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i2s.x.jAx.28,io22.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 73 USEDES 1626, shows a shield azure with a official purveyors. Let one example suffice fleece of gold, supported by two silver owls ; another Yorkshire city. From 1843 to crowned. The same arms also appear on 1875 Sheffield used, " without authority " an old "' Wait's Badge " of the seventeenth a simple but effective coat : Azure, a century figured in Warden's ' Municipal j bundle of arrows saltirewise, tied in the History of Leeds.' The fleece, of course, j middle between two pheons a punning was an allusion to the town's staple trade, allusion to its name and trade couched in and the owls were adopted from the Savile sufficiently heraldic form. In the latter .arms (silver with a bend sable and three year the Kings-of-Arms granted a new-made owls silver on the bend) as a delicate compli- coat (the blazon is from the grant, or ment to Sir John Savile of Howley Hall, rather a copy) : Per fess azure and vert, first Alderman of the town under the in chief eight arrows interlaced saltirewise charter of 1626, and subsequently created banded argent, and in base three garbs Baron Savile of Pontefract. The first seal fessewise or ; and for a crest, on a wreath was used until 1 662, when a new one Was of the colours a lion rampant argent, gorged prepared, the town having received a fresh ' with a collar and holding between the paws charter from Charles II. in 1661. The an antique shield azure, charged with eight new seal showed a shield of arms as now arrows as in the arms. The garos or borne, but without crest or supporters, i.e., sheaves are doubtless an annexation from with a chief sable and three silver mullets the well-known arms of the Sheffields, on the chief an adaptation from the arms baronets of Lincolnshire, and their pro- of Thomas Danby, the first Mayor under the j gemtors, the Lords Mulgrave, and new charter, who bore, Silver, three chevrons j Dukes of Buckingham and Normanby braced sable with a chief .-able and three ! a quite unnecessary addition as the Sheffields mullets silver on the chief. The borough do not appear to have had any connexion seems to have recorded these arms at with the town of their name. Surely it was Sir William Dugdale's Visitation of York- heavy wit on the part of the three Kings-of - shire, in 1665 (not 1662, pace Mr. Fox- I Arms who signed this grant to laboriously Da vies), as appears from a MS. note by perpetrate such armorial puns, with Ralph Thoresby, the eminent Leeds his- sheaves of corn and arrows, so many times torian (see Thoresby Society's publications, in one shield and crest. vol. xv. ' Miscellanea,' pp. 83-4). All the j In The Yorkshire Weekly Post of January old corporation seals are figured in Warden's i 14, 1922, I have discussed the question of work, and it is possible that from the dots i the Leeds arms and have argued that the shown on the chiefs of the arms in that city already possessed a good title to its book has arisen the misconception that the j armorial bearings by prescription and long chief in the Leeds arms was gold. It is j usage, and that the Corporation had no certainly not used by the Leeds Corpora- | need to apply to the College of Arms for a new grant. My article contains sketches tion. The addition of a helmet to a civic achievement of arms may be nonsense, of the old and new coats. W. B. BARWELL TURNER. and yet such a decoration is borne by MRS JoANNA STEPHENS (12 S. x. .8). authority of the Heralds' College (so | The facts of Mrs . Stephens ' s c V ase are curious, much invoked by Mr. Fox-Davies in his and somewhat different to any other in various publications) by most of the eighte enth-centurv quackery. Mrs. Stephen. London and many provincial borough of | ^ d th e pubfiAhat she had discovered recent creation as testified by 'The Book , ft remedial me dicine f or stone in the bladder, of Public Arms. I cordially agree with &nd essed her w iiii ngness to part with Mrs Cope s remarks on the meptftude of | h f blic use f. 5 Q0( Dmm _ ^Tw H T T^ Cia H heraldry ' Th ? l ate mond, the banker, opened an account for

f I' J hl a 9 >e '. no ean J ud e voluntary subscriptions, but 1,356 3*. only

8 id m Archce h 9 1 1 J 1 > h -! being received, Mrs. Stephens used her 94, that it must be allowed that thej mflu | nce with such of the legislators as townsfolk [of Leeds] devised for themselves ! she cou ] d approach, and in particular with a pretty and most appropriate shield of j Carteret, the Postmaster - General, who arms," and the champions of the heralds | had been her patient in 1735. Eventually, and their privileges can hardly maintain in 1739, an Act (12 Geo. II., c. 23) was .that better heraldry is produced by its ' passed " For providing a reward to Joanna