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70 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 S. X.JAN. 28, 1922. uerie*. WE must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries in order that answers may be sent to them direct. COLE, OB COALE-BENTS. Can anyone explain the meaning of the above term, which recurs each year in some accounts relating to an estate near Buckingham, 1661-1667 ? The receipts are grouped under the heading " Received out of Padbury for rents called coale-rents n ; but some- times the spelling is " cole." The amounts are very trifling, the highest being 6s. Sd. per annum, but they stand apart from the quit-rents, which are separately assembled. Typical examples are : Received of Edward Swannell for one yeares rent ending at Michas. 1661 . . Is 0<1 Received of John King of Padbury for the like for Sammons house . , 4*1 The usual works of reference, law lexicons and dialect dictionaries have been searched in vain, and a complete set of ' N. & Q.' failed to assist. At the P.R.O. it was suggested that the right to make charcoal was alluded to, but it is not a wooded district and there is no evidence to support this. Since the fifteenth century the lord- ship of the manor of Padbury has been vested in the Warden and Fellows of All Souls' College, Oxford, but neither the Estates Bursar not the Steward of the manors has ever heard of cole -rents. The oldest inhabitants know nothing of them, and numerous inquiries in many directions have elicited nothing but guesses. VALE or AYLESBUBY. THOBNBOBOUGH. Edward Thornbrough, Commander, R.N., died at South Stoke, near Arundel, in May, 1784, leaving, with several daughters, a son, Edward, born at Plymouth Dock in 1754, who, following his father's prof ession,was distinguished by much active service and attained high honours. He died a G.C.B., an Admiral of the Red and Vice- Admiral of the United 'Kingdom, the chief post in the Navy, and is buried in Exeter Cathedral. His only surviving son, Admiral Edward Le Cras Thornbrough, died s.p. in 1857. Among other relics of Sir Edward Thornbrough is a grant of arms made in 1817, assigning to himself and also to his only sister then surviving (Elizabeth, widow of Henry Blaxton, Lieut., R.N.), the fret of Thornborough, with an honourable aug- mentation for his services, viz., On a chief azure an anchor erect with cable or. The patent states that Sir Edward claimed | descent from a branch of the family of John | Thornborough, who, in the year 1634, was Bishop of Worcester. (The bishop died at Hartlebury Palace in 1641 at a great- age.) Information giving the descent of Com- | mander Thornbrough from the family " seated at Salisbury, in the county of Wilts, and also in the counties of Worcester and Warwick," is asked. E. T. P. S. BATTEBSEA ENAMEL WORKS. Where is it possible to see the two catalogues of the auction sales of S. T. Janssen's Battersea enamels, (a) that of March 4, 1756, at St. Paul's Churchyard, and (b) that of 1762 at York House, Battersea ? Advertisements of these sales have been found. As S. T. Janssen was made bankrupt in 1756, would it be possible to discover any of the trade books or wages sheets used at his enamel works at York House, Battersea? The Record Office possesses particulars of some part of his estate, but no mention of the stock of Battersea enamels sold in 1756. E. M. . ' ALLOSTBEE'S ALMANACK,' 1680. Can any reader of your valuable paper give any information with regard to an old almanack which I happen to possess a copy of for the year 1680 ? It is labelled ' Allos- tree's Almanack ' and contains a marvellous store of information. I am curious to know whether there are any other copies of the same now to be found. It was printed for the Stationers' Company. PH. YOBKE. V. DE VELDTE THE ELDEB : IDENTIFICA- TION OF FLAG SOUGHT. In a picture which appears to depict H.M.S. Swiftsure, lost in action against the Dutch in 1666, the undermentioned flag flies at the stern : a St. George's cross on a white ground in first canton (top corner against flag-pole) fimbriated red and white ; the remainder of the flag is striped red and white and checkered red and white round all four edges. Can any reader identify this flag ? J. M. QUAINT CHARMS TO BE IDENTIFIED. - Amongst scores of other manuscripts mainly seventeenth- and eighteenth- century Yorkshire diaries left to me by my late father (who spent his life collecting York- shire lore) is a most interesting book of strange occurrences in the Bedale and