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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9* s. ix. A, 12, 1002.

teresting Belvoir miniatures, many oi 'the most


clastic in ' Heraldry Revived.' In the Patent Roll of 12 Henry VI. Sir George Sitwell has traced the SB of gentry of the land," which Fuller, in his 'Worthies of England,' tells us was /' solemnly returned" in 1433* by select commissioners into the chancery." Sir H. Maxwell-Lyte, K.C.B., de- scribes 'Heraldic Glass from Lytes Gary. Mr. W. H. St. John Hope, F.S.A., has a profoundly interesting paper, illuatrated on Ihe .King s Coro- nation Ornaments.' Mr. W. Paley Baildon F S.A supplies a first instalment of Ancestors Letters. Reviewing Mr. Falconer Madan's The Gresleys of Drakelowe,' issued with so much privacy that no notice has previously appeared, Mr. J. Horace Round gives some admirable portraits of members of the family, one of whom, Sir William Gresley, third baronet, has a singularly pleasing and beauti- ful face, which, not only at the first look, one is disposed to assign to a woman. The contents of the volume are of highest value and are pleasantly varied, and the book is, in its way, a model. It is to be hoped that the plan of issuing in this form periodicals which the reader is likely to wish to keep will be generally adopted. These books are fit to be placed at once on the shelves. The only suggestion of improvement we can advance is the substitution for the uniform headline The An- cestor of one significant of the subject dealt with in each portion of the work.

Hans Holbein. By Arthur B. Chamberlain. Frederic, Lord Leighton. By Geo. C. Williamson, Litt D.Sir Joshua Reynolds, P.R.A. By Rowley Cleeve. Watteau, Master Painter of the Fetes Galantks. By Edgcumbe Staley, B.A. Holman Hunt. By Geo. C. Williamson, Litt.D. (Bell & Sons.)

FIVE new volumes have been added to Messrs. Bell's " Miniature Series of Painters," and are neither less interesting nor less valuable than the previous volumes. In each case a sympathetic and trustworthy biography, answering most purposes of the student, is followed by a critical estimate no less satisfactory, and by a reproduction in miniature of some of the best-known works of the master. Among the illustrations to Holbein are eight pictures from the National Gallery, Darm- stadt, Berlin, The Hague, Hampton Court, and Windsor Castle. Those by Leighton, princi- pally from private collections, include 'Dfedalus and Icarus,' ' Portrait of Sir R. F. Burton,' 'The Arts of Peace,' 'Athlete and Python,' ' Fatidica,' 'Greek Girls Claying at Ball,' 'Hercules wrestling with Death,' and 'Clytie.' Sir Joshua is represented by ' Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse,' portraits of Dr. Johnson, the Duchess of Devonshire, Lady Cockburn, ' Robinetta,' and two gentlemen, prin- cipally from the National Gallery. With six characteristic productions of Watteau, including 'Giles et sa Famille' from the Wallace Gallery, and the delightful 'Denicheur de Moineaux ' from Scot- land, are given Lancret'e 'Mademoiselle Camargo'

and Pater's ' Conversation Galante.' Eight illus- trations of Holman Hunt include 'The Light of the World,' ' The Scapegoat,' ' The Finding of the Saviour,' and ' Isabella and the Pot of Basil.' The series answers admirably its purpose.

Scribner's Magazine, which reached us too late for inclusion last week with the April serials, opens with a good account of ' The Gloucester Fishermen Night-Seining and Winter Trawling.' ' A Story of Three States' has fine coloured illustrations. The most interesting portion of the contents consists of fiction. In the case of the Idler the whole number is the brightest conceivable.

' NOTES AND QUERIES ' FOR SALE (9 th S. vii. 387, 520; viii. 76; ix. 60). Messrs. Henry Sotheran & Co., 140, Strand, have a complete set from 1849 to 1900, with the eight General Indexes, newly bound in maroon calf gilt, price 37/. 10-s.


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