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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9* s. v. APRIL 2 s, im

Csesar.' Yet it seems to have been produced before. Malone said that 'Twelfth Night' was written about 1607, and that date might suit its style. But there is, I believe, good reason for supposing that it was written long before. A very early play, 'Love's Labour 's Lost,' abounds with unintelligible conceits. But this use of conceits, shown less conspicuously and with more taste in other plays, such as ' Romeo and Juliet,' is quite a different thing from the mannerism which Shakspeare acquired late in life. The above remarks refer chiefly to the verse of Shakspeare. We cannot tell equally well from his prose the time in which his plays were written. E. YARDLEY.

AMERICAN WORTHIES (9 th S. v. 147). Samuel Huntington, LL.D., one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence ; born at Windham, Connecticut, 3 July, 1731 ; died at Norwich, U.S., 5 Jan., 1796. He learnt the trade of a cooper, but devoted his leisure to study ; settled as a lawyer in Norwich, 1758 ; and (1761) married Martha, daughter of the Rev. Ebenezer Devotion ; member of the Assembly, 1764 ; State Attorney, 1765 ; member of the Council, 1773 ; member of the Old Congress, 10 Jan., 1776, to 4 Nov., 1783 ; president of that body, 28 Sept., 1779, to 6 July, 1781 ; judge of the Superior Court of Connecticut, 1774-84; Chief Justice, 1784; Lieu tenant-Governor, 1786-96.

John McAllister Schofield, born 29 Dec., 1831, in Chautauqua county, N.Y. ; educated at West Point ; captain, 1 861, and, soon after, chief of the staff to General Lyons, with whom he served in Missouri ; brigadier-general o volunteers, Nov., 1861 ; major-general, 1863 operated with success in Arkansas ; com- manded the army of the Ohio, 1864 ; assistec in the capture of Atalanta, 2 Sept. ; com- manded at the battle of Franklin, 30 Nov. the campaign ending with the victory o Nashville, 15 and 16 Dec., 1864 ; military commander of Virginia, 1867 ; Secretary o: War, 1868 ; Superintendent of West Point 1882 ; and in August, 1888, was appointee Commander-in-Chief of the United States army.

George Gordon Meade, LL.D., born al Cadiz, Spain, 31 Dec., 1816 ; died at Phila delphia, 6 Nov., 1872 ; entered at West Point 1835 ; served in the artillery against th Seminolesin Florida, 1836 ; appointed secern lieutenant topographical engineers, 1842 first lieutenant, 1851 ; captain, 1856 ; major 1862 ; brigadier-general of volunteers, 1861 major-general of volunteers, Nov., 1862 brigadier-general, U.S. army, 1863 ; major

eneral, 1864. Served during the Mexican war t the siege of Vera Cruz ; commanded abrigade t Dranesville, Virginia, 20 Dec., 1861; severely Bounded, 30 June, 1862 ; engaged in battle f Manasses, 29-30 Aug., 1862 ; commanded a livision at South Mountain and Antietam ; ommanded the fifth corps at Fredericks- >urg and Chancellorsville ; commanded he army of the Potomac, 28 June, 863, to 1 July, 1865 ; engaged at Getty s- >urg, and in all battles and operations n Virginia to the surrender of Lee, 9 April, 865.

Nathaniel Prentiss Banks, born atWaltham, Vlass., 30 Jan., 1816; his parents were factory >peratives. He applied earnestly to study ; idited a paper in Waltham, and afterwards n Lowell ; studied law ; became a popular democratic speaker ; member of the Mass. Legislature, 1849 ; Speaker, 1851-2 ; Presi- dent of the State Convention, 1853 ; Governor f Massachusetts, 1858-61. When civil war )roke out he offered his services to Lincoln, and was made major-general May, 1861, and appointed to command the Annapolis military district, and subsequently that of the Shenan- doah. On 24 May, 1862, Stonewall Jackson compelled him to make a rapid retreat ; he commanded a corps under Pope at the battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia, 9 Aug., 1862 ; 3ook Opelousas, April, 1863 (after defeating bhe enemy and taking 2,000 prisoners), Alexandria, May, 1863, and Port Hudson, 8 July, 1863 ; 8 April, 1864, he was defeated by Dick Taylor at Sabine Cross, but repulsed trim in return, 9 April, at Pleasant Hill ; re- lieved from command May, 1864.

See ' Diet, of American Biog.' and Thomas's ' Univ. Diet. Biog.'


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Samuel Huntington, signer of the Declara- tion of Independence, born in Windham, Conn., 3 July, 1731 ; died in Norwich, Conn., 5 Jan., 1796. A cooper by trade, but had a soul above barrels, studied law, held any number of public offices up to President of Congress, 1779-81, and Governor of Con- necticut, 1786-96.

Nathaniel Prentiss Banks, born Waltham, Mass., 30 Jan., 1816 ; died Waltham, Mass., 1 Sept., 1894. As a boy worked in a cotton mill, hence his sobriquet of the "Bobbin l>oy." He studied law; became an editor, a member of legislature, Governor of Massachusetts, 1857-9, and major-general in 1861 ; served in army of the Potomac and in Louisiana ; resigned 1864 ; member of Con- gress up to 1877 ; U.S. Marshal for Mass., 1879 to 1888; in 1890 became mentally un-