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9* S. XT. MAY 23, 1903.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


the essayist? The tract is not included in Foster's collected works as published in Bohn's " Standard Library," nor is it alluded to in 'Foster's Life and Correspondence,' edited by Ryland. Yet, as John Foster was a resident, in 1825, at Stapleton, near Bristol, and was then in the heyday of his literary activity, it does not, at first sight, appear very probable that another J. Foster, tout pur, would appear before the public in the same county. CHARLES A. FEDERER.

Bradford, Yorks.

11 THE BEAUTIFUL CITY OF PR AGUE. "- Though its longitude's somewhat uncertain,

And its latitude equally vague, The person I pity who knows not the city, The beautiful city of Prague.

I am anxious to know the author of these lines. I have always believed them to be Thackeray's, but cannot find them in his works. D. H.

NORMAN SETTLERS IN ENGLAND. Can you or any of your readers suggest to me a French or foreign source of information as to the Norman settlers in this country after the Conquest? For instance, I want to trace a person who came, or may have come, from the village of Merville (Merrevilla), in Nor- mandy, and I believe took his name from his locality. K. M.

JOHN BLENKINSOP. Can any of your readers inform me where John Blenkinsop, one of the pioneers of steam locomotion, was born, and who was his father? Some autho- rities, the writer of the article in the 'D.N.B.' among them, state that Blenkinsop was born near Leeds ; others, at Walker-on-Tyne.



FRANK KENNEDY. Can any one tell me where to find particulars of the person men- tioned in the following passage from the Rev. R. S. Hawker's * Footprints of Former Men in Far Cornwall ' 1

" This officer [Parminter, an exciseman] appeared to have been a kind of Frank Kennedy in his way, and to have chosen for his watchword the old Irish signal ' Dare ! ' "


52, Eyot Gardens, Chiswick.

BOWES FAMILY. I shall be much obliged if some reader will kindly inform me where I shall be able to get the birth certificate of Mr. Lancelot Bowes, of Durham city. He was buried in the parish church, but was not christened there. He was a merchant, and died about 1712. This Mr. Bowes had a son George, christened there

1665. This son was an attorney-at-law. I should like to know who George's mother was and his wife ; also who his grandfather Bowes was. I have understood they are an offshoot of the Bowes of Bradley Hall, Dur- ham, or Streatham Castle, of the same place. T shall be most thankful for answers sent direct to me. (Mrs.) J. H. SLADDIN.

22, Manor Drive, Halifax, Yorkshire.

HOUGHTON FAMILY. Wanted information of Richard Houghton, a captain in the 52nd Regiment, believed to be grandson of Sir Richard Houghton, third baronet. Richard Houghton's son, Major Richard Houghton, 3rd Buffs, was wounded atAlbuera. Richard Houghton bought Springfield, co. Antrim, and died 1828. He married Miss Jane Gil- lespie. (Mrs.) E. RICHARDSON.

The Grove, Trefnant, North Wales.

DR. McMiCHAEL, F.R.C.P. Is anything known of the family or descendants of Dr. McMichael, F.R.C.P., author of 'The Gold- headed Cane ' (see * D.N.B.') 1 Any informa- tion sent to this College would be valued.


Royal College of Physicians, Pall Mall East.

" THE TEMPLE SHAKESPEARE." The edition of Shakespeare called " Globe " I believe is so named with allusion to the Globe Theatre in which some of the plays were first acted. The Cambridge edition of Aldis Wright is also called the Temple edition.* I know not why, but will thank * N. & Q.' or any of its readers who will inform me about these names. JAMES D. BUTLER.

Madison, Wis., U.S.

THOMAS FIELD, OF COCKENHOE. George Field, of Mangrove House, Lilley. Herts, who died about 1595, had a son Thomas. Can any one give the name of the wife of Thos. Field, who was of Cockenhoe, Lilley ? By his will, dated 1624, he left 500Z. to his grandson, son of Thos. Field, of Cockenhoe, who died 1695, married to Isabella Hobbs. I should also be glad to know the name of the wife of his son Thos. Field, who was alive in 1624. JOSHUA FIELD.

WALTER IZARD was admitted to West- minster School 15 September, 1766. I should be glad to obtain any information concerning

THE POPE AND THE MASSACRE OF ST. BAR- THOLOMEW. Mr. J. R. Willington, in his recently published book, 'Dark Pages of English History,' writes (p. 39) anent the

[* Is it so called ? We are not aware of the fact.]