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Notes and Queries, July 28, 1900.



Books recently published :

Castiglione's (B.) Book of the Courtier, 347 Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey of the Premon-

stratensian Order, edited by W. Fairer, 347 Clephan's ( K. C.) Defensive Armour, 488 Clergy Directory and Parish Guide for 1900, 240 Cobbe's (H.) Luton Church, 239 Collet's (C. D.) Taxes on Knowledge, 79 Cromwell's Souldiers Catechism, edited by Kev.

W. Begley, 427

Davis's (C. T.) Dictionary of Wands worth, 467 Deeds relating to East Lothian, transcribed and

translated by J. G-. Wallace -James, 327 Dictionary of National Biography, 39, 299 Digit of the Moon, a Hindoo Love Story, trans.

by F. W. Bain, 158

Dimock's (A.) Cathedral Church of St. Paul, 240 Douglas's (W. S.) Cromwell's Scotch Campaigns,

1650-1, 259 Early Married Life of Maria Josepha (Lady

Stanley), edited by J. H. Adeane, 59 Eley's (C. K.) Carlisle, its Cathedral and See, 259 Elworthy's (F. T.) Horns of Honour, 219 English Catalogue of Books for 1899, 220 Evening with Punch, 448

Fernald's (J.C.) Students' Standard Dictionary, 19 Frazer's (J. G.) Pausanias, and other Greek

Sketches, 527

Gardner's Studies in John the Scot (Erigena), 528 Gower (J.), Complete Works, edited by G. C.

Macaulay, 58

Griffiths's ( tf . H.) Lyra Fumosa, 467 H. B.'s Lambkin's Remains, 118 Haines's (C. H.) Complete Memoir of Richard

Haines (1633-85), 219 Hampstead Annual, 1899, edited by G. E.

Matheson and S. C. Mayle, 100 Hill's (Rev. G.) English Dioceses, 386 Historical Dictionary of the English Language,

78, 299

Hoste's (J. W.) Johnson and his Circle, 507 Hume's (M. A. S.) Modern Spain, 79 Inquisitions and Assessments relating to Feudal

Aids, 1284-1431, vol. i., 407 Jackson's (B. D.) Glossary of Botanic Terms, 507 Jastrow's (M.) Religion of Babylonia and Assyria,

278 Kidson's (F.) British Music Publishers, Printers,

and Engravers, 508 King Alfred's Version of Boetbius, done into

Modern English by W. J. Sedgefield, 446 Knowles's (F. L.) Kipling Primer, 160 Leland's (C. G.) Unpublished Legends of Virgil,

40 ; Useful Arts and Handicrafts, Parts I.-IX.,


Library (The), ed. by J. Y. W. MacAlister, 19, 260 Marillier's (H. C.j University Magazines and

their Makers, 60 Mason's (J.) Social Chess, 79 Masses (H. J. L. J.) Abbey Church of Tewkes-

bury ; Priory Church of Deerhurst, 447 Memoirs of Monsieur d'Artagnan, trans, by

Ralph Nevill, 258 Milton : Poetical Works, ed. Beeching from the

Edition of the Rev. H. C. Beeching, 198 ; Six

Anthems, ed. Arkwright, 488

Books recently published :

Morgan's (W. LI.) Antiquarian Survey of East

Gower, Glamorganshire, 158 Murray- Aynsley's (Mrs.) Symbolism of the East

and West, 139

New English Dictionary. See Historical Diet. Old Ballad of the Boy and the Mantle, 448 Orsi's (P.) Modern Italy, 1746-1898, 278 Palmer's (A. S.) Jacob at Bethel, 140 Paul's (Sir J. B.) Heraldry in Relation to Scot- tish History and Art, 487 Perkins's (Rev. T.) Wimborne Minster and

Christchurch Priory, 99

Piper's (E.) Church towers of Somerset, 117, 447 Pleadings and Depositions in the Duchy Court

of Lancaster, ed. by H. Fishwick, 327 Plumptre's ( E. H.) Life of Dante, ed. by A. J.

Butler, 466 Prevost's (E. W.) Glossary of the Dialect of

Cumberland, 259 Rabelais's Gargantua and Pantagruel, trans, by

Sir T. Urquhart and P. le Motteux, 1653-

1694, Introduction by C. Whibley, 367 Registers of Burnley, 1562-1653, ed. by W.

Farrer, 407 Registers of Bury, 1590-1616, ed. by Rev. W. J.

Lowenberg and Henry Brierley, 407 Registers of Eglingham, in Northumberland,

1662-1812, transcribed by Miss K. A. Martin,

edited by H. M. Wood, 408 Richardson's (R.) Coutts & Co., Bankers, 507 Robinson's (W. C.) Bruges, 448 Rostand's (E.) Cyrano de Bergerac, trans, by G.

Thomas and M. F. Guillemard, 448 St. Pancras Notes and Queries, 427 Sayce's (Rev. A. H.) Babylonians and Assyrians,


Seccombe's (D.) Age of Johnson, 79 Shakespeare (W.) : Life, by Lee, 18 ; Shake-

speare Bacon, 80 ; Much Ado about Nothing,

ed. by Furness, 138 ; Prosody and Text, ed. by

B. A. P. Van Dam, 527 Shaw's (W. A.) History of the English Church

during the Civil Wars, 326 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, 99 Skeat's (W. W.) Chaucer Canon, 367 Some Principles and Services of the Prayer-Book

Historically Considered, ed. by J. W. Legg, 179 Sources of Archbishop Parker's Collection of

MSS. at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge,

by M. R. James, 328 Spenser Anthology, 1548-1591, ed. by Prof. E.

Arber, 139

Sutcliflfe's (H.) By Moor and Fell, 59 Swift's (J.) Prose Works, vol. viii., 99 Taylor'* (B.) Storyology, 528 Timmins's (H. T.) Nooks and Corners of Shrop- shire, 78

Tomlinson's (M.) Life of Charles Tomlinson, 198 Upper Norwood Athenaeum : Record of Winter

Meetings and Summer Excursions, 1898-9, 117 Whitaker's Naval and Military Directory, 80 White's (Mrs. C. A.) Sweet Hampstead, 507 Willcock's (Rev. J.) Shetland Minister in the

Eighteenth Century, 180 Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Part 59, 427