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9 th S. XI. JAN. 3, 1903.]


tricals or Nature in Nubibus. London. Printed & Sold by the Author, at his Music Warehouse 411 Strand opposite the Adelphi.

On this song only there is the note "A Lesson, for the Harpsichord adapted by Mr. Dibdin from the subjects of his different songs, will be publish'd on the 15 day of every Month." I have found no evidence that more than the three already recorded were pub- lished.

2. Roses and Lilies. Title on front.

3. The Royal Nuptials.

4. The Lucky Escape.

5. Virtue.

6. The Beggar. Title on front.

7. The Rara Avis.

8. Conjugal Comfort.

9. Leap Year.

10. Tantivy.

11. Poor Peg.

12. Nothing but Drunk.

13. Jack's Gratitude. Title on front.

14. The Drummer.

15. The Soldier's Last Retreat.

16. Tack and Tack.

17. The Reward of Fidelity. Title on front.

18. The Sailor's Consolation.

19. Meum and Tuum.

20. The Sailor's Return.

21. Life's a Pun.

22. The Waggoner.

In several cases I have later issues bearing the Leicester Place address ; also still later issues of 19 and 20 by G. Walker, and pirated editions of 4 and 20 by Hime of Dublin ; of 4 by L. Ding of Edinburgh. Nos. 3, 9, and 17 are not mentioned in the advertisements of 1791-2 ; they may have been added later. No. 3 apparently relates to an event in 1794 Hogarth also includes in ' Private Theatricals the following :

  • 23. The Beau.
  • 24. True Wisdom.
  • 25. The Application.
  • 26. All the Birds of the Air.
  • 27. Tight Lads of the Ocean.
  • 28. Honesty in Tatters.

Probably an error ; see No. 14, ' The Quizes (1792).

  • 29. General Frog and General Mouse.

Dibdin's advertisements mention, but I have not been able to trace,

  • 30. The Sultan and the Wag.

1792. The Coalition, a Table Entertainment, com posed of materials from 'The Wags' and 'The Oddities,' performed by Dibdin as an alternative entertainment during the run of ' Private Thea tricals'; first performed Saturday 8th February

It probably contained no new songs. Hogarth assigned five to this entertainment anc ' Nature in Nubibus ' (1794). Particulars o these will be given under the latter title.

1792. A Collection of Songs. Second volume pub- shed, also third edition of vol. i. See 1790 ante.

1792. The Quizes ; or, A Trip to Elysium, a Table Entertainment written & composed by Charles

Dibdin, first performed 13 October 1792.

["he songs were published in folio, price Is., igned by Dibdin, on a sheet of four pages, he front being blank, except where noted, in some cases there are arrangements on p. 4 or the flute or two flutes, but the first stanza s oftener continued on p. 4 than in previous entertainments. Headings of songs are similar to No. 1, or noted as otherwise.

1. The Etymology of Quiz, written and composed >y Mr. Dibdin, for his Entertainment called The

Quizes, or A Trip to Elysium. London. Printed & sold by the Author, at his Music Warehouse N 411, Strand, opposite the Adelphi.

2. A Hint to tke Ladies.

3. Humanity's Cot.

  • 4. The Pleasures of the Camp, a parody. See

under same title in ' Castles in the Air ' (1793).

5. A Welch Love Song. Title on front page. '

6. The Blind Sailor.

7. The Fair. Title on front page.

8. The Bowmen of Kent.

9. The Miseries of War.

10. The Grecian History.

11. None so Pretty.

12. The Recompense of Constancy

13. Neighbour Sly.

14. Honesty in Tatters. (See No. 28, 'Private Theatricals,' 1791.)

15. The Camp.

  • 16. The Hfcrmony of Nature.

17. The Quietus.

18. The Savoyard.

19. Wit and Beauty.

20. Jack at the Windlass.

  • 21. Elysium.

22. Moggy.

23. Ninety-three, or a new God Save the King.

24. The Compact of Freedom, with chorus in two parts. Arrangement on p. 4 for a military band.

Nos. 1 to 21 formed the original programme of songs in the order as advertised ; Nos. 22 to 24 were added afterwards. I have seen copies of several songs bearing Dibdin's Leicester Place address ; also of Nos. 6 and 20 published by G. Walker, 106, Great Portland Street, from Dibdin's plates.

1793. The Younger Brother: a novel, in three volumes, written by Mr. Dibdin. Thus runs the world away. Shakespear. Vol. 1 (2 or 3) London : Printed for the Author, and sold at his Warehouse, No. 411, Strand, opposite the Adelphi. 8vo, 3 vols. Vol. 1, pp. iv (unnumbered), iv, xxviii, 250. Vols. 2 and 3, 312 pp. and 336 pp. ; both paged continuously from half-title.

No date on title ; dedication to the most noble the Marquis of Salisbury, dated 8 Jan.,

1793. Advertisements of 1794 and 1795 men- tion "a new edition," which I have not seen.

1793. Castles in the Air ; a Table Entertainment, written and composed by Charles Dibdin, first per- formed 12 th October 1793.