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9 s. ix. APRIL 12, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


only imprinted manuscript material that I require. J. C. COLLINS.

51, Norfolk Square, W.

CORONATION OF GEORGE IV. I have a gilt metal medallion, 2^ in. diameter, struck or cast on one side only, bearing in the centre a crown over a double line entwined and reversed cipher G.R., under which is No. 143 ; round the same in Roman capitals " Corona- tion of H.M. King George IV." What is the history of it 1 J. ARROW.

85, Union Grove, Clapham, S.W.

MANOR COURT ROLLS OP BRADFORD AND WILSDEN, YORKS. I should be glad to know of the place of deposit of above rolls, if any such exist. These manors were sold in 1795 by John Marsden,of Hornby Castle ; but the respective rolls do not appear to have passed with the conveyances to the present owners, and I am unable to elicit any information respecting them through the ordinary chan- nels. NATHANIEL HONE.

The Limes, Ellerton Road, Surbiton.

ANDREW WILSON I am anxious to trace the parentage, &c., of the Rev. Andrew Wilson, vicar of Easingwold, Yorks, 1685-1713. He graduated at St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1680, M.A. 1684, and married at Leeds Parish Church, 5 September, 1687, Elizabeth Foster, of Leeds. Any further information as to his own or his wife's family, and the date and place of their burial, will be very gratefully received. JOHN COMBER.

Myddlefon Hall, near Warrington.

ANTWERP CATHEDRAL. I have read some- where that the reason why the second tower of Antwerp Cathedral is not completed is from the treacherous nature of the ground, and that the one tower caused the former tower to lean. There was, too, a rather interesting account of the curriers supplying thousands of hides to make the foundations secure. Unfortunately, I did not follow Capt. Cuttle's advice ; and as I cannot put my hand on the story I have referred to guide- books, Fergusson's 'Architecture,' and ency- clopaediaswill one of your correspondents please say where it is, and if authentic 1


HARRY ST. LAWRENCE. Could any of your readers kindly give me information as to parentage, &c., of Harry St. Lawrence, who was owner of an estate in the parish of St. Andrew's of 207 acres, and one in St. Patrick's, 95 acres, island of St. Vin- cent, W.IJ He had a daughter born there in 1765, and christened Britannia

the first entry in the parish register of St. Andrew's. E. METCALFE.

KIPLING'S 'CITY OF DREADFUL NIGHT.' Was not the Allahabad edition of this book on sale about 1891 at one or more of Messrs. Willing's bookstalls on the Metropolitan Railway, or of Messrs. Smith's on the District? I understand the book is now very rare ; but I have a recollection of buying on the Under- ground what was certainly an Indian edition of something (with some mention of rupees or the like on cover), and I seem to remember the title in question. R. J. WALKER.

CRAPELET BIBLIOGRAPHY. Can any one give me a reference to a tolerably complete list of the Old French publications of Crapelet in the forties ? R. STEELE.

DUTCH REFUGEES IN LONDON IN 1566. Strype's 'Life of Grindal,' 1710, Appendix, p. 28, contains a list of 310 names of these refugees. On p. Ill of the * Life' the author intimates that many of them planted them- selves in Southwark, and founded families of wealth and reputation. Some of the names are decidedly outlandish, such as Breckpott, Geluius, Kabeliauw, Kraanmeester, Maalsack, Pannekoeck, Sciynwerker, Schuddemate, Theeuwes, Van Kerssbeke, Van Verdebau. Van Wimmepen. Either these families died out, or the names have become metamor- phosed in process of time. Can any con- tributor suggest a solution of this dilemma? Such names as Broeck, De Vischer, Janssen, Jacobsen, Voss, Van Kassel, &c., would be easily anglicized. But who shall anglicize Kabeliauw or Theeuwes ?


Portland, Oregon.

SIBYLLINE ORACLES. Is there a translation into English or French later than Floyer^ 1713 English version? PRESBYTER.

LATIN SENTENCE MISSPELT. In a genea- logy of a Highland family in manuscript, after a reference to a "William Mcdhoam- hail McFheanlay," i.e., William son of Donald, son of Finlay, occurs a remark which appears to be in very corrupt Latin. So far as can be made out it is : " Paecite varbarici vel in nominando gentile monticcohs inevitftbtlt Can any reader suggest what it should be I

J . JViCvjr.

COMBERMERE CHAIR. " Some ladies dis- pense with the milliners aid, and lounge all day in Combermere chairs, indifferent to their husbands' hints about dowdyism ('Society, Manners, Tales, and Fictions of