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i2S.ix.ArG.2o,i92i.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 147

to Robt Fowler to enter an ac(illegible text)n for Thomas Coopers horse 00 00 03

pd John Knights for horse hyre to ride to yoxford Court when he was one of the quest men 00 04 06

More to him (Will(Symbol missingsymbol characters) Baldwine) for Comunion wyne for 32 quarts of sack at xvid the quart 02 02 08

Pd Richard Boone for wyne for the Comunion taken sevall tymes as p booke appeere 02 02 04

pd Richard Boone for chargs at his house in wyne and dyett the Lord of warrick his sonne being there 00 13 04

pd Mris: Howldine for coyne beere and fyre on Saturday Novemb: 27th Mr: Sweyne did preach then 00 10 00

More to her on the Munday after when the agreement was made wh Mr Sweyne for lecturer heere 01 00 00

pd John Beale for levelling the Ascents in the Chauncell and other worke and for lyme 00 08 02

pd John Dowe for trimyng the Towne Musketts 00 09 06

To willm(Symbol missingsymbol characters) Constance for a drum heade 00 02 00

pd for Canvis for catteridgs for the Ordnance 00 01 06

pd for 4 collers of bandoleers for the Townes use 00 06 00


More to him (Robert Fowler) for Ringine the eight of clock bell 00 14 00

pd Thomas Aldres for 3 yards and di a qr of black broad cloath at 13s. 4d. p yard for a coffine cloath 02 01 08

More to Mr: Pootey for entertainment of Mr Sweyne at his house at his agreement with the Towne 02 00 00

Paid to Mr: Henry Cheney money laid out for the Towne viz: For 3 Halbards 01 07 00

For 3 other halbards 00 18 00

For 6 swords 01 13 00

For 6 bills 00 15 00

For 6 collers of bandaleers 00 07 00

For 2 darke lanthorns 00 05 00

pd willm̃ Baldwine for diett wine beere and tobacco and fyringe when Mr: Mosse the Steward of the Lords Court was in Towne to keepe Court in January 1641 the some of 01 15 09

pd Mr: John wall for two cuple of lyngs for Sr Thomas Glemham being pte of the composicon for the fynes and am̃ciaments for one yeere the some of 00 10 00

pd Mr: Borrett for the said composicon in stead of fowre cuple of lyngs for two yeers 00 09 00

pd unto 4 men for watchine one night at the Towne howse when women were put into prisson July 00 02 08

Pd Mr: Edwards Collector for the taxe upon the Towne land rated at 50li p. ann at 5d. p. li the some of 01 00 10

pd Everard woode that he paid for the taxe to the kinge for the north marshe 00 04 02

pd Thomas Faken for looking to children playing in the Church for a qr of a yeere due at St Michaell 00 05 00

for pàp on the Towne hall when the plate and money for the pliament was recd: 00 00 04

(Heavy expenses incurred "about the platformes" for the guns)

pd for the Coquett for the plate and money sent to the pliament 00 03 05

pd Peter Jessup for carryinge the watchowses from the south side to the north side of the towne 00 00 08


Recvd: that Sr willm̃ Constable paid because one of his soldiers burnt the service book, for to buy an other if thought fitt 0 05 00


Paid John Beale for worke and stuff to mend the tyles on the Towne howse as p bill appeereth 00 09 00

pd Thomas wyard for making of his Cloake for fyring on the hall candle and broomes 0 03 07

More to him for attending to prissoners in the Gaile prest for the King's service 00 06 00

pd Mr: Willm̃ Thompson Junr Collector for the monethly taxe for 3 moneths asessed for the Towne 0 15 00

to Richard Lilborne for shoulvine up muck in the street 0 01 00

pd James Burwood Collector for the taxe for the Towne lands assessed for the meinteynance of the Soldiers for the Countie of Suff and the other fowre Counties Asociated 0 06 00

pd John Beale for worke and stuff to mende the floare in the Chauncell 0 01 06

More to him for worke and stuff for one of the Almeshowses viz: for trimyng the chemney the hearth and the stock for his worke brick and lyme 0 06 00

pd John Button for a pound of twyne for the townes use 0 01 00

pd Thomas Aldus for a Cloake that Mr: Arthur Blowers took for his serjeant viz: 3½ yards of broad cloath at 12s. the yard 2 02 00

more for 2 yards of bayes a button & loope and silke 0 05 08

for filing a discharge for the money sent up to the pliant: upon the Cockett 0 00 06

Paid John Beale the remaynder of the money for setting the stones in the lane leading to Church 1 04 00

Arhtur T. Winn.

Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

(To be continued.)

Tournay Font at Boulge.—My attention has been directed by the Rev. R. Fetzer Taylor of Grundisburgh House, Suffolk, to the font in the church at Boulge, in the same county. This font, hitherto undescribed, so far as I know, appears to me to belong to the small group of fonts called "Tournay fonts," from the black marble of which they are made having been quarried at Tournay, where, probably, the fonts were made, and whence