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will show, and further investigation will confirm. Holding these strong opinions of its value, it would be illiberal and unjust if we did not take this opportunity of publicly expressing our obligations to the Gentleman by whom it has been compiled—Mr. James Yeowell, of 13. Myddelton Place, St. John's Street Road. The great care and attention which he has bestowed upon its compilation can scarcely be imagined by those who have not attempted some such work.

One word more. We believe that for an Index there is nothing like an alphabetical arrangement. This Index is therefore strictly alphabetical; but in the general alphabet are included, for reasons too obvious to require explanation, the following classified headings:—

Anonymous Works. Epigrams. Junius. Quotations.
Books, notices of new. Epitaphs. Photography. Reprints suggested.
Coins. Folk Lore. Popiana. Shakspeare.
Documents, inedited. Inscriptions. Proverbs. Songs and Ballads.

Lastly, despite our pride in the distinguished names which figure in the columns of Notes and Queries, we have not included such names in our Index. To have done so would have been to double the size and expense of the work. While, considering how large a proportion of contributors choose to write anonymously or under pseudonyms, the utility of such an immense addition to our many thousand items would have been too limited to compensate for such counterbalancing disadvantages.

186. Fleet Street, 14th Juue, 1856.