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in America, but I cannot find that either this or, indeed, any of her other works h#v< ever been reprinted in England, though, o course, it is quite possible they may have been. FREDERICK T. HIBGAME.

WYCH STREET. In a report of the Building Act Committee of the London County Coun- cil, which appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 24 March, Wych Street, near St. Clement Danes, is mentioned as having "a charac- teristically Danish name." It would be interesting to know with what Danish wore the name of this London street is connected On what authority or on what evidence is this statement made 1


INTRODUCTION OF TROUSERS. Mr. Leader, in his 'Sheffield in the Eighteenth Century, gives an amusing account of the introduction of trousers to the town. Are particulars re- corded when they were first worn in other places? WILLIAM ANDREWS.

Royal Institution, Hull.

[Trinity College, Cambridge, in October, 1812, made an order that any student appearing in hall or chapel in pantaloons or trousers should be deemed absent, from which it appears that they were beginning to oust briefer garments.]

QUOTATIONS. Can you tell me where Ariston says ?

Qapcrl [?] /3orj6tiv rots dtots

Also where Gregorius Nazianzenus says ? M'^TC TO oAyeiV OLTrapafjivOi^Tov [tyre TO ev 7rpa.TTi.v ttTraiSa'y wyyyToi' /xei'eTco.

DR. LOESCHE. Vienna.

GIPSY VOCABULARY. Will some kind gipsy scholar look through the list of words given in Dr. Richard Bright's ' Travels from Vienna through Lower Hungary ' (Edinburgh, 1818), beginning on p. Ixxx of the appendix, and inform me whether they are still in use among English gipsies ? I fear that there is some confusion, but I may be wrong. Any additions to or corrections of the list will be gratefully received. L. L. K.

ELLIOT. Alexander Elliot and Robert .Elliot were respectively admitted to West- minster School in 1769 and 1772. Can corre- spondents give me any information concern- ing them ? Q p R

DARCY OF HARVERTON.-! should be much obliged if any of your readers would inform me whether any record exists of the descent

Kobert Darcy, of Harverton, co. Durham

whose sister Katherine married John Hed- worth. John Hed worth died in 1401, and it appears from Foster's Durham Visitation pedigrees that the Hed worths assumed the arms of Darcy. G. O. B.

TOKEN FOUND IN THE STRAND. In the rebuilding after the recent fire in New Inn, Strand, a bronze token was found imbedded in the brickwork. On one side was a representation of Norwich Castle and date 1794, and on the obverse a hanging sheep and the inscription "Good times will come." On the rim is inscribed "Richard Bacon Cockey Lane." Perhaps some of your East Anglian readers could throw some light on this. I believe the building where the fire occurred was erected over two hun- dred years ago. ASHLEY H. JOHNSTON.

WINDSOR UNIFORM. Can any reader tell me what was the "Windsor uniform," and who was entitled to wear it? An old portrait (about 1786) shows a blue coat with red collar, said to be this uniform. Any reference to books bearing on the subject would be acceptable. (Lieut. -Col.) G. S. PARRY.

18, Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne.

" LITTLE WILLIE." Can any reader tell me where occur the words of a prayer 1 And please not to say Little Willie almost stole an apple to-day.


FIELD-NAMES, {SOUTH- WEST LANCASHIRE. Can any light be thrown on the following ? Cadix Meadow ; Loton (has this anything to do with an ambush ?), was a wooded district in early times ; Wrangling Croft ; Bicol (called Bycall in 1597), anything in reference to the sea, which can be seen from the spot? Lum Hey; Long Shoot (three instances); Locker Field ; Steven Stones, at base of a hill ; Mars Croft ; Big Sum Field ; Formery ; and four fields bearing the name Avorill.


ADMIRAL FONTE'S VOYAGE. Can any reader refer me to any works, other than the Monthly Miscellany (published in 1708), which treat of the voyage of Admiral Bartolomeo Fonte in the ship Holy Ghost ? C. KING.


GOVERNOR MICHAEL LAMBERT. Is any- thing known of the parentage and of the listory, public or private, of Michael Lam- oert, who was Lieutenant - Governor of St. Christopher's (St. Kitts) early in the eighteenth century, and died 6 March, 1723/4, n the seventieth year of his age, as recorded