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A Unique Plan to Provide a Public School Education for Boys and Girls.

TN the coming days of keen world com- petion, Boys and Girls equipped with a first-class education, such as the Public Schools provide, will win their way to success that may be barred to their fellows who have been denied similar educational advantages.

Your natural wish as a parent 'must be to give your Boy or Girl] the best education possible, to provide funds for their profes- sional, technical or business training, and to give them a good start in life, By taking advantage of the plan devised by the " British Dominions " you can make sure provision of the money required by the easy

method of setting aside a proportion of your income, such as you can conveniently afford. To do this need not impose any unnecessary strain upon your resources, and you would have the satisfaction of knowing that by the time your boy or girl reaches a certain age the money will be forthcoming. More- over, the sum determined upon for this purpose is assured even though the death of the parent may intervene. This subject merits your serious considera- tion in the interests of the future welfare of your children, and it will in the end repay you.

Write to-day and learn full particulars. Please ask for "Child's Educational Endowment " Prospectus. Address :


Head Office :

British Dominions House,

Royal Exchange Avenue,

London, E.C3.

Branches and Agents

throughout the United Kingdom.

32 Moorgate St , London, E.C.2.

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