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NOTES AND QUEJU1ES. 112 8. vi.


We must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to iheir queries, in order that answers may be sent to them direct.

PRINCE CHARLES IN NORTH DEVON. In the Northam Parish Registers an entry records : " Prince Charles was at Apple- dore, July 10, 1645." After his name is an erasure, three inches long, where possibly the names of his friends or that of a ship had been entered. Black's Guide states he was at the Scilly Isles for several months in that year with Lords Capel and Hopton, and later on escaped to Jersey and France. Are his movements earlier in that year known and recorded ? A. CARRINGTON. Northam, N. Devon.

VALUE OF MONEY. We are informed that the present value of the sovereign amounts only to some 60 per cent of what it was in 1914. I am anxious to know whether any tables have been published shewing the relative value of the sovereign, or its equiva- lent, at various periods of English history. For example, what sum, according to our present standards, represents the amount of the fine of : 0,000i inflicted upon the fourth [Cavendish] Earl of Devonshire in April, 1687, for striking Col. Colepeper " within the verge of the court," or of the fine of 201. inflicted for recusancy in 1581, or of the 30,0001. collected as the total customs revenue of England for the year 1377-78, or of the 66,0002. prescribed as the ransom for King Richard I. by the Treaty of Wurtzburg in 1193 ?


BISHOPS OF DURHAM. I am anxious to know the full style and titles borne by the Bishops of Durham while they still enjoyed Palatine jurisdiction (before 1836).

H. PlRIE-GORDON. 20 Warwick Gardens, Kensington, W.I4.

MORGAN BARONETCIES. (1) John Morgan after 1679 styled " Sir John Morgan, Baronet," once styled in proceedings of Ecclesiastical Court " Miles," probably, almost certainly, identical with John Morgan who, born 1638, son of Rev. Gryffyth Morgan of Bangor, Cardigan, entered Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1657 ; prebendary of Tully- brackey, co. Limerick, 1666 ; rector of many parishes in Kerry ; trustee with Earl of Thomond to the Stoughton Estates, 1672 ; Chantor of Ardfest, &c., forfeited all livings

by reason of absence, 1696-7 ; appears in several Chancery proceedings in Ireland, and frequently absent on leave abroad or in England. The P.R.O. Records, Ireland, have been pretty thoroughly searched.

His leave of absence in 1679 dates a few days after the death of Sir Thomas Morgan, Bt., of Llangattrch, and Governor of Jerseyv

He first appears in Kerry, 1674, and is- styled of Killarney, which may be Killary of which Edward Morgan was rector, 1664.

(2) Edward Morgan, Archdeacon of Ard- fest, 1670 ; died or retired abdut 1675-6 ; first appears as Rector of Castleisland and other Kerry parishes, 1664. His son Robert Teas a rector in Tipperary. He probably was brother to the Chantor above mentioned^ The Kerry livings held by E. M. were in gift of the Herberts, who were connected with Llantamaw and Llangattrch Morgans in Wales. The descendants of these clergy- men have always claimed a descent from- Welsh baronets of the name. It is possible- that the Rev. John Morgan claimed the title of a cousin. In 1658 Richard Cromwell is. said to have knighted a John Morgan. This is possibly an error for Sir Thomas; Morgan who received a Cromwellian knight- hood for the victory of the Danes and sub- sequently a Caroline baronetcy.

Claims to a descent from the Llantamaw baronetcy were put forward by the Morgans of Monastuerau, co. Kildare, in a pedigree- published by Geo. Blacker Morgan in 1884_ But no descent could be shown beyond, middle of the eighteenth century.

ould this family of Kerry Morgans be 1 anything to the Morgan-Williams who were ancestors of Oliver Cromwell ? There is- an old peasant tradition which calls them near friends, i.e., relatives of Cromwell.


36 Trinity College, Dublin.

MATHEW MYERSE entered Winchester- College, aged 11, from Milton, ia 1547. H went to Christ Church, Oxford, in 1553, and took the degree of B.A. in 1556. He was a Senior Student of Christ Church when h was ordained sub -deacon in London in December, 1557. He became rector of Chelsea in 1558, but was deprived in 1559 to make room for his Edwardian, predecessor. He was prebendary of Highleigh in the- Cathedral of Chichester for some short time about 1561, and held other preferments itt- the diocese of Chichester, and in 1572 he became rector of Bedhampton, near Havant,. Hants. Further particulars about him would, be welcome. JOHN B. WAINEWRIGHT..