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12 S. VI. JAN., 1920.]



PIRIE. Alexander Pirie, tenant of Meikle Tipperty, parish of Foveran, Aberdeenshire, and afterwards of Auchnacant in that Parish, was Clerk and Collector of Poll Tax for the neighbouring parish of Logie-Buchan, 1695-6. He m. Agnes [b. 1668, d. 14 Feb., 1696, bur. Foveran], daughter of Andrew Moir in Old Mill, b. 1621, Burgess of Aberdeen, 11 Sept., 1688, and had issue. Who were the parents of Alexander Pirie ?

Who were the parents of Sir John Pirie, Lord Mayor of London, 1842 ?

H. PlBIE-GOBDON. 20 Warwick Gardens, Kensington, W.14.

GENERAL STONEWALL JACKSON. Can any reader give me the maiden name of General Stonewall Jackson's mother, where she was born, married and died, and if there are any portraits known of her ? I have a painting said to be of her. On the back of the canvas is the following inscription:

"Mrs. Jackson | painted by | Waldo and Jewett | New York | America 1816." (Or it may be 1818J

It was sold at Christie's some few years ago. Samuel Waldo and William Jewett worked in collaboration for many years in U.S. Stonewall Jackson was, of course, very popu- lar in England, but it seems difficult to account for the portrait of his mother being in this country. JOHN LANE.

FRENCH SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS IN LONDON. I have a charming picture ' Sea View, Taken near Fecamps,' by Louis Bentabole, which was exhibited at the third annual exhibition of the French School of Fine Arts in London, 1856. I shall be obliged if any reader can refer me to any particulars, such as the catalogues, &c., of these exhibi- tions, where held and when they terminated. These exhibitions must have been the first on record of French Art in England.


The BodleyHead, Vigo Street, W.I.

WILLIAM PHILLIPS : TRACE OF MSS- WANTED. William Phillips, town clerk at Brecon, antiquary, d. 1685. In the sale of the Towneley MSS. on 28 June, 1883, lot 149, was a volume in MS. of Welsh Pedigree, apparently collected by W. Phillips, with his autograph on the last page ; green morocco. It was bought by the late Mr. Bernard Quaritch for 15Z. 15s., who sold it about four years later. I should be most obliged to any reader who could give me any information about this book.


49 Emerald Street, Roath, Cardiff, South Wales.

ELEPHANT AND CASTLE : MEANING OF SIGN. Could any of your readers give me the meaning of the sign of the Elephant and Castle ?

1 always understood it meant an elephant with a fighting howdah, but, according to the enclosed newspaper cutting (evidently written by a very modest old maid) I am more in the dark than ever :


How many people know the origin of the Curious sign, the Elephant and Castle ?

Canon Westlake, the custodian of Westminster Abbey, showed the London Rambling Society, in the ancient library of the Abbey, an illuminated vestiary, dates probably about 1240, which gives a strange story of its original significance.

As a matter of fact, the sign was known cen- turies before Eleanor was born, and this priceless old vestiary shows that in mediaeval symbolism the Elephant and Castle represented Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden !

The old story, which can hardly be told in its crude original form, had to do with the lady elephant and the precautions she took to prevent her young being seized by the dragon.

Perhaps, if the tale is too ' shocking ' to publish, it might still be enough hinted at to make the idea intelligible.


Carlton Hotel, Pall Mall, S.W.I.

BROWN : BELLINGUES : HOPCROFT. Could anyone kindly supply any information about :

John Brown, of Wrestlingworth, Beds, in 1382, mentioned in Victoria County History. Arms, pedigree and descendants ? Also of John Broun, Braunsden, Little Grandsden, Cambs, mentioned in Patent Rolls, same date. He went with the Duke of Clarence to Ireland.

James Brown, Potton, Beds ; marriage with Elizabeth , whose tombstone states she was buried there 9 Nov., 1724, aged 47. Ancestors and Arms of husband.

Origin of John de Bellingues, who went to first Crusade ; also pedigree of Billings, Beds (same Arms).

Hopcroft, or Hopcraft, Bucks, before 1800. Also Hoppesort, Hoppeschort, or Hopesorth.

What is the meaning of Brownteslond (near Wrestlingworth) and Braunsden, Little Grandsden, Cambs ? F. BROWN.

2 Capel Road, East Barnet, Herts.

" EPATER LE BOURGEOIS." The Times, in a leading article on Dec. 10, 1919, quoted this well-known phrase as having been made familiar by Flaubert and his circle. Can anyone give the exact ' reference ?. And - where did Flaubert first mention Vhomme sensuel moyen ? DE V. PA YEN-PAYNE.