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9* s. V.JAN. 27, 1900.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


Africa that of the fifteenth marquess, Au gustus John Henry, true to the traditions o his house, of which " Aymez Loyaulte " is th time-honoured motto, and of him it might we] be said " non deficit alter." His body has been sent to England for burial with his ancestor at Amport, co. Hants. Some now getting int( the afternoon of life will remember Tenny son's fine lines on the death of Lord Raglan in the Crimea in 1855 and his burial,

Home they brought her warrior dead, &c., as applicable to the event now recorded Lord Raglan was interred with his ancestors and the Duke of Malakhoff, his comrade in the command, sent a wreath on the occasion which was placed upon the coffin.

JOHN PICKFORD, ALA. Newbourne Rectory, Woodbridge.

WE must request correspondents desiring infor- mation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that the answers may be addressed to them direct.

" HUDGER." This is said to be a Surrey word for a bachelor. Can any one tell me why this unhappy being is so called 1 Is it a term of pity or reproach ?



CROMWELL'S LETTERS. Will the possessor of any private or family letters of Oliver Cromwell bearing date 1658 kindly mention the fact in your columns, or privately, by post- card, to W. G. THORPE, F.S.A.

20, Larkhall Rise, S.W.

THOMAS POWELL was elected head from Westminster School to Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1621. Can correspondents of ' N". & Q.' give me any further particulars of his career? G. F. R. B.

JOHN MONGER was elected from West- minster School to Trinity College, Cam- bridge, in 1620. Any information concerning him will be thankfully received.

G. F. R. B.

THE BOTTLED ALE OF BURTON. Bottled ale as a favourite beverage is at least as old in literary reference as Ben Jonson's 'Bar- tholomew Fair,' and Burton ale as the Spec- tator, in which " we concluded our walk with a glass of Burton ale, and a slice of hung beef " but when did the bottled ale of Burton first become famous? I find the following advertisement in the London Daily Post and

General Advertiser of 25 May, 1738, which would indicate that it was then well known :

" To be Sold, by Thomas Ludford, in Essex-street in the Strand, in Partnership with Mess. Bucknal and Hayne, of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, Genuine Burton Ale, Brew'd to the greatest Perfec-


for. Also in Bottles not less than a Dozen at Is. Qd. (some old of the Beer Kind 8s.) allowing 2s. per Dozen for return'd Bottles."

A. F. K.

SIR HENRY MORGAN. Where can informa- tion be found regarding the descendants of Sir Henry Morgan, the famous buccaneer, who was three times Lieutenant-Governor of Jamaica, 1675, 1678, 1680 ? He lived after his retirement on his estate at Laurencefield. Sir Hans Sloane in his work on Jamaica, published 1725, describes him as married, with a family, in 1688. and at that date about forty-five years old. ALEX. FORBES.

[He appears from Prof. Laughton's life in the Diet. Nat. Biog.' to have left no descendant. Con- sult this, and also Esquemeling.]

FRENCH SOCIETY IN THE LAST CENTURY. [ should be glad of the following items of nformation concerning the persons named )elow, who were prominent in French society bout 1765 : (1) the maiden name of the adies mentioned ; (2) their title when not ndicated (as in the case of Madame de fochefort) ; (3) date of marriage ; (4) date of ieath.

)uke and Duchess of Berwick.

Jomtesse d'Egmont (the elder).

}omtesse d'Egmont (the younger).

Vladame de Rochefort.

VEadame de St. Prie (St. Priest ?).

YTare"chale di'Estrees.

Madame de Brionne.

'rincesse de Ligne (her mother was a sister of

General Oglethorpe). lare"chale Duchesse de Luxembourg, 'rincesse de Talmond (a Pole, related to Queen

Marie Leczinska). )uchesse de la Valliere.

H. T. B.

A FAR CRY TO LOCH AWE." Kindly tell 16 where I can find the origin of this. Long ears ago I remember having read of the escue of the captive maiden, but cannot trace t and want to refresh my memory.


[It is supposed to have been a saying of the ampbells. Have you looked at the notes to ' Rob toy'?]

SHELLEY BIBLIOGRAPHY. What special alue, if any, is attached to an edition of helley's 'Poetical Works,' "including various