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CONTENTS. No. 115.

NOTES : Printing House Square Papers : III. Delane's Journal of his Visit to America (iii.). 325 The Society of the Clerks of Assize, 3 '.8 An English Army List of 1740, 329 Identification of Caellwic "Once" for "When ence;" 332.

"QUERIES : Irish Claim to Welsh Baronetcy of Morgan Ridolfi Douglas of Antigua and St. Kitt's "Ox" in Place-Names. 333 Pathans of Baluchistan Peacocks' Feathers ' Stalky & Co., 1 by RudyaM Kipling. 334 Admiral de la Clue Queen of England and Pope Old Semaphore Towers A Secret Tide A Descendant of Pontius Pilate at Rovereto - The Mostyn House Rifles- Younger of Hapgerston, Northumberland Marraaduke Place in Langdale Street Calverley's (Charles Stuart) Parodies, S35 Lord Herbert of Cherbury and the Chateau of Merlou (Hello) Mn. Walton Women Preachers R. Temple, H.M. 65th Regt. Huxley on St. Thomas Aquinas Authors of Quotations Wanted, 336. .

REPLIES : Leonardo da Vinci, 336-Prince Charles in North Devon, 337 James Niven or Nivie Baron Taylor Caroline Robert Herbert Inscriptions in City Churches 338 Amber Thomas Maslet(or Meslet) Royal Oak Day Petley Family Grove House, Woodford, Essex, 339 German and Austrian Titles Relinquished Waggon Master Parliamentary Blue Books, White Papers, &c., 340 Major John Bernard! Niches in Churchyard Crosses Hurbecs Florentine Vassel : V assail ' Nortbanger Abbey,' 341 Sign Painting Title of Song Wanted Imrapen : Baden in Switzerland, 342 Voltaire's ' Candide' Folk-Lore : Dangersof Crossing" Ouida"in Periodical Literature, 343.

NOTES ON BOOKS: 'Four Americans' ' A Guide to

the Castle of Newcastle-upon-Tyne' 'Mollie Rhymes' ' A Manual of the Bengali Language.'

Notices to Correspondents.




WITH these pages Delane's journal is brought to a close. Reference has already been made to the Presidential election of which Delane saw something before returning home. The allusion, however, under Oct. 31 to the introductions at Chicago which Lowe had given him deserves amplification.

Robert Lowe, afterwards Lord Sher- brooke, had been up to a few months before a leader writer on The Times when he became \ 7 ice-President of the Board of Trade, and only two months before Delane he paid a visit to Canada and the United States, covering, though on a more extensive tour, much of tlie same ground as

and meeting many of the same people. " By the time," writes Lord Sherbrooke's biographer,

they [i.e. Lowe and his ^companion Galton] reached Montreal they found, by a copy of the New York Daily Times lying on the hotel table, that the Yankee journalist had awoke and was on the track of the distinguished traveller. An article appeared in that paper from which it was quite clear that the editor thought much more of Mr. Lovre, The Times leader writer, than of the Right Honourable Robert Lowe, Vice President of the Board of Trade. The Montreal papers, taking their news as usual from New York, immediately inserted paragraphs in which he figured as one of the proprietors of The Times. As Delane was then on his way to America these things afforded Lowe and his companion some little amusement.

.The concluding portion of Delane's journal may now be given :

Saturday [October 25]. More than half inclined to cut the G.G. and go off, to Niagara but there is so heavy a sea on the Lake that the boats won't start and the distance which is only 36 miles by water is over a hundred by land. The cloud over Niagara distinctly visible all day. Called on G.G. and had a two hours' talk, then entertained the Attorney General and two others of last night's party at lunch, visited the Chambers, etc., The stamp of England is on everything, and it is quite refreshing to see how English tastes and customs are everywhere followed. Great appear- ance of activity, good carriages, horses and shops and an excellent market. The Canadian Rifles the only garrison. The regiments at Kingston have lost many men by desertion it being so easy to cross over. We should have been sadly unprovided here had a war broke out of the Crampton difficulty before the navigation was open, there being no muskets or other stores. A common labourer's wages are as high as a dollar a day, and many men who came out as Govern- ment emigrants in '48 are now wealthy farmers. At the same time as if to prove how little im- pression we have made on the Continent, we hear to-day of two women being killed by wolves within a day's journey from here and the recently elected M.P. for Ottawa with whom I dined last night saw three bears and several wolves during his canvass. The dinner at the G.G.'s good and well served, Sir E. and Lady Head, Sir W. and Lady Eyre, M. and Miss Blaquiere, Spence, Ross, 2 [illegible] 3 aides and myself. Eyre looked very stupid and never once spoke.

[Sunday, October 26]. Could not get away this morning so went to the Cathedral with pretty near all my acquaintances. The building good and spacious, and the congregation very well dressed. The G.G. and suite in a pew with the Royal Arms. They were specially prayed for during the Service. Dined early with the Chief Justice and had a long walk afterwards. Took tea with Peabody and promised to meet him at Detroit on Wednesday. The Sunday very strictly observed and the town crowded all day with very well dressed people attending their respective Churches of which there is an inordinate variety.