICHARD MAGRATH, Provost of Queen's. Vol. I., 1341-1646. Vol. II., 1646-1877. With 46 Illustrations. 4to. 42s. net. ESSAYS AND STUDIES BY MEMBERS OF THE ENGLISH ASSOCIATION. 1 Vol. VII. Collected by JOHN BAILEY. Medium 8vo. 7s. 6d. net. CON TENTS. Rhyme in English Poetry, by B. de Selincourt; Words and Music, by A. H. Fox-St-angways ; Thomas Parnell : or What was wrong with the Eighteenth Century, by A. H. Cruickshank ; A Contemporary = Light upon John Donne, by John Sampson; A Bundle of Ballads, by George Neilson; The 1604 Text of == Marlowe's Dr. Faustus, by Percy Simpson. THE LEGACY OF GREECE. Edited by R. W. LIVINGSTONE. Illustrated. || Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d. net. CONTENFS. Hellenism, by Gilbert Murray ; Eeligion. by W. R. Inge ; Philosophy, by J. Burnet ; Mathe- matics and Astronomy, by Sir T. Heath ; Biology, by D'Arcy W. Thompson ; Medicine, by Charles Singer ; = , Literature, by E. W. Livingstone; History, by Arnold Toynbee ; Political Thought, by A. E. Zimmern; Sculpture, by Percy Gardner ; Architecture, by Sir Eeginald Blomfleld. POEMS OF HOME AND OVERSEAS. Selected by CHARLES WILLIAMS, author of " Poems of Conformity," &c., and V. H. COLLINS, editor of " Poems of Action," &c. Foolscap 8vo. Cloth boards, with cover design. 3s. net. An anthology divided into five sections : " In Praise of England," " The English Land," " Merry England," " Places," " Overseas." It contains a large amount of copyright work, including that of many contemporary writers, and has poems by J. E. Flecker, Eupert Brooke, Edward Thomas, Eobert Bridges, Sir Henry Newbolt. Thomas Hardy, Eudyard Kipling, Walter de la Mare, W. H. Davies, Eobert Nichols. Siegfried Sassoon, Hilaire Belloc, Laurence Binyon, &c. REPORT OF THE COMMISSION APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF PALESTINE TO INQUIRE INTO THE AFFAIRS OF THE ORTHODOX PATRIARCHATE OF JERUSALEM. By the Commissioners, Sir ANTON BERTRAM and HARRY CHARLES LUKE. Medium 8vo. 12s. 6d. net. London: HUMPHREY MILFORD, Oxford University Press, Amen Corner, E.C4. Ulllllllllllllllll!