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9* s. ix. MAY 10, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


words which from time to time have had their little day among the jeunesse doree of both sexes and then died out? "Rippin"' had a great vogue. " The cheese, now obsolete, was, I suspect, of Anglo -Indian origin, as " No. 1 " (Ichibari) is from Japan. Many of the best, I doubt not, hail, with other good things, from the United States.


" MASE." Can any of your readers kindly give me information as to the origin of the word u mase " in the family name of Masefield 1 Can it have any connexion with Maserfield, near Oswestry 1 Any information will be gladly received by


Denstone Vicarage, Uttoxeter.


A fragment of a printed sermon, pasted upon the inside of the front and back covers, and filling two fly-leaves of John Udall's (anony- mous) ' Commentarie upon the Lamentations of Jeremy ' (195 pages, in small 4to, Lond., 1593), is headed by the drastic title " A Private man's potion for the health of England." Could some one kindly find out the author and date of this sermon or pamphlet ? Is it perhaps another work of John Udall, author of various sermons, and a great sufferer for his Nonconformity, who was condemned, for one of his works, to die, but was respited, and died 1592 in prison? I may just add that one passage of this fragment is addressed to the "good Queene and praiseworthie princesse." Another speaks of " our gracious Queene," and expresses the belief that " Christ Jesus will suffer no violence to bee done unto his dearespowse, our Queene and governesse," by whom probably Elizabeth is meant.

H. KREBS. Oxford.

EXHUMATION OF HENRY IV. Is there any authentic contemporary account of the ex- huming of the body of Henry IV. by the Dean of Canterbury, in Canterbury Cathe- dral, in 1830? Any information will much oblige. ANTIQUARY.

MADAME DE WARENS. I find a portrait of the lady mentioned above as a frontispiece to vol. ii. of an unabridged translation of the ' Confessions ' of Jean Jacques (privately printed, 1901). Could any of your readers inform me by whom the original was painted, and where the picture is now to be found ? J. R. FITZGERALD.

NEWCASTLE SILVER MARKS. I have two or three pieces of silver plate, all bearing the

Newcastle mark of the year 1788, and the maker's mark M & R in Roman capitals on an oblong punch. Can any one say to whom this mark belonged ? It is not in my edition of Cripps. E. R.


the origin of this familiar exclamation 1 It is not to be found in the ordinary dictionaries of quotations. Q. R. B.

  • AYLWIN.' It is generally understood that

Darcy in this novel is intended for a portrait of D. G. Rossetti. Are any of the other characters capable of being identified in the same way 1 FRED. G. ACKERLEY.

Seemannsheira, Libau, Russia.

LADY ELIZABETH TALBOT. I am anxious to ascertain the maiden name of Lady Eliza- beth Talbot, wife of Thomas Talbot (who died 23 July, 1487), and mother of Sir Peter Talbot, Knt., ancestor of Lord Talbot de Malahide. Can any reader of *N. fe Q.' kindly assist me? WM. JACKSON PIGOTT.

Dundrum, co. Down.

[Burke's * Peerage,' s.v. Talbot de Malahide, says that the mother of Peter was Thomas Talbot's first wife whose name was Sommerton. Thomas Tal- bot's second wife was Elizabeth Buckley.]

SIR ISAAC NEWTON : ' COMMERCIUM EPIS- TOLICUM.' I want to know of copies of the " Commercium Epistolicum D. Johannis Col- lins et aliorum de Analysi Promota

1712, 4to." I shall be glad if any person possessing a copy, or knowing of one, will communicate with me. G. J. GRAY.

14, Church Street, Chesterton, Cambridge.


the author of the following book ?

" The History of Ayder AH Khan Nabob Bahader, or New Memoirs concerning the East-Indies, with Historical Notes, by MM. D. L. T., General of Ten Thousand Men in the Army of the Mogol Empire, and formerly Commander in Chief of the Artillery of Ayder All, and of a Body of European Troops in the Service of that Nabob."-2 vols.Gim. by 4 in., Dublin, 1774. W . CROOKE.

Langton House, Charlton Kings.

DRAGON TREE. I am told that the first specimen of this curious plant brought over to Europe was the one to be found to this day in the gardens of the Marquis of Sabu- eosa, near Lisbon, and that among other books that called 'Child's Guide to Know- led^e ' published some ninety years ago, mentions the fact. Can any of your com- plaisant readers give me some informafeic on the subject and tell me where this book can be found? TYRONE.