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NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 s. vi. MAY s.

perhaps the best in Europe." This is in Letter XXV., dated July, 1798. The date of the Appendix is apparently 1815.

In my copy of Eustace's ' Classical Tour through Italy,' 4th edit., 1817, vol. i., p. 52, the name of the famous inn at Calais appears as "Dessennes," meaning of course Dessin's. To the references for Dessin's Hotel given by MB. WAINEWRIGHT may be added 12 S. v. 20, 51.


PHARMACEUTICAL BOOK-PLATES (12 S. vi. 131). The Chemist and Druggist pub- lished several articles on this subject, with illustrations, in August and September, 1907. The names included Win. Oliver (of biscuit fame), John Maud of Aldersgate Street, and others. I kept the articles but regret I cannot lay my hands on them at present. J. DE BERNIERE SMITH.

4 Gloucester Gate, Begent's Park, N.W.I.

BATTLE BRIDGE CINDERS AND Moscow (12 S. vi. 135). MR. PAUL DE CASTRO, at the conclusion of his descriptive note on the site of the present King's Cross station, states that the cinders formerly accumulated on the site "were eventually purchased by Russia for use in the rebuilding of Moscow." Having in former years imported many and various classes of goods into Russia from this country, this statement seems to me extraordinary. Moscow was burnt in 1812. The first railway built in Russia, from Petrograd to Tsarskoe-selo was not opened xintil 1837 and the Nikolai railway to Moscow was not built until 1851. To transport cinders by ship to Russia and cart them 400 miles to Moscow is unthinkable. Another correspondent shows that the site of Battle Bridge was taken in hand by speculative builders and re-named in 1821. It would be interesting to know whence MR. DE CASTRO'S statement is derived.


Chelston Hall, Torquay.

PIRIE (12 S. vi. 11, 116). Burke's 'Peerage,' 1851, gives the best pedigree as follows :

" William Pirie of Rothieniay, co. Banff, m. Isabella Thain, and d. 1793, leaving a son, John Pirie of Dunse, co. Berwick, who m. Helen (d. Sept. 25, 1838), dau. of George Benton of Paxton, in same county, and d. Nov. 12, 1812, having had : John, created a hart. April 13, 1842 ; William and George, both d. young ; Isabel, m. 1794 to John Aitcheson of Dunse ; Christian, m. 1803 to George Gibson of Alnwick-upon-Tweed ; and Jean, m. 1813 to Andrew Pirie of Kelso. Sir John Pirie was b. Sept. 18, 1781, m. April, 1807, Jean., dau. of Robert Nichol of Kelso ;

became an extensive shipowner and merchant of" London ; unsuccessfully contested the City of London June 28, 1841 ; President of St. Thomas's- Hospital 1842 till death ; Alderman of Cornhill! Ward 1834 till death ; High Sheriff of London* and Middlesex 1831 ; Lord Mayor 1841 ; and d. Feb. 26, 1851, when the title became extinct.. (See ' Modern Eng. Biog.') "

W. R. WILLIAMS. Talybout, Brecon.

LOUISA SPELT LEWEEZER (12 S. v. 237 S . 276). I think your correspondent err in supposing that " Weezer " is probably an abbreviation of Louisa ; it is more likely that it is the diminutive or abbreviation o Aloysius, the Saint of the Roman Catholicr Church, and is often used in Roman Catholic- families for boys. If it was from Louisa- it seems to me it would be used for girls,, but I have not heard of any cases.


' THE TEMPLE OF THE MUSES ' (12 S.. vi. 131). The book with the above title is- merely an English translation, published in- 1738, of the following book :

" Tableaux du temple des Muses, tirez du* cabinet de feu M. Favereau, et gravez en tallies douces par les meilleurs maistres [C. Bloemmaert, &c.] pour reprsenter les vertus et les vices sur les - plus illustres fables de 1'antiquite ; avec les- descriptions, remarques, et annotations ; com-

posees par M. de M. [Michel de Marolles]..

Paris, 1655."

Another edition, with the descriptions and' notes partly founded upon those of Marolles, was published at Amsterdam in 1733, as follows :

" Le temple des Muses, orn6 de LX. tableaux 011 sont represent es les evenemens les plus remarquables de 1'antiquite fabuleuse ; dessines- et graves par B. Picart et autres . . . maitres, et accompagnes d' explications et de remarques [by A. de la Barre de Beaumarchais] qui decouvrent le vrai sens des fables, &c."


DOUBLE CHRISTIAN NAMES (12 S. v. 289)- William Camden in his ' Remains ' (1605)' at p. 42, says: "Two Christian names are- rare in England ; and I only remember his Majesty and the Prince with two more." JOHN B. WAINEWRIGHT.

J. SYMMONS OF PADDINGTON HOUSE ( 12 S.. v. 265). 'The Ambulator,' llth edition, London, 1811, at p. 202, has this entry :

"PADDINGTO.V GREEN, is about a mile N.N.W, from Tyburn turnpike, on which stands Padding- ton House, the residence of Mr. Symmonds. In the front court are four bronzed antique figures, very fine. This gentleman possesses a most ample fort- tune, ' and is of very great and improved allowance.' His favourite pursuit ten years ago was botany^