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9*s. V.JAN, is, i9oo.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


real origin. He is said to have been an English bookseller who travelled through Germany and Switzerland, visiting various monastic and other libraries, wherever he thought it likely that he might pick up MSS. and early printed books, for which being supplied with ample means he was enabled to offer liberal prices. All this, and some- what more to the like effect, Dibdin gives as a quotation from Schelhorn's * Amcenitates Literarise,' a work not often met with in this country, I believe. It was published in 14 vols. (1730-2). Whence Dibdin derived the information which he pretended to copy from this work I cannot imagine ; but one thing is very certain, namely, that from the first to the last page of these fourteen volumes there is not one word about it ; nor does the name of ISutty ever once occur. Can any one enlighten me on the subject ?

F. N.

DRESS OF CHARTERHOUSE SCHOLARS. In the regulations drawn up in 1618 for " apparell for the schollers " appear these entries :

"For a Somer suite, viz* vii yardes di. of Fustian for the outside and to lyne the skirt att Us. iid. a yard, xvi,s. iiid."

" For a Winter suite, viz* ii yardes di. and di. q'ter of Fustian for the outside of the dublett and to lyne the skirtes att xixtZ. the yard, iiiis. id. ob."

I should be glad of an explanation of these two points : 1 Why did the summer suit require 7 yards, while the winter suit re- quired 2$ 'I 2. Why should the former be of more expensive material than the latter 1

A. H. TOD. Charterhouse, Godalming.

[The same question is put by the REV. H. B. LE BAS.]

NURSERY RIMES. Any information (or re- ference to sources that may be relied upon) respecting the origin, author, or history of the following rimes is urgently wanted :

The North Wind doth blow, &c.

Little Robin Redbreast sat upon a Tree.

Handy, Spandy, Jack-a-Dandy.

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.

Old Mother Hubbard.

Little Miss Muffet.

Hiccory, Dickory, Dock.

Pat a Cake, Baker's Man.

Little Polly Flinders.

Wee Willie Winkee.

Little Betty Blue.

Tom Tucker.

Pussy-cat, where have you been ?

Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall.

A. G.

[We gladly insert your query, but fear that in- formation beyond the meagre supply to be found in Halliwell is scarcely to be hoped. See also Mrs. Gomme on ' Children's Singing Games.']

" DAN " CHAUCER. By what authority is Chaucer called " Dan " by Spenser and Tenny- son 1 Tennyson's epithet " Morning Star " is not original, but taken from Sir John Den- ham, in his lines on Cowley, in 1709.

RAYMONDE. ["Dan" = Lat. dominus, master.]

WALTER HOLMES was elected from West- minster School to Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1612. Any further particulars concerning him would be of service. G. F. R. B.

PETER TRAVERS was elected to Trinity College, Cambridge, from Westminster School in 1617. Can any correspondent of ' N. & Q.' give me any information concerning him 1

G. F. R. B.

EMERY FAMILY. A copy of Baret's 'Alvearie,' 1580, in my possession, formerly belonged to Richard Emery. At the end of the preface is written : "Richard Emery in the Countey of Bedd. and dwelling in the Towne of Arlesey doth owe this booke. Witnesses Richard Emery and Jesper Emery." A few pages further on is written : " In the name of God let none stele this booke from Richard Emery the sone of Richard Emery sittuating in arlesey." In another place : " Richard Emery truly possesseth this booke given by his Gran- father." In another place :

Si Dominum istius Cupias cognoscere libri Infra subscriptum Inspice nomen habes.

Richard Emery. Is anything known of this family ?


UNITED EMPIRE LOYALISTS. A note on this subject in 9 th S. iv. 456 refers to " the passing of Lord Dorchester's 'order in Council ' at Quebec in 1789." Who was Lord Dorchester in that year, and what office did he hold 1 POLITICIAN.

[General Sir Guy Carleton (1724-1808) for services during the American War was created in 1786 first Baron Dorchester. In 1789 he was Governor of Quebec. See Burke's 'Peerage' and 'Diet. Nat. Biog.,' ix. 93.]

WHARTON. Did Philip, Duke of Wharton, who died in 1731, leave any family 1 If so, particulars of same are wanted.

J. T. THORP. [See the 'D.N.B.' as usual, vol. Ix. p. 412.]

HOLBEIN GATEWAY IN WHITEHALL. Would you kindly inform me whether in old Westminster the gallery in the Holbein Gateway, Whitehall, communicated with Westminster Palace or St. James's Palace, and in what book of reference an account of it may be found ? J. M. STONE.