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9 th 8. XL JUNE 6, 1903.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


ink percolating through some small aperture to the nib inserted in the other end. I forget in what way or by what mechanism the pressure was applied which caused the sponge to pour out the ink. I do not remember seeing it in use ; whence I conclude that it had its defects. ALDENHAM.

WATER - EMMETS, 1705 (9 th S. xi. 389). This is no doubt a misreading for "water- evetts." In my schooldays, in Somerset, we knew, indeed, the name of newt, but our usual name for the water-lizard was evett.


VILLON (9 th S. x. 303, 432, 514; xi. 293). The lines from C. G. Leland may be supple- mented by some quoted by P. Jannet, giving a similar pronunciation of the name, which, however, the reader will not feel disposed to adopt :

Mais bien eat fol et lunaticque Qui de ce fait sermon si long ; Peu nuit a la chose publicque Se Brussiens disent Filon. II ne m'en chault gueres si 1'on Choisit de ces fagons la pire Et bien veuil qu'on dise selon Que des pieca Ton souloit dire.


POPULAR MYTHS (9 th S. xi. 348). The works dealing with, and bearing upon, this subject are, of course, almost innumerable. There are, however, the publications of the Folk -Lore Society, among which are Henderson's ' Folk - Lore of the Northern Counties'; Gregor's ' Folk - Lore of N.E. Scotland ' ; Swainson's ' Folk-Lore of British Birds '; Hartland's ' County Folk-Lore,' &c. ; ' Teutonic Mythology,' by Viktor Ryd- berg, translated by Rasmus B. Anderson, LL.D., Ph.D., 1889; Grimm's 'Teutonic

June, 1890); Mrs. Jameson's 'Sacred and Legendary Art '; ' Myth-land,' by Edw. Hulme, F.L.S., F.S.A.; Dennett's 'Folk-Lore of the Fjort'; and Dyer's 'Domestic Folk- Lore.' J. HOLDEN MACMlCHAEL.

Does your correspondent know the works of Prof, de Gubernatis 1 I do not, but I have seen many extracts from them, and they are apparently full of such matter as he wants. I am told, however, by one who knows, that De Gubernatis is not to be trusted implicitly, his speculations being frequently rash to the point of absurdity. C. C. B.

PHINEAS PETT (9 th S. xi. 403). The REV. S. ARNOTT, of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, throws a doubt on the title of this naval architect. There is in my possession a contemporary print of the 100 -gun ship Brittannia (sic), which is stated to be " built by S r Phineas Pett for King James the First." The print is now on loan at the Alexandra Palace, where MR. ARNOTT can see it. There used to be a long quinquilingual inscription below it as late as 1856, but the weevils have destroyed it all but a few words.

THOMAS AWDRY. Ardath, Fowler's Hill, Salisbury.

EQUATORIAL AFRICA : ITS BIBLIOGRAPHY (9 th S. xi. 406). A reference to Mr. Fox Bourne's new volume on the Congo will show most of the works which have dealt recently with the Congo region ; and communication with Mr. E. D. Morel, Hawarden, Chester, would probably complete the list so far as all except mere geographical papers are con- cerned, and of these inquiry at the library of the Geographical Society would produce a record. D.

Mythology,' translated by Stallybrass ; Mallet's 'Northern Antiquities'; Miiller's 'Chips from a German Workshop,' vol. ii.; Thorpe's 'Northern Mythology'; Tylor's ' Primitive Culture '; Keightley's ' Fairy Mythology'; 'La Mythologie dans 1'Art Ancien et Moderne,' by Rene Me'nard ; 'Mythologie des Plantes ' and 'Zoological Mythology,' both by Angelo de Gubernatis ; K Clodd's 'Myths and Dreams'; C. Gould's 'Mythical Monsters'; 'Credulities, Past and Present,' by William Jones ; Thomas Wright's 'Essays on the Popular Superstitions of the Middle Ages'; Wilde's ' Irish Popular Super- stitions '; ' Mediaeval Lore,' edited by R. Steele, with preface by William Morris ; Superstitions about Shoes' (Leisure Hour, Dec., 1884); 'Some Popular Superstitions of the Ancients,' by J. C. Frazer (Folk-Lore,

Mr. F. Edwards, 83, High Street, Maryle- bone, W., issues a good catalogue of books on Africa ; but the fullest list available will probably be found in the ' Subject Index of the Modern Works added to the Library of the British Museum in the Years 1881-1900,' edited by G. K. Fortescue, vol. i., A-E, price 30s. (Longmans & Co., 1902).


JOHN FOSTER (9 th S. xi. 406). The writer of this name about whom MR. C. A. FEDERER inquires is, no doubt, my grand- father, John Foster. He was a school- master living at Taunton at the time MR. FEDERER mentions, and a man of literary ability. I have a good deal of his MS., mostly theological, and a poein by him dated 1826, printed by the same printer as the pamphlet referred to viz., Mr. A.