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CONTENTS. No. 223.

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Notices to Correspondents.



(See ' Miniature of Col. Geo. Fleetwood,' ante,

pp.48, 154, 175,234.)

SINCE my last communication (p. 234), by the courtesy of Capt. Robert Harding Evans, Honorary Clerk to the Glass Sellers' Com- pany, I have been enabled to examine the records of the company, and the following notes therefrom, combined with particulars from the wills and other sources, may, if MR. W. D. PINK'S view be correct, be of some interest.

'The Book for Entry of Apprentices to Freemen of the Company of Glass Sellers, London,' contains the following entries :

" Fleetwood, Robert, sonne of George Fleetwood> late of Chalfout in the County of Bucks, Gent.> deed., putts himself apprentice to John Angevine for Eignt years from the xxiii day of June last by Ind 8 date 9 th (?) November, 1674."

" To Kempster. But to serve with and be turned over to John Kempster."

"Fleetwood, Robert, the sonn of Robert Fleet- wood, citizen and glass-seller of London, putts him- self apprentice to his said father for seaven years from the date of his Indentures, dated the xx March, 1700."

"Fleetwood, John, the sonn of Robert Fleet- wood, Citizen and Glass Seller of London, putts

himselfe Apprentice to his Father the said Robert Fleetwood for seaven yeares from the date of his Indentures. Date xvii th June, 1708."

"Fleetwood, Robert, son of Robert Fleetwood, late Citizen and Glass Seller of London, deceased, putts himselfe Apprentice to Miles Halsey, Citizen and Glass Seller, of London, for seven Years from the Date of his Indentures. Dated 18 th June,

1 o4.

" Fleetwood, John, Son of Robert Fleetwood,

years the date of his Indentures. Dated 19 th June, 1735."

The Minute Book of the Courts shows that John Fleetwood (the elder) was chosen and sworn Master 28 September, 1738, and 27 September, 1739, so that he served for two years.

In old directories between 1749 and 1760 I find' 1 John Fleetwood Leadenhall Street, 1 ' and in directories between 1763 and 1770, "John Fleetwood Ludgate Hill" (No. 12 in 1768 and 1770).

In the Poll of the Liverymen of the City of London at election of Members of Parlia- ment, begun Tuesday, 10 April, 1722, is "Fleetwood, John, Glass Sellers" (no address given) ; and in the Poll 16-23 March, 1768 : "Fleetwood, John, Glass Sellers, Ludgate Hill ; Fleetwood, Robert, Glass Sellers, Lud- gate Hill."

The following are abstracts of two wills : John Fleetwood, citizen and glass seller of London. Will dated 27 December, 1759 ; proved 17 January, 1760, by the executor. To nephew Robert Fleetwood, eldest son of late brother Robert Fleetwood, 1,0001. To niece Jane Fenton. widow, 50., "in case she gives my executor hereinafter named, within one month after my decease, the picture for a watch of my late grandfather, Colonel George Fleetwood, deceased, otherwise the said legacy of 50/." to sink into residuary estate. To grandniece Jane Fenton, daughter of Jane Fenton, 50Z. To Mrs. Mary Wiggan, 501. Remainder of estate to John Fleetwood, youngest son of late brother Robert. Sole executor, John Fleetwood, the nephew. Wit- nesses : Maria Barton, Reginald Dennison.

Robert Fleetwood, of Ludgate Hill, mer- chant. Will dated 13 April, 1769; proved 15 March, 1771, by the three executors. Be- queaths all freeholds, &c., and real estate to his wife Sarah for life, with remainder to his only child Jane. To wife one-third and to daughter one-third of personal estate by custom of the City ; and as to wife, in accord- ance with ante-nuptial settlement of 3 October, 1757. Out of remaining third : To brother John Fleetwood, 50 To sister Fleetwood (wife of John ?), 50J. To sister-in-law Miss Mary