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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9 th s. XL FEB. 7, 1903.

three stars, or fleurs-de-lis, before and after the author's name. I shall be greatly obliged to any one who can enable me to trace these.

WILLIAM ALDIS WRIGHT. Trinity College, Cambridge.

AUTHOR WANTED. Who was the author of

  • The Life of a Travelling Physician,' 3 vols.

(London, Longmans, 1843) ? J. F. PAYNE. [Sir George William Lefevre, M.D.]

CARLYLE'S ' PAST AND PRESENT.' Occupied with a translation into German and an anno- tation of Carlyle's ' Past and Present,' I shall be much obliged if any of your readers can explain the following allusions: BOOK II.

1. Muratori's Annals (chap. i.).

2. Minerva Press (ibid.).

3. Friar Bacon's talking head (chap. v.).

4. Litherpool (? Liverpool) (ibid.).

5. Joe Manton (chap. vi.).

6. Dr. Caius, "who has had losses in his life" (ibid.).

7. Chandos Day drudges (chap. ix.).

8. Mrs. Glasee (ibid.).

9. Author of the couplet beginning " The author of this Universe was wise " (chap. xv.).

10. Mandingo (chap xvii.).


11. Monsieur Jouffroy (chap. ii.).

12. Jeannie Deans, Innkeeper (ibid.).

13. Teutsch Fathers in Agrippa's days (chap. v.).

14. Aristocracy moist with the sweat of Melton Mowbray (chap. viii.).

15. Chandos Clauses (ibid.).

16. Piepowder Court (ibid.).

17. Owen's Labour Bank (chap. xii.).

18. Goulburn Baring Budget (ibid.).

19. "Eu Sachsen, uiniith euer Sachses" (chap, xni.). What language is this supposed to be ?

20. Stulz(i6d.) in Teufelsdrockh s speech.

21. fountain of Juturna (chap. xv.).


22. The Dog to gain his private ends Went mad and bit the man (chap. i.).

23. Mother of Dead Dogs (chap. iii.).

24. Children of the Harz Rock (ibid.).

25. Duke of Marmalade (chap. v.).

26. Mrs. Chadwick (ibid.).

27. The life-in-death of Poet Coleridge (chap. vi.).

28. Katerfelto (ibid.).


20, bouth Frederick Street, Edinburgh.

[1. Muratori, Ludovico Antonio, 1672-1750 a volu- minous Italian author, wrote, among other things,

Rerum Itahcarum Scriptores,' in 27 folio volume's .Minerva Press, in Leadenhall Street, published! mental noveh ^ * 8 ' ma " y trashy ultra - sen ti-

v 011 '. 8 t ead famili *r in folk- lore. Larly Prose Romances,' vol. iii Joe Manton, a famous gunmaker,

pher, for whom see the 'Nouvelle Biographic Generate ' ?

12. For Jeanie Deans read Scott's ' Heart of Midlothian.'

14. Melton Mowbray is a fashionable hunting centre. The allusion appears to be to the violent exercise taken there.

16. Pie Powder Court (French pieds poudreux), a court held at wakes and fairs for the speedy settlement of disputes among pedlars and hawkers.

17. You will probably find what you seek in the life of Robert Owen, for whom consult 'D.N.B.,' vol. xlii. pp. 435 et seq.

18. Henry Goulburn, 1784-1856, and Alexander Baring, 1774-1848, first Lord Ashburton, were both Chancellors of the Exchequer in the last century. This should help you.

20. Qy. Stultz the tailor?

21. A celebrated fountain in Rome. See Juturna in any classical dictionary.

22. Goldsmith, * Elegy on a Mad Dog.'

27. Qy. Coleridge's habit of opium-taking?

28. Katerfelto, a London quack doctor and exhibitor in London, hence a quack generally.]

LEITNAKER FAMILY. Can any reader in- form me what are the arms of the Swiss family of Leitnaker or Leuchknecker ?

Louis G. HESTER.

MOTTO ON BRASS ALMSDISH. An in- cumbent of a Cornish parish has just picked up in Antwerp a brass almsdish of beaten work, the inscription on which is DOMITIUM


ANNO 1569. There appears to be a verb missing. What are the construction and meaning ? YGREC.

HOADLEY AND WARTON. Will any person interested in the family of Dr. Hoadley, Bishop of Winchester, or that of Dr. Joseph Warton, Master of St. Mary's College at Winchester, communicate with

ARTHUR J. JEWER. Care of Messrs. Pollard & Co., North Street, Exeter.

CITY OF THE VIOLET CROWN. Macaulay, in his essay on Thackeray's 'History of the Earl of Chatham,' writes, " Pitt loved Eng- land as an Athenian loved the City of the Violet Crown." Will any of your readers kindly tell me why Athens is called the City of the Violet Crown ? I do not see the con nexion between violet and the city which bears the name of Athene.


[This was an epithet which Athenians appre- ciated, as appears from Aristophanes. Why should not Athens be called after a flower (not the English violet, of course) familiar in Attica? One might as well ask why the rose is English or the thistle Scotch.]

MURDOCH FAMILY. Who was " Pat Mur- dock," on whom the University of Cambridge conferred the degree of M.A. "per litteras