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LONDON, SATURDAY, AUGUST 14, 1869. CONTENTS. N 85. NOTES: Rudolph Ackermann, of the Strand, Publisher, 129 Scarborough Folk-lore, 131 The Sabbath Epistle, 132 Proverbs and Phrases, 76. Illuminating: a Sug- gestion Scottish Families Extinct Proverb : " Still Waters run deep " The Deformed Transformed Curious Old Saying Canting Arms The Heron in Kent, 133. QUERIES : Coin Dead Donkeys Hogarth's " Laugh- ing Audience " Milton's Granddaughter Nief or Nies A Nun's Discipline Proverb When and where does the technical Term " Renaissance" first occur ? - Sonnet : wanted: "Let no gainsaying lips despise thy youth" Lists of Translated Works Verkolje Who threw the Stool? 134. QTJEKIES WITH ANSWERS : Macky's " Journey through Scotland " " Tread upon a Worm, it will turn again " The Title of Dame "The Manse Garden" Cauteles s 135. REPLIES: The Stuarts and Fremasonry, 136 Temple of Minerva on the Japygian Promontory, 137 Gipsies: Shaw the Life Guardsman, 138 Carnac, Id. - Croquet Baskerville's Letter to Horace Walpole " When my Eye- strings break in Death " Popular Names of Plants : Bayle : Paigle French Huguenots at the Cape Scottish Lesser Barons, &c. Sun-dials Population of London, temp. Henry II. Cardinal of York Heyre Free Trade Hearse Metrical Prediction A Cambridge- shire Tig Ducking-stool and Cucking-stool Steamships predicted Earliest Specimens of Paper Hall Families Bells and Spears Biblical Heraldry Park Pieces from MSS. No. VI. Sherbourne Missal A Cancellarian Quotation, <fec., 141. Notes on Books, &c. RUDOLPH ACKERMANN, OF THE STRAND, PUBLISHER.* The Poetical Magazine, 1809-11, was another fortunate speculation, for it contained the first Tour of Dr. Syntax, rep. 1812. The second Tour, 1820 ; the third Tour, 1821 ; the republication of them, 1823, in a smaller form ; the English Dance of Death, 1815-6; the Dance of Life, 1816-7; the History and Life of Johnny Quce Genus, the Little Foundling, 1822 : all, like Dr. Syntax, with text by Combe to plates by Rowlandson, had for com- panions the Military Adventures of Johnny New- come, with 12 pi. after Rowlandson, 1815 j and the Adventures of a Griffin, the History of Tom Raw, the East Indian Cadet, 1827. Separately, he published the Poetical Sketches of Scarborough, 21 pi. after James Green of London, with text signed " J. P." (by J. B. Papworth), text signed "W." (by the Rev. Francis Wrangh am), and text unsigned by Combe, 1813 : also, the History of Madeira, 27 pi., with text by Combe, 1821 ; and the Picturesque and Descriptive Tour in the Mountains of the High Pyrenees, 24 pi. by J. Hardy, 1825 works which were of the same class as the republications from the Repository. The following list contains other publications

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more or less anonymous, in which he speculated ; those marked * have coloured plates. Pyne's Microcosm, 120 pi., 1822. Historical Account of New South Wales, 12 views and map, 1820. "Trial of Viscount Melville, 1805. Smith's New Universal Penman, 40 pi.

  • Upham's History and Doctrine of Budhism, 43 pi.

Characteristic Portraits of the Various Tribes of Cos- sacks, 24 pi., 1820. Jeff's Recollections of Italy, 15 pi. Newenham's Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of Ireland, 104 pi. Subjects selected from the Works of T. Stothard, R.A.. 61 pi., 1830. Lanz and Berancourt's Analytical Essay on the Con- struction of Machines, 13 pi., translated 1820. Cave's Antiquities of York, 40 pi., with text by Combe, 1818.

  • Elsam's Treatise on Rural Architecture of England,

1803. Views of Cottages and Farm Houses of England, 52 pi., 1816, etched by Francis Stevens after Chalon, Cristall, Delamotte, Grainger, Hills, Munn, Norris, Prout, Pyne, S. Stevens, C. Varley, J. Varley, Webster, and Wilson. Classical Ornaments, 120 pi., 1817-19.

  • Robertson's Ornamental Gardening, 24 pi., 1800.
  • Robertson's Hothouses and Useful Gardening, 24 pi.,

1798. Somerville's Rural Sports, 16 designs by Thurston, cut by Nesbitt, 1813.

  • Costume of the Netherlands, 30 pi., 1817.

Designs by the Princess Elizabeth, 6 pi., engraved by Thielcke, 1813, with text by Combe ; and another series, " The Progress of Genius," without text, 1816. Albert Durer's Prayer- Book, 45 pi., 1M7. Atkinson's Incidents of English Braverv, 16 pi., 1818.

  • Characters of Sir Henry Wellesley's Ball, 13 pi., 1828.
  • Woodward's Olio of Good Breeding.

J. C. Davie's Letters from Buenos Ayres and Chili, 1819. Bible Histories, 52 p] M 1829. Book of Common Prayer, 12 designs by Burney and Thurston, cut by Scott, 1815. Cawse's Introduction to the Art of Painting in Oil- colours. Rev. J. Thomas's Religious Emblems, woodcuts after Thurston, 1809. Buchanan's Memoirs of Painting, 1824. Buchanan's Treatise on Propelling Vessels by Steam, 17 pi., 1816. Lockhart's Method of Approximating towards the Roots of Cubic Equations belonging to the Irreducible Case, 1813. Narrative of the Battle of Leipsic, &c., 1814. Blair's Grave, with designs by Blake, engraved by Schiavonetti, 1818. Richter's Daylight, 1817. Dr. Sickler's Topographical and Panoramic Survey of the Campagna di Roma, 1812. Warden's Letters, 1817. Shoberl's Historical Account and Biographical Anec- dotes of the House of Saxony, 1816. Reformation in the Catholic Church of Germany in the Nineteenth Century. J. H. Lavater's Introduction to the Study of the Ana- tomy of the Human Body, 27 pi., translated, 1823. Voarino's Healthful Sports for Young Ladies (the origin of" calisthenics"), 11 pi., 1827. Accum's Practical Treatise on Gas Light, 7 pi., 1815. Accum's Culinary Chemistry, 1820.