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12 S. VI. JAN., 1920.]



more than a catalogue and less than a biblio- graphy. It is really a conveniently arranged hand-list of books in fiction, romance, and folk- lore which have any pronounced reference to Ireland or the Irish people. It comprises over 1,700 entries, and an excellent feature is the short annotation and descriptive remarks which accom- pany the great majority of the references. It is not, however, quite clear what method of selection the author has employed when it is a question of choosing tbe various editions. Thus, on p. 256, a book by Prevost is recorded called ' Le Doyen de Kellerine ' (it should be " Killerine "), and 'the edition given is that published at La Haye in . 1744. '^ Why this edition is selected for the main entry instead of the first, which was published in Paris, we do not know ; neither is it clear at first ^ight why ' Le Doyen de Killerine ' finds a place and the ' Campaynes philosophiques ' (Amster- dam, 1742) does not. Barring a few minor faults of this kind, the book will be found an excellent guide to lovers of Irish tales, and we congratulate "the author on the index of subjects and titles, which^is only too often wanting in works of this nature.

The Value and the Methods of Mythologic Study (from the Proceedings of the British Academy, vol. ix.). By L. R. FarneU. (Milford, Is. 6d.) DR. FARNELL usefully surveys the chief schools of thought and method, and justly emphasizes the complexity of the sources of myths. But after he stresses the necessity of psychological insight, it is strange to find no reference to the pioneer endeavours of the psycho-analysts to find out how, what and why human beings, ^civilized and savage, think and feel.


FROM Messrs Maggs of 34 and 35 Conduit Street "New Bond Street, W., comes their latest catalogue of works dealing principally with Voyages, Travels, British Topography and Heraldry (No. 384). It comprises no fewer than 332 pages, conveniently Arranged in sections. Among a large number of .items dealing with the English Counties we find described a beautiful copy of the first edition of White's 'Selborne' (211. 10), the two stately volumes of Ackermann's 'History of the University of Oxford' in the original half-calf (34/.), and a complete set of the magnificent Coloured Engrav- ings of the Colleges, Chapels and gardens of Oxford from the drawings of Dellamotte (42Z). In the American section we notice a copy of the exceed- ingly scarce 'Cosmographia' of Waldeseemuller in which the name of America was first suggested (150Z.), and on p. 310 appears the name of Bartalommeo Da Li Sonetti m connexion with the -earliest Mediterranean atlas (251.), which could scarcely have appeared later than 1485. Among a host of similar rare items are to be found a number of MSS., official diaries and old log-books.

CATALOGUE No. 213 of Mr. James Miles of 34 Upperhead Bow, Leeds, contains a selection of choice items variegated enough to suit every taste, and all priced exceedingly moderately. For the lovers of travel he provides a wonderful -copy of Lavender's ' Travels of Foure English Men and a Preacher,' uncut throughout, and containing the blank leaf so often wanting (251.) ;

whilst for those who favour association books, he offers Horace Walpole's own copy of the best edition of Burnet's ' History ' (11. 10s.). Amongst other interesting matter we notice a folio edition of Bayle's ' Dictionary,' in five volumes, * and priced at only 15s., which provides amusing and acutely reasoned material on almost every page ; and also a copy of Bowyer's edition of Hume's ' History of England,' in ten volumes, bound in polished contemporary russia and embellished with nearly two hundred engravings by Barto- lozzi, Fittler, &c. (61. 6s.).

MARTTNUS NIJHOPF sends us a copy of his monthly Bulletin (October-November, 1919), comprising recent publications and additions to the stock of this deservedly successful firm, whose big establishment at Lange Voorhout, 9, 's Graven- hage, is where the book-loving traveller in Holland first turns. Among a number of striking entries we notice a further section of the ' Quellen- studien zur holl. Kunstgeschichte,' and some more numbers of Nijhoff's well-known index of Dutch periodicals.

IN Catalogue No. 250, just issued by Messrs. James Bimell & Son of 53 Shaftesbury Avenue, W.I, will be found a representative selection of books on the fine arts, travel, and general litera- ture. There is an interesting section on Costume, comprising amongst other items Vecellio's work on ancient and modern costumes, being a copy of the second edition of 1598, and priced at nine guineas a presentation copy from the poet Samuel Rogers ; twenty-one volumes of The Lady's Monthly Museum, from 1798 to 1808 ; and a nice copy of the ' Costumes civils et militaires de la Monarchie franchise,' with the plates by Delpech, for 18Z.

Jiottws ta C0msp0ntonts.

WE cannot undertake to answer queries privately, but we will forward advance proofs of answers received if a shilling is sent with the query ; nor can we advise correspondents as to the value of old books and other objects or as to the means of disposing of them.

ROY GARART (" Indian Summer ") ' Phrases and Names,' by Trench H. Johnson, explains : " The equivalent of what is called St. Martin's Summer in England. The North American Indians always avail themselves of the pleasant weather during the early part of November for harvesting their corn ; they say there is an unfailing nine days' second summer just before the winter sets in." See also R. H. Thornton, ' An American Glossary.'

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CORRIGENDUM. At 12 S. v. 334, col. 1, 1. 22, for " Polar " read Pole.


LI 1200-1919, by BENJAMIN WHITEHEAD. Part I. Intro., (our Key Pedigrees, and detailed History of the WhiteheadsofMilton, Lilb-nirne, Tytherley, and Eastern (near Stamford), with Index. 108. 6d. net.