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9* s. ix. MAY 17, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


The preceding extract is quoted from an account of the proceedings which appeared in the Essex Times of 29 June, 1895, and was copied thence into the Essex Review for January, 1896. I should much like to know if the statement as to the " custom coming from the Midland counties" is correct. I have never heard of it taking place in North- amptonshire. JOHN T. PAGE.

West Haddon, Northamptonshire.

May not this arise from the commemora- tion of a saint's day, the anniversary of a dedication, as we now notice a foundation ? Discarding A.-S. ch/ppan, to embrace, we have clypian, cleopian, to call, so naming a church ; and clep, clepe, " to name," may be found in modern dictionaries. "Ycleaped" is in Bailey. ABSENS.

ENGLISH CONTINGENT IN THE LAST CRUSADE (9 th S. viii. 343 ; ix. 55, 177). In "The Jerusa- lem Delivered of Torquato Tasso. Translated

byJ.H.Wiffen. Third Edition. London

1830," vol. i. p. Ixxiii, is

"A List of such of the English Nobility and Gentry as went to the Crusades. Gathered from Abbas Gemetriensis, Annales Waverleienses, Bene- dictus Abbas, Brompton, Dugdale's Baronage, Henry of Huntingdon, Matthew Paris, Ordericus Vitalis, Robert of Gloucester, Roger de Hoveden, Vinisauf, William of Tyre, Du Moulin, Weever's Funeral Monuments, MSS. in the Ashmolean Museum, &c., &c."

Following the above appears this note :

"From Du Moulin, who gives a full list of Norman Crusaders, I have selected such only as, by the evidence of Charters, I know to have possessed English fiefs."

The list gives the names of the English Crusaders in the reigns of William Rufus, Henry I., Stephen, Henry II., Richard I., John, Henry III., followed by " Uncertain Reigns." The Henry III. list numbers fifty-eight, including Eleanor, wife of Prince Edward. Of the knights given by MR. RADCLIFFE (p. 55) from Dansey's ' English Crusaders ' the following appear in the list :

Chaworth, Pain, Hervey, and Patrick de, brothers ; Gorges, Ralph de ; Grandispn, Otho de, Governor of Guernsey ; Latimer, William, ancestor of the great Reformer; Leiburne, Roger de ; Fiennes, William de.

Perhaps the others given from Dansey did not possess English fiefs, and so were excluded from the list given in Wiffen's ' Tasso.'


St. Austin's, Warrington.

ROYAL PERSONAGES (9 th S. viii. 184, 252, 349 ; ix. 89, 196, 257). At p. 196 MR. COLYER- FERGUSSON says :

" Prince Octavius was buried 10 Mav, 1782."

"Prince Alfred died at Windsor, buried 27 August, 1783."

In the 1847 edition of Lodge's 'Peerage,' however, are the entries :

" Prince Octavius, b. 23 Feb., 1779, d. 2 May 1783."

"Prince Alfred, b. 22 Sept., 1780, died 26 August, 1782."

A. W. B. at p. 89 confirms the last date. Is the old Norroy King of Arms correct when he says Prince Octavius died in 1783 ? If so. this prince could not well have been buried the year before.

The following additional dates may also be useful to A. W. B. :

Anne, Princess Royal, born 22 October, 1709; married 14 March, 1734; died 12 January, 1759.

Mary, Princess of Hesse-Cassel, born 22 Feb- ruary, 1723; married 8 May, 1740; died 14 June, 1771.

Louisa, Queen of Denmark, born 7 Decem- ber, 1724; married 30 November, 1743; died 8 December, 1751.

A. W. B. speaks of two of the children of George II. as Amelia Sophia and Caroline Elizabeth. Debrett's 'New Peerage' (1823) names them as Amelia Sophia Eleanora and Elizabeth Caroline. The same authority gives the full names of the late Duke of Cumber- land as George Frederic Alexander Charles Ernest Augustus Debrett differs from A. W. B. very considerably with reference to the brothers and sisters of George III. For instance :

1. A. W. B. states Louisa Anne was born 8 March, 1749. Debrett says 8 March, 1739.

2. A. W. B. states Elizabeth Caroline was born 10 January, 1740. Debrett says 30 Decem- ber, 1740.

3. A. W. B. states Frederic (? should be Frederick) William was born 24 May, 1750. Debrett says 10 May, 1750.

4. A. W. B. says Henry Frederic (Duke of Cumberland). Debrett says Henry Frederick.

RONALD DIXON. 46, Marlborough Avenue, Hull.

GEORGE SANDYS (9 th S. ix. 305). My copy has the leaf Aaa 1 intact.


"PILLAGE, STALLAGE, AND TOLL" (9 th S. viii. 420 ; ix. 35). - MR. PENNY is correct in regard to the utility of Bailey's dictionary for old law terms, and he will find the term 9.v. 'Pickage' therein, as rightly suggested by Q. V. H. P. L.

"SHIMMOZZEL" (9 th S. vi. 266, 371 ; vii 10: viii. 471 ; ix. 12). MR. PLATT has been kind enough to refer to my Anglo- Yiddish term noff.