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Notes and Queries, July 25, 1903.



Books recently published :

Bell's (Mrs. A.) Lives and Legends of the Great

Hermits and Fathers of the Church, 99 Berks, Bucks, and Oxon Archaeological Journal, 240 Besant's London in the Eighteenth Century 93 Bibelots, The, 399 Bible : Revised Version, 520 Bible Classics, 399

Boccaccio's (Giovanni) Decameron, 339 Burke's Peerage, 20 Burlington Magazine, 279, 459, 520 Byron's Poetry, ed. Coleridge, Vol. VI., 278 Calderon, Six Dramas of, tr. by FitzGerald, 378 Cambridge Book of Matriculations and Degrees

1851-1900, 359

Carlyle's (T.) The French Revolution, Introduc- tion, Notes, and Appendices by J. H. Rose, 79 Christ Church, Canterbury, ed. W. G. Searle, 258 Cornwall, Journal of Royal Institution of, 280 Crisp's (F. A.) Visitation of England and Wales

458 ; Fragmenta Genealogica, 360 Dasent's Popular Tales from the Norse, 438 Dayot's (A.) Napoleon raconte" par 1'Image, 98 Devon Notes and Queries, 439 Dickens, India-Paper Edition, 359 ; the Fireside,

359, 399, 480 Dictionary of National Biography, Index and

Epitome, 338

Dilke's (Lady) French Engravers and Draughts- men of the Eighteenth Century, 58 Dobell's (B.) Sidelights on Charles Lamb, 340 Dodgson's (E. S.) Pierre d'Urte and the Bask

Language, 39

Don Juan, XVIIth and XVIIIth Cantos, 520 Dry's (W.) Nights at the Opera, 440 Edinburgh Review, 399 Encyclopaedia Britannica, New Volumes, 18, 38,

78, 159 ; Index, 399 English Catalogue of Books for 1902, 439 English Dialect Dictionary, ed. J. Wright, 298, 486 English Historical Review, 379 English Literature : an Illustrated Record,

Vol. I. and Vol. III., 479 Englishwoman's Year-Book and Directory, 20 Fea's (Allan) Picturesque Old Houses, 179 Fleming's (W. H.) Shakespeare's Plots, 219 Folk-lore, 440

Froude's (J. A.) My Relations with Carlyle, 480 Fry's Royal Guide to London Charities, 39

l^i/i*\<-l^wirTi'ci "i\T.irv*7in> T.iHfQTMr T^ncrlisVl

Books recently published :

Lecky's (W. E. H.) Leaders of Public Opinion in

Ireland, 299

Leigarraga's Basque Version of St. Matthew, 140 Maclean's (M.) Literature of the Celts 140 Masses (H. J. L. J.) The Church and Abbey of

Mont St. Michel, 179

Milton's (J.) Nova Solyma, the Ideal City 318 Montagu's (Sir H.) Manchester Al Mondo, 80 New English Dictionary. See Historical English

Dictionary. Osborne (Dorothy), Love Letters of, to Sir

William Temple, ed. by I. Gollancz, 319 Paul's (Sir J. B.) Ordinary of Arms contained in

the Public Register of Scotland, 279 Payne-Gallwey's (Sir R.) Crossbow, 418 Prayer Book of Kinu Edward VI., First

edited by V. Staley, 360 Printers' Pie, 499 Reade's (C.) Smith Family, 80 Reliquary and Illustrated Archaeologist, 379 Rutland Magazine, 219 Scott's (F. J.) Portraitures of Julius Caesar,

Gentleman's Magazine Library : English Topo- graphy, Part XIV., 498

Grammont's Memoirs, ed. by G. Goodwin, 219 Hein (G.) and Becker's (M.) Commercial German,


Hiatt's (C.) Notre Dame de Paris, 179 Hierurgia Anglicana, ed. V. Staley, 178 Historical English Dictionary, 60, 225, 339 IntermeVliaire, 440

Jewish Encyclopaedia, Vol. Ill, 299 Laking's (G. F.) Catalogue of the Armour of the

Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, 279 Lamb (Charles and Mary), Works, Vol. L, ed.

by E. V. Lucas, 478 ; Sidelights on, 340 Lang's (A.) Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 278 Language Question in Greece, Essays on, 240 Lanier's (S. ) Shakespere and his Forerunners, 199

Seven Ecumenical Councils of the Undivided

Church, edited by H. R. Percival, 458, 520 Shadwell's (C. L.) Registrum Orielense, 139 Shakespeare, Chiswick Edition : Twelfth Night, The Comedy of Errors, King Richard II., King Richard III., King Henry V., Cymbe- line, Sonnets, Poems, 100 Shipley's (0.) Carmina Mariana, 79 Slang and its Analogues, Past and Present, by

J. S. Farmer and W. E. Henley, 218, 300 Stubbs's (W.) Historical Introductions to the

Rolls Series, edited by A. Hassall, 19 Stuttaford's (C.) Story of Cupid and Psyche, 439 Swift (Jonathan), Prose Works, edited by T.

Scott, 139, 439

Taylor's (E.) Gammer Grethel's Fairy Tales, 100 Traherne (Thomas), B.D., 1630? -1674, his Poetical Works, edited by B. Dobell, 359, 405 Vaughan's (H.) Mount of Olives, &c., edited by

L. I. Guiney, 200

Willcock's (J.) Great Marquess (1607-61), 118 Wither (G.), Poetry of, ed. Sidgwick, 138 Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Part LXVL,


Booksellers' Catalogues, 260, 320, 380, 420, 460, 500 Bookseller's private price marks, 229 Boosey, meaning of the word, 49 Booth (Henry), Lord Delamer, his biography, 48, 155 Boroughs and dioceses, arms of, 247, 395 Bossom (James), epitaph on, 118 Boston Church, Lincolnshire, its foundations, 309 Boswell-Stone (W. G.) on Maori legend, 411 Botany or folk-lore, 148, 514 Boundary customs, 449 Bowen (Sir G. F.), "able-bodied wine," 46 Bowes family, 407

Bowmen at the time of the Spanish Armada, 428 B r ( R.) on hagioscope or oriel, 375 Origin of the Turnbulls, 330 Pre-Reformation practices, 55, 293 Watchhouses against bodysnatcbing, 33 Bradberry (David), Nonconformist minister, 1803, 447