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NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 s. vi. MAY 15,

-which I put into my copy of the book in 1910 :

" Copied from a printed leaf at the end of a copy of ' An Index to Interest,' by E. Hatton, Philomath, 1711, in the Warrington Museum Library. The book was ' Enter' d in the Hall Book, March 16th 1710." The dedication To ,the Right Honourable Hugh Lord Willoughby of Parham is signed Edward Hatton.


Price in Calves Leather s. d. .1694. The Merchants Magazine, or

Tradesman's Treasury . . 04 6

1696. Decus & Tutamen (of Enlish [sic]

Coin) 01 6

1697. The Collectors Companion for the

Capitation Tax [no price given]

1699. Comes Commercii, or the Traders

Companion . . . . 02 6

1708. A New View of London, or an

ample Account of the Antient and Present State thereof in 2 Vol. 80. with Maps and Cuts . . 12

1709. A Divine Help to Happiness .. 02 6

1710. An Index to Interest . . . . 06

Records Arithmetick, Revised and much Improv'd, particularly as to the Rules of Practice. De- dicated and Presented to the Duke of Gloucester:"

To the above contemporary evidence it 'may be worth while to add :

" It [' A New View of London '] was written by Mr. Edward Hatton, Surveyor to one of the Fire- offices in London, and the author of Comes Comercii [sic], an Index to Interest, and other mseful books." ' A General History of the Science and Practice of Music,' by Sir John Hawkins, 1776, vol. iv., p. 504.

" The next compilation was Edward Hatton's XBerry's catalogue ascribes this to Adams) ' New View of London ; or an ample account of that city, in two volumes or eight sections ; being a more particular description thereof than has hitherto been known to be publisht of any city in the world. Lond. 1708.' 8vo. . . .1 take this to 'be the book mentioned by Bagford (' Letter to Hearne,' p. Ixxxi), as a ' modern treatise set forth .by a gentleman of the fire-office.' " ' British Topography,' by Richard Gough, 1780, vol. i., p. 571.

I have in the above extract given the foot- notes in brackets.

" Hatton, whose New Vieic of London bears the date of 1708, &c." ' Ancient Mysteries Described,' by William Hone, 1823, p. 263.

" Just before 1708, the date of Hatton's book. ^Guildhall had been repaired."- Ibid., p. 265,


Rawlinson's evidence as to the authorship of this book appears to be strong, as his

' English Topography' was published so

^eoon afterwards, viz., in 1720. He says -distinctly that it was "compiled by Mr. dward Hatton, Gent."

Of the ' New View ' I have two copies. One of them is in the original binding ; the other, in binding which looks almost as old, contains an engraved portrait of Hatton. In an accompanying manuscript note we are told that the portrait was taken from ' An Intire System of Arithmetic,' published by him in 1721. A supplement of the ' New View of London ' was published in 1722, and is bound up with it in the copy at the British Museum. Sir John Hawkins in his ' History of Musick,' 1776, vol. iv., p. 504, says that Hatton " was surveyor to one of the Fire Offices in London."


45 Evelyn Gardens, S.W.7.

MAULE (12 S. v. 236, 323; vi. 139). 1. John Maule, M.A.(Camb. ?), was rector of Horseheath, Cambs., from 1776 to his death in 1825, aged 77.

2. John Maule was P.O. of West Wickham, Cumberland, from 1 to his death in 1825.

3. John Maule was P.O. of St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, from Dec. 19, 1817, to 1842 (?).

4. John Maule was vicar of St. Margaret, Cliffe, Kent, from Feb. 19, 1823, to after 1853.

Query : Were nos. 1 and 2 and nos. 3 and 4 the same persons ? J. W. FAWCETT.

MARTIN (12 S. v. 236, 277). In the ' Index of the Clergy of the County of Durham,' compiled by the voluntary workers of the Clerical Index Society, occur several John Martins :

1. John Martin, Minor Canon of Durham Cathedral, buried there Nov. 11, 1697.

2. John Martin, B.A., curate of Satley, Durham, licensed 1668, resigned 1696.

3. John Martin, B.A., licensed to per- petual curacy, Lanchester, July 15, 1669-

, 1682.

4. John Martin occurs perpetual curate of St. Margaret's in the City of Durham, July 12, 1694. [Perhaps same as no. 1.]

5. John Martin, occurs perpetual curate of Tanfield, 1673-1700 (?).

The dates of these clergymen, all run so near together that one is sometimes inclined to think that they were one and the same person. J. W. FAWCETT.


PRINCE CHARLES IN NORTH DEVON (12 S. vi. 36, 150, 193). With reference to the entry in Northam parish register of a visit of Prince Charles to Appledore on July 10, 1645, I am now engaged on a transcript of the volume in which the entrv occurs. It