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NOTES AND QUERIES. [8* s. v. JAN. e, woo.

" REMOTE." Among the records of Quaker- ism in Wiltshire which I am contributing to the Wilts Notes and Queries appears the birth of Remote Edwards, 1678/9, at Brink- worth. Is Remote a male or female name 1 ? Are other instances of its use known]



"THOMAS TOMKINSON, GENT." There was printed in London in the year 1729 a volume entitled " A System of Religion, Treating of

the following Heads Faithfully collected

from a curious Manuscript, found among the Papers of Tho. Tomkinson, Gent." Can any fellow -reader give me information about Thomas Tomkinson 1 CHARLES HIGHAM.

169, Grove Lane, London, S.E.

[All the information obtainable or desirable concerning this Muggletonian writer is to be found under his name in the ' Diet. Nat. Biog.' It is difficult to understand the ignorance concerning this monumental work, or the reluctance to consult it, which generally prevails.]

LIEUT. JAMES. Information wanted of the family of this officer, who served on board the Vanguard at the battle of the Nile. He was uncle to one Frances Boniface, born 1791, in or near Yapton, Sussex, and member of a very old family of that name in the county.


BROTHERS MAYOR AND TOWN CLERK AT SAME TIME. Mr. Edward Windeatt is Town Clerk of Totnes ; and now his brother and partner, Mr. Thomas White Windeatt, has been chosen Mayor. They are both members of the Devon Association, which meets at Totnes in 1900. Is there any other instance of this 1 T. CANN HUGHES, M.A.


ST. EANSWYTH. (See 9 th S. iv. 461.) Will MR. HEMS be so kind as to give a short account of the discovery by him, in 1885, of the relics of this saint 1 The bare statement of fact at the above reference whets one's appetite considerably for more particulars.


West Haddon, Northamptonshire.

WAGNER'S ' MEISTERSINGER.' Can any musician inform me what was the cast of Wagner's ' Meistersinger ' as played at Bay- reuth in the year 1888 ? Did Wiegand sing, and in what character 1 JAS. PLATT, Jun.

'DR. SYNTAX.' Is there any doubt that Win. Combe wrote 'Dr. Syntax'? In a magazine article (which I unfortunately cannot find again) I lately saw the author given as "Sheriff" or "Shireff." Can you

assist me to a definite certainty in the matter 1 ? Dr. Brewer and Halkett and Laing give Wm. Combe. J. P. MORICE.

STOP-PRESS EDITIONS. What are the earliest stop-press" editions of our newspapers? And are there any allusions to them in our literature? ALFRED F. BOBBINS.


Can anybody tell me whether the record of the interments here has been preserved ; and, if so, where 1 J. M. BULLOCH.

118, Pall Mall, S.W.

TOAD MUGS. Will any reader kindly tell me the origin and places of manufacture of the curious beer mugs with small figures of a toad or toads affixed within, and appearing as if climbing up the sides of the mug ? The toads are usually hollow, and are of the trick order, placed so as to spurt out the liquid in the bottom of the cup on the unwary drinker. Do these mugs mark any particular local events? or were they made for any special occasions, or were merely freaks of cup and pot makers ? W. H.

SIDNEY, YOUNG, AND BROWNLOW. In 1764 there was a sale of some of the pictures from Penshurst. Horace Wai pole writes to George Montagu on 10 May, 1764 (Cunningham's ed., vol. iv. p. 233), respecting some purchases made at the sale on Montagu's account, and adds : " The picture of Lord Romney, which you are so fond of, was not in this sale, but

I suppose remains with Lady Sidney In

general the pictures did not go high, which I was glad of ; that the vulture who sells them may not be more enriched than could be helped." Who is the Lady Sidney mentioned above ? As regards the " vulture," Cunning- ham, in a note, states that this was Lady Yonge, " who inherited half of Penshurst by the will of Lady Brownlow." How were these ladies connected with the Sidney family ? H. T. B.

HOGARTH'S 'SIGISMUNDA.' I shall be glad to know the whereabouts of this painting.


VISCOUNT CHOLMONDELEY'S SCOTCH MSS. 'The Chronicles of Scotland,' by Robert Lindesay, of Pitscottie, has been recently edited and published from a newly discovered MS. belonging to Mr. John Scott, C.B., of Halkstall, Largs, by M. J. J. Mackay, Sheriff of Fife, 7, Albyn Place, Edinburgh. This MS. contains much new matter, and in particular the history of Scotland from 1565 to 1 January, 1576. It was bought by Mr.