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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9* s. v. JAN. so, igoo.

sible now to alter in our chronologies the one which has been so long accepted.

W. T. LYNN. Blackheath.

MODERN ZODIACS. (Continued from 9 th S. iv. 204.)

103. On the wall opposite the entrance to the first court in the Musee Carnavalet, Paris, are four large bas-reliefs in stone of the Seasons, with Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Capri- cornus above them, by Goujon (d. 1572). It was formerly the residence of Madame de Sevigne.

104. On the rev. of a large bronze medal of Charles of Gonzaga, 1608, is an arc bearing Leo, Virgo, Sol in Libra, Scorpio, and Capri- cornus. In the Mint, Paris.

105. In the ceiling of a ground-floor gallery in the Louvre Museum is a large oblong bronze tablet on which is seen Jupiter sup- porting a deep band bearing half the signs inside and half outside, while Cupid flies with a curled snake. Henri IV. died 1610.

106. The Galerie d'Apollon in the Louvre has its cornice on botn sides adorned with large white plaster figures of the signs, fanci- fully rendered, by Girardin et al. y 1659.

107. Copper - plate 8vo. engraving of 'JEstas,' husbandry, with Virgo, Sol, Leo, Cancer, in the sky ; signed " M. Heem " (C. H., born 1630), 11 in. by 10 in. In a quay box, Paris, 3 f r.

108. A companion engraving to No. 107, labelled 'Autumnus,' with Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Libra in the sky. In the same place, 3 fr.

109. On the rev. of a bronze medal of Nicholas Brulart of Sicily, Chancellor of France 1613, is Apollo in a quadriga above a globe bearing signs. In the great hall of the Mint, Paris.

110. On the ob. of a large bronze medal is a portrait of Richelieu, 1631 ; on the rev. is a globe with twelve stars on a band. Outside are seven stars on a ring. Great hall, Mint, Paris.

111. In the Gallery D of the Louvre is a painting by Rubens (d. 1640) of the apotheosis of Henri IV., in which is an arc with four signs in the sky.

112. A large bronze medal to commemorate the assiduity of the King in Council, 1661, contains Phoebus driving through the sky beneath an arc bearing Leo, Virgo, Libra. Catalogue No. 91 A. In great hall, Mint, Paris.

113. Engraving of a decoration containing the zodiac, used in an open-air festival, is in

  • Histoire au Carrousel cie Louis XIV.,' Paris,


114. Painting of the signs on the ceiling of the Royal Medical Library, Frankfort, seventeenth century.

115. Copper-plate engraving of No. 114, in- scribed "Bibliotheca Realio Medica M.ML. Francofurti, 1679," above, and "Foster exc. del M. Hailler fecit " below ; Paris quay box, 50 c.

116. Picture of Franche-Comte conquered by Louis XIV., 1674. "The ceiling is covered by clouds, between which are seen the signs of the Fish, of the Zodiac, and of the Bull, which indicate the months in which this expedition was made." In the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles ; Dewharne, * Museum of Versailles,' p. 45.

117. 'Fang Sing Too; or, Maps of the Constellations,' consisting of nine plates by Ming - Ming - Go, i. e., the Jesuit Pietro Grimaldi, 1711, 4to., pp. 6. A copy is in the B. M., mentioned in ' Bib. Bat.'

118. Bronze medal of the reign of Louis XV. Rev., Atlas bearing a globe having signs on a band round it, 1716, Cat. No. 4. Great hall, Mint, Paris.

119. In the old state rooms of the Louvre are three large pieces of old tapestry represent- ing hunting scenes, having the signs Pisces, Aquarius, and Aries on them respectively.

120. In other rooms in the Louvre are two very large pieces of old tapestry representing hunting scenes, bearing in a circle at the top the signs Aries and Pisces.

121. In the Luxembourg Palace picture gallery are three pieces of old tapestry, bearing respectively at the top Cancer, Aquarius, Aries. In the sculpture gallery is a piece bearing Pisces. In Salle Caille- botte is another large old piece with Virgo on it. They represent hunting and country scenes.

122. In the Muse'e Galliera, Paris, in the side room, on the wall, is a very large piece of tapestry having Aries in a circle at the top. The border and position of sign are similar to those in the Louvre. Orley made twelve designs illustrating the months (of which this is one) for Marie de Bourgogne, seventeenth century.

123. One of the state rooms atFontainebleau Palace is hung with three large pieces of old Beauvois tapestry, bearing respectively Leo, Scorpio, Taurus.

124. In the Gobelins Tapestry Works, Paris, is a large piece of tapestry representing St. Germain's Palace, with Gemini at the top, seventeenth century.

125. In the Gobelins Works, premiere salle, is a piece of tapestry bearing Taurus on the top, (?) sixteenth century.