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9*8. XL JAN. 24, 1903.] NOTES AND QUERIES.



CONTENTS. -No. 265.

NOTES : Lincoln Registers, 61 Jubilee of the ' Field,' 62 Shakespeare's Books German Reprint of Leicarraga, 64 'Athenaeum* and Indian Mutiny" Salmonsew "Bacon on Hercules" Oup of trembling," 65 Records in Mater- nity Sortes in Persia, 66.

QUERIES : Royal Marriage at St. George's, Hanover Square Wedderburn Family, 66- Old Prince of Wales's Theatre Queen Sive Pope self-condemned for Heresy- Williamson Portrait of Officer Errington Laced Savory Mug Houses Date of Baster, 67 " The Tim Bobbin " Precedence Salisbury Pulpit Duchess of Manchester's Elopement Quotations Wanted Smythies Family " Shell" of a Coffin Constantinople, 68 Essex in Ireland "Corroboree" Coronation Title v. Assumed Title, 69.

REPLIES : Shakespeare v. Bacon, 69 Shakespeare Cottage at St. Albans Legend of the Serpent's Feet Seventeenth- Century Queries, 70 "Transcendant" "Half-bull "= Half-crown Archer, Architect, 71 " Typulator" " Le grand peut-6tre " Groat : Bits Kilmany, 72 " Man in the street" Old Conduits of London, 73 Glencairn Peerage Tennyson's ]>rd of Burleigh " La Triste HeYitiere " Heriot, 75 Japanese Monkeys " Cherchez la femme" "When the little drummer." &c Arms of Burton-on-Trent Abbey, 76 Pronunciation of "ng" Armigerous Families' Hymns Ancient and Modern ' Prodigal Son as Sir Charles Grandison Ell Family, 77 Monarch in a Wheelbarrow, 78.

NOTES ON BOOKS : ' Encyclopedia Britannica,' Supple- ment, Vol. VIII. Rose's Carlyle's ' French Revolution ' Shipley's 'Carmina Mariana Manchester Al Mondo' Reade's ' Smith Family.'

Notices to Correspondents.

LINCOLN EPISCOPAL REGISTERS. AMONG the Bridges MSS. at the Bodleian Library are two volumes of extracts from the Episcopal Registers at Lincoln, copied early in the eighteenth century for the his- torian of Northamptonshire. How far they may be relied on must be left for others to say ; but the writer would be glad to learn whether (1) the particulars recorded in "Bridges MSS., c. 24-25," are correct tran scripts ; (2) the registers at Lincoln are com- plete. In order the better to judge their merits all the extracts relating to Moulton, a parish since 1541 in the diocese of Peter- borough, have been copied, and these will be found below. The first is concerned with the ordination of Moulton Vicarage* about the year 1220, but as this is the only reference to be found in the Bridges MSS., the question arises whether some other source of infor- mation at Lincoln has not been overlooked. Again, basing his statement on the fifth extract, Bridges mentionst that in 1298 the bishop issued a mandate requiring the

  • In 1254 the rectory was rated at twelve marks,

with a pension of 13s. 4dL out of the vicarage, which was not then valued. MS. Cott. Nero, DX.

t 'History of Northamptonshire,' 1791. vol. i. p. 419.

parishioners to rebuild their ruined church ; but is it not possible that the entry may relate to Moulton, near Spalding, in the county of Lincoln? Perhaps some one who knows that corner well will reply.

I. Bridges MSS-, c. 24 [Registers 1209-1404].

[Hug' Line. En.] Ordinac'oes Vicar' aucte ConciP. [In margin : Muleton.l Vic. de Muleton de pion', Prior' & Conv: S* Andr' North?.* P. 7.

Ann: 6 D'ni Ric'i Gravesend in crast'

Com'emoracio's aiax'. 1263.

[In margin : Multon.] Tho: Pb'r: p' eosd: ad Vicar' de Multon vac': p' mort' Tho : admiss': 3 Non' August!. P. 143.

Ex Rotulo Oliveri Sutton. Archid': Norht'. An: 1. [In margin : Multon.] Rad'us de Stam'god Cap 8 p' Prior &c S: Andr' ad Vicar' de Multon, vac: p' mort': Mag'ri Thome de Ryhal. An : 1280. 14 Cal: Junij.-P. 217.

Ann: 8. Oliv. Sutton.

[In margin : Multon.] Rob'tus de Botelbriggef Cap 8 : p' Monachos Monast' S: Andr' Norht ad Vicar' Eccl'ie de Multon p' mort' Rad'i. adm: non Julij.-P. 230.

Ex Memorand: Oliv: pro An : 19. 1298. [In margin : Moulton.] 01: Dec': holand &c. Vobis mand': q d compelt': pochian' de Moulton rep'are suam Ecc'am de Moulton cum Campanili et cimiterio jam diu dirut'. 3 Non: Octobr'. Fo: 206a. -P. 279.

Ann: 14. Joh'is Dalderby. 1313. [In margin: Multon.] Reginald: de Staumfordt Cap 8 : p' Prior' et Conv: S: Andr' Northt' ad Vicar' Eccl'ie de Multon vac': p' mort Rob'i. Adm: 17 Kal: August.-P. 333.

Ann: 18. D'ni henrici ep'i Line: incip:

13 Kal: AugJ: 1337. [In margin : Multon.] Will'us de Welford pb'r

g' D'num. Edr'um Reg m : ro'ne temporalium rioratus S: Andr' Norht' in nianu sua exist' ad Vicar' Eccl'ie de Multon Line: Dioc': vac' p' resign: Rad'i de Lamleye|| sub no'ie p' mutaco'is

  • Baker, ' Hist, of Northants ' (1822), states that

" Budes occurs in the endowment of the Vicarage," and therefore gives his name first in the list of incumbents.

f Rector of St. Gregory's, Northampton, in 1280 (Baker).

J Vicar of Rothersthorpe, 1300, and Rector of Quinton the following year (ibid.).

Pat. Roll, 11 Edward III. (1337), m. 39: "Pre- sentation of William de Wilford, parson of the church of Paunton by Wrageby in the diocese of Lincoln, to the vicarage of the church of Multon by Northampton in the same diocese, in the king's gift by reason of the temporalities of the priory of St. Andrew, Northampton, being in his hands ; on an exchange of benefices with Ralph de Lameleye." (4 Sept. 1337 at Woodstock.)

II His presentation, it will be noticed, is not in- cluded in the MS. ; nor does the name appear of William de Brysingham, who is placed among the vicars by Baker, by reason of the fact that he "occurs as party to a deed with John de Verdon of Brixworth in 1331." Other gaps exist in the tran- script for the years 1235-63, 1358-73, 1404-19, 1423- 1433, and 1484-1530.