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s. x. SEPT. 13, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


would also give the exact size and shape of the abbey enclosure. JOHN A. KANDOLPH.

"TAYNTYNGE." At Biddenden the follow- ing complaint was made to the Archdeacon of Canterbury :

" 1571. That Richard Allarde setteth his servant to work in his work house and tayntynge of clothes, and laying abroad wool on the sabbath days, to the evil example of others."


Tankerton-on-Sea, Kent.

B. R. HAYDON. It was with considerable surprise and disappointment that, during a recent visit to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, 1 found no picture in it by B. R. Haydon. Surely the eager ambition of Haydon, the achievement of excellence as an historical painter, has fared very ill. And yet I observe from a note in the second volume of his 'Correspondence and Table Talk,' edited by his son, that one of his pictures was in the National Gallery at the date of the publication of that book (1876). 'The Raising of Lazarus' was the painting referred to. The later history of this picture might be of some interest. One could almost wish to see a work by Haydon in our national collection, if only from his friend- ship with Keats, and because his productions inspired verse from Wordsworth, Keats, and Mrs. Browning. W. B.


WE must request correspondents desiring infor- mation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that the answers maybe addressed to them direct.

PORTRAIT BY ZURBARAN. I have seen a portrait of Elizabeth, Lady Weld of Willy e, Shropshire (daughter of Sir George Whit- more, of Balmes, co. Middlesex, the well- known supporter of Charles I.), which is stated to be by Esteban Zurbaran. As the only other portrait of an English lady by a Spanish artist of the Seicento known to me is one of Lady Fanshawe, the well-known ambassadress, by Velasquez, now in the pos- session of J. P. Fanshawe, Esq., of Parsloes, Essex, I am anxious to find out how Lady Weld can possibly have come in contact with Zurbaran, who seems to have worked only at Seville and Madrid. The present representatives of Lady Weld's family are, I understand, Lord Forrester, Capt. Whit- more, of Apley, and Mr. C. A. Whitmore, M.P., of Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire. Lady Weld had a personal acquaintance with

Sir Arthur Hopton, English minister at Madrid in Charles I.'s time, who is men- tioned in Evelyn's ' Diary ' as an art con- noisseur, and who seems to have purchased pictures for Lord Arundel's collect^ <. I think also he may have been the original buyer of some of the pictures afterwards in Lord Orford's collection, which are now in the Hermitage at St. Petersburg. Were any of the Weld family in office at Rome at that period 1 The Whitmqres were, I know, Protestant.

The relations between English art and literature in the seventeenth century and those of Spain are so little known, that any- thing which can throw light on the subject is of interest. We do not know from what source, for instance, Calderon de la Barca derived his knowledge of English affairs, if not actually of Shakespeare's ' Othello ' and ' Romeo and Juliet ' ; and no biography of Bishop Ken which I have seen alludes to the influence exercised upon his writings by those of Palafox, Bishop of Osma, Sor Maria de Agreda, and Lujs de Granada, although these volumes are actually in his library at Bath, and the subject is one of great interest in view of the relations between Methodism and mysticism, whether Catholic or Pro- testant. Lady Weld's portrait shows marks of Guercino's influence, and is far from being in Zurbaran's usual style. Z.

HALLEY FAMILY. I should be very pleased to receive or exchange genealogical notes respecting the Halley family of Derbyshire, particularly regarding ancestry and descend- ants of Dr. Edmond Halley (1656-1742), the second Astronomer Royal, of whose family I have had the good fortune to obtain consider- able information during the last five years. EUGENE F. McPiKE.

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

SIR T. BODLEY. Which of the nephews of Sir Thomas Bodley (the sons of Sir Laurence and his other brothers) married and left sons? What male issue did these nephews leave, and which of their sons were living in the eighteenth century? Can any dates of the births, marriages, and deaths of these great- nephews of Sir Thomas Bodley be supplied ?

E. R.

ARMS ON FIREBACK. Can any reader assign this coat on afireback? Three arrows bend wise; crest, seven arrows (apparently) issuing from a crown. Date 1630 ; initials G. P. W. HENEAGE LEGGE.

POLITICAL PLAYING-CARDS. I should be extremely grateful for information which might lead to my obtaining a lithographic