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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9* s. v. MAY 19, 1900.

Regiment, and also of the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment. The white horse is the badge of unconquered Kent.

" Je maintiendrai " is the motto of the 26th Company of Grenadiers, as it was of King William III. and Queen Mary.

" Montis insignia Calpe " is the motto, with the castle and key the symbol of Gibraltar, which was known to the Greeks by the name of Calpe borne by the Suffolk Regiment, the Essex Regiment, and the Northampton- shire Regiment.

" Ne obliviscaris " is the first motto of the Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. It is the motto of the Duke of Argyll as chief of the Campbell clan. That they will " forget not" the traditional bravery of their race is certain.

"Nee aspera torrent" are the words chosen by the 3rd King's Own Hussars, by the King's Liverpool Regiment, by the Prince of Wales's Own West Yorkshire Regiment, by the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, by the King's Own Scottish Borderers, and by the Royal Innis- killing Fusiliers, and also form one of the mottoes of the Royal Scots Greys. It is the motto of the Hanoverian house.

" Nemo me impune lacessit," the motto of the Scotch Order of the Thistle, is borne by the Royal Scots Greys. "No one touches me with impunity" is the essence of defensive warfare.

" Nisi Dominus frustra " is the first motto of the King's Own Scottish Borderers, and expresses the feeling that human effort is vain without help from above.

"Omnia audax" is the motto of the Lan- cashire Fusiliers, and the "Minden Boys" have exemplified its teaching in their all- daring history. It seems a reminiscence of a phrase of Horace used in a different con- nexion.

"One and all," the well-known Cornish motto, is borne by the Duke of Cornwall's Own Regiment.

"Pascua nota mea" is another of the mottoes of the Scots Guards, and expresses a sense of confidence in that which is ordained, and perhaps intends a play on the word "pascua," as meaning pasture or field.

" Per funera vitam " is one more motto of the Scots Guards, and shows their belief that death is the gate of immortality.

" Per mare, per terram," is the appropriate motto of the Royal Marines, who have shown themselves equally at home on land and water.

"Primus in Indis" is the claim made by the Dorsetshire Regiment. The former 39th Foot was the first European regiment of the

regular army in India. To it fell the task of avenging the tragedy of the Black Hole of Calcutta.

" Pristinse virtu tis memor " is the motto which the Queen's Royal West Surrey Regi- ment gained for its gallant services in 1700. With it may be mentioned "Pristinse vir- tutis memores," the motto of the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars. Both mottoes exhort men to be mindful of former valour.

"Pro rege, pro lege, pro patria conamur," the motto of the 18th Hussars, who are ready to give their battle cry and do their best in the cause of crown, the laws, and the father- land.

"Quis separabif?" is the inquiry of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers, of the Royal Irish Rifles, and of the Connaught Rangers. It is the motto of the Order of St. Patrick, and is an allusion to the union of England and Ireland.

" Quo fas et gloria ducunt " is the second motto of the Royal Artillery, of the Royal Engineers, and of the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, who are all ready to go whither right and glory may lead them.

"Quo Fata vocant" is the motto of the Northumberland Fusiliers, and they have responded to the call of " Fata " in the hard- fought fields of the Peninsula, of India, Afghanistan, and the Soudan. Virgil says :

Quo fata trahunt retrahuntque, sequanmr, and Lucan,

Sed quo fata trahunt virtus secura sequetur.

"Sans peur" is the second motto of the Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, who have often shown them- selves to be without fear.

" Second to none " is the proud claim of the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys).

" Semper fidelis " is the proud boast of the " ever faithful " Devonshire Regiment.

"Spectemur agendo," the motto of the 1 st Royal Dragoons and of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, expresses the natural desire of men who have done well to be judged and tested by their actions.

" Terrorem affero " is one of the mottoes of the Scots Guards, who have doubtless often carried terror to their opponents.

" Timere nescius " is another of the mottoes of the Scots Guards, who fear no enemy.

"Tolloch ard," which means the "High hill," is the Kintail slogan of the Seaforth Highlanders.

"Treu und fest," the motto of the late Prince Consort, is borne by the llth Prince Albert's Own Hussars. It signifies "True and steadfast."