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"Graham's Grey Breeks," a name for the 90th Cameronians, explains itself.

"Green Dragons," a name for the 13th Hussars, the reason not very apparent.

" Green Horse," a name for the 5th Dragoon Guards.

"Green Howards," a name for the 19th Yorkshire Regiment, a name with which, I am told, a former commander had something to do.

" Green Tigers," another name for the 17th Leicestershire Regiment, for which MR. AXON has already given two.

"Grey Dragoons," another name for the 2nd Dragoons, given on account of the colour of their mounts.

" Heroes of Talavera," a name justly be- stowed and hardly earned by the 48th North- amptonshire Regiment in the Peninsula under Wellington.

" Housemaids' Pets," a name given to any of the three regiments of Foot Guards, but, I believe, chiefly claimed by the Grenadiers.

The " Illustrious Garrison," a name belong- ing to the 13th Somerset Light Infantry, arid given in India.

The "First Invalids," a name bestowed not quite apparent for what reason upon the 41st Welsh Regiment, or Wardour's Horse.

The " K. D. G.'s/'an abbreviation of the 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards.

The "Kings," the name of the Liverpool Regiment, and also of the 8th Hussars.

The " K.O.S.B.," or "K.O.B.S.," the some- what affectionate name of the 25th King's Own Scottish Borderers.

"Leinster's Horse" is a name for the 7th Dragoon Guards, as is also "Ligonier's Horse."

The "Light Brigade" is a name for the 43rd Oxfordshire, but has a somewhat wider significance than this.

"Leverson's Horse," a name for the 3rd Hussars, derived from a popular commander.

The " Lily-White Seventh " is a name for the 7th Hussars.

The "Linseed Lancers," one of the many somewhat sarcastic names given to the Arm} 7 Medical Corps.

"Little Grenadiers" is a name for the Royal Marines how, why, or when given, does not appear to be clear.

"Liverpudlians," another name for the 8th (King's) or Liverpool Regiment.

The "Lumps," as a name for the 108th Inniskilling Fusiliers, appears to be pro- bably only a variant of "Limps," of which MR. AXON has spoken.

The "Measurers" is a name sometimes given, although not very widely, to the Royal Engineers.

The "Nainurs" is a name for the 18th Royal Irish.

" Neptune's Bodyguard," another name for the Royal Marines.

The " Ninth Horse," a name for the Cara- bineers.

The " Norfolk Howards " is a not very pleasant name which has been given to the 9th Norfolk Regiment, and for which there seems to be very little reason.

The "Old Brags" is a name for the 28th Gloucester Regiment.

The " Old Dozen " is the appropriate name for the 12th Suffolk.

The " Old Inniskillings," an entirely correct name, popularly bestowed upon the 6th Dra- goons.

"One and All," I have been informed, is the name for the llth Devonshire Regiment ; but this being the Cornish county motto, it is a little hard to understand why or how the Devonians appropriate it.

The " Oxford Blues " is yet another name for the Royal Horse Guards.

The " Pig and Whistle Light Infantry " is a peculiar name for the 74th Highland Light Infantry ; its origin very hazy.

" Pills," another uncomplimentary name for the Army Medical Corps, as is also the "Poultice Wallopers."

The " Powos " is one of the names belong- ing to the 14th West Yorkshire.

The "Queen's" is a name possessed by two cavalry regiments, the 9th and 16th Lancers, and both are equally proud to be the bearers of it.

The " Queen's Bays," yet another name for the 2nd Dragoon Guards.

The " Queen's Own," a name given to the 7th Hussars.

"Ready Reckoners," a name given to the Highland regiments of the British army. This is upon the authority of 'The Slang Dictionary.'

The "Redbreasts," a name for the 5th Lancers, and one that carries its own explana- tion.

The " Red Feathers," a name, self-explana- tory, of the 46th, Duke of Cornwall's.

The "Red or Scarlet Lancers," another name for the 16th Lancers.

The " Rightabouts" is another name for the 28th Gloucester.

The "Royals," a name widely known for the 1st Dragoons.

The "Royal Goats," a well-known name given to the 23rd Welsh Fusiliers on account of their regimental pet being a goat.

The " Royal Irish " is a name for the 4th Dragoon Guards.