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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9* s. ix. APRIL 12, 1902.


place. He was an antiquary of considerable repute, and a dignitary of the Church to which he belonged, and held high office in the same, having at last been made a bishop, not, however, of the see to which ME. DIXON has erroneously exalted him, but deriving his title (by Papal authority) from the name of some place " in partibus infidelium," which I have now forgotten. He was the author of one or two other works, dealing chiefly with the subject of ecclesiastical architec- ture, as well as of the article on the ' Glaston- bury Cup' (Archceologia, vol. xi.), all of which may be seen in the London Library in St. James's Square. FE. N.

[Milner was consecrated at Winchester, as Bishop of Castabala, 22 May, 1803.]

HOLTS AT WINCHESTEE (9 th S. ix. 164). H. C. is correct in his statement that the only " Mr. Holt," M.R, in June, 1689, was Richard Holt, M.P. for Lymington. Sir John Holt had been returned to the same Parlia- ment, but had vacated his seat upon his appointment to the Chief Justiceship on 17 April previously. He had, moreover, re- ceived knighthood as far back as February, 1685/6, so under no circumstances could he be correctly styled "Mr." Holt in 1689. regret that I am unable to afford much in formation anent this Richard Holt. He wai M.P. for Lymington in 1685-7 and 1689-90 and for Petersfield in 1690-5 and 1695-8 According to Foster's 'Alumni Oxon.' he matriculated at St. John's College in 1652, B.A. 1655, and was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1656 as son and heir of John Holt, of Portsmouth. A pedigree in Chetham Coll. derives the Holts of Hampshire from Thomas, son and heir of Robert Holt, the fifth son of James Holt, of Griselhurst, Lan- cashire. This Thomas who, it is said, went to Iwyford, near Winchester, and was ances- tor of the Holts of Portsmouth was cousin- german to Sir Thomas Holt, of Griselhurst, who was knighted at the siege of Leith in 1544, and died in 1563. W. D. PINK.

Richard Holt, M.R, and Lieut.-General Holt were members of a branch of the well- known Lancashire family of that name which settled at Portsmouth in the reign of James I.

f , 1 , 619 1? Henr y Holt, described as " Brewer at the Power Houses,"* was admitted a burgess of the Portsmouth Corporation, and was mayor of the borough in 1622, 1627 and

>28. His wife was Alice, daughter of Thomas

Bonner, Mayor of Portsmouth, by whom he had five sons and five daughters. John Holt, the third son (Mayor of Portsmouth 1641 and 1651, Sheriff of Hants 1656, died January, 1669), married Catherine, daughter and sole heir of Anthony Bricket, of Salisbury, and had three sons, Anthony, Richard, and John,

  • The " Power Houses" were four of the seven

arid three daughters, Catherine, Sarah, and Mary. Anthony and John died without issue. Richard, the second son (born 1639), resided at Nursted, between Petersfield and Buriton, co. Hants. He was M.P. for Lym- ington 1685-90, and for Petersfield 1690-8. He married Margaret, eighth and youngest daughter of Richard Whithed, of West Tytherley, co. Hants, and by her (who died in 1685) had two daughters only. He was buried at Buriton on 14 April, 1710.

John Holt (father of Richard), with his two younger brothers William and Francis, were during the Commonwealth victuallers of the Parliamentary fleet William at Plymouth and John and Francis at Portsmouth. Francis Holt, who is described in 1650 as " agent to

he Navy Commissioners," was Mayor of

Portsmouth in 1654, and died in March, 1664. He had two wives : Margaret, who died in July, 1655, and Mary, who survived her hus- band, and was buried at Portsmouth in July, 1667. I am inclined to think that Henry Holt, the Winchester scholar, afterwards a lieutenant-general, was a son of this Francis Holt by his wife Margaret.

On 2 November, 1699, Henry Holt (then a colonel) married, at Buriton Church, Lucy Hare, niece of Richard Holt, of Nursted, daughter of his eldest sister Catherine, who had married in 1668 Hugh Hare, of Docking, co. Norfolk, younger son of the first Baron Coleraine. The Buriton registers record the baptism of their eldest son, Henry Holt, in November, 1700, and his burial the following month ; also the baptism and burial of their daughter Catherine in October, 1701.

In the Portsmouth parish registers (which commence in 1653) the name of Francis Holt appears in various entries relating to mar- riages under Cromwell's Civil Marriage Act. One is perhaps worth placing on record here : "1654, Dec. 26. Married by Mr. Mayor (Mr. Francis Holt), Mr. Josiah Child and Mrs. Hannah Boate. Mr. Thomas Holt and Mrs. ttebecca Boate witnesses."

This was the first marriage of the cele- ?rated merchant prince, afterwards Sir Josiah Child, Bart. Mrs. Rebecca Boate, one of the witnesses, was the bride's stepmother, and relict of Mr. Edward Boate, the Master Shipwright of Portsmouth. The other wit- ness, the Rev. Thomas Holt, of Petersfield,