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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9* s.ix. MAY 31,1902.

are suns, in the centre of each a flristle. They belonged to a great-great-grandmother of mine, but I do not remember whether Robertson of Struan, or a Hutton of that ilk, or my ancestors the Lidderdales of St. Mary's Isle. Some of your readers may be kind enough to explain the meaning of this. E. C. WIENHOLT.

OVERLAND JOURNEY TO INDIA : FIRST LADY WHO PERFORMED IT. Mrs. Col. El wood, in her 'Narrative of a Journey Overland from England, by the Continent of Europe, Egypt, and the Red Sea, to India ' (2 vols., Lon- don, 1830), vol. i. p. 1, writes :

" I believe I may safely say, that I am the only lady who ever travelled thither overland, by this, or perhaps by any other route : and probably mine was the first journal ever kept by an Englishwoman in the Desert of the Thebais, and on the shores of the Red Sea."

Are these statements correct 1 She left Eng- land on her travels in 1825. W. CROOKE. Langton House, Charlton Kings.

CURIOUS BEQUEST. In his will dated 2 January, 1644, Martin Whiteway, yeoman, of the parish of Milford, near Southampton, bequeaths to his son William " the tablebord in the hall, with all seelings, benches, formes, doores, windowes, glasse, and all other im- plements that are fastened to the house, and not fitting to be removed ; together with the cupbord in the hall, the greatest brasse pott, and the furnace. All to remayne and contynue in the house as be- longing thereunto.' P.C.C., 112 Rivers.

Is not this an unusual bequest, as the pre- mises were apparently held on lease and were not freehold 1 R. H. E. HILL

CASTLE CAREWE, PEMBROKE. Was the name of this castle originally Castle Huel or Hoel 1 The first known holders of it were the Hoels, princes of South Wales, descendants of the ancient line of the princes of Brittany. The Anglo-Norman Fitz-Geralds obtained Care we Castle by marriage with the Hoels. Carhuel is another form of Carel.

T. W. C.

AQUARIUM CARTOONS. I am informed that within a year or so a London periodical pub- lished a clever cartoon anent the Westminster Aquarium. I am told it represented various kinds of "fish" dressed up as men and women, walking "arm in arm," coupled together by their fins and flappers, endeavour- ing to get into the Aquarium. These per- sonages, being regarded as " fishy " characters, were, however, prevented from entering by policemen in uniform stationed at the doors of the building. One of these guardians of public purity pointed to a notice-board

stating that " certain classes of * fish ' were desired to keep outside the Aquarium," or something to that effect. I shall be grateful to learn where and when this alleged cartoon was published, and if there are any similar satirical cartoons upon this topic.

J. LAWRENCE-HAMILTON, M.R.C.S. 30, Sussex Square, Brighton.

JAMES ECCLESTON. Will any reader of

  • N. & Q. ' tell me where I may learn some-

thing about James Eccleston, B.A., at one time head master of Sutton Coldfield Gram- mar School, and the author of 'An Intro- duction to English Antiquities,' published in 1847 1 I wish specially to know the dates and places of his birth and death, and whether he was the author of any other published works. S. W. R.

[A James Eccleston, apparently the same, pub- lished through Simpkiu, Marshall & Co. before 1851 ' Questions on Mosheim and Burnet,' 12mo, 2s.]

'THE DIRTY OLD MAN.' Can any of your readers inform me as to the title and author of a small 8vo book, issued in or after 1854, containing thirty-two poems, the first of which is ' The Valley Stream ' and the last 'Autumnal Sonnet'? That, however, by which it will be more readily identified is No. ' XVIII. The Dirty Old Man. A lay of Leadenhall,' which, alluding to Nathaniel Bentley ("Dirty Dick"), and commencing In a dirty old house lived a Dirty Old Man, is well known, and first appeared in Household Words My copy of this appar- ently very scarce and probably privately printed book is imperfect, but should con- tain, I believe, thirty-two leaves (unpaged). It is dedicated ** To my friends, known and unknown"; and at the end of the "Contents" we are informed that

"some of these poems appeared in a volume published in 1850, which has since been withdrawn ; others in Household Word*, Fraver's Magazine, &c. All these are now revised, and some new composi- tions are added."

I should also be glad to know further about the " volume published in 1850 " referred to above. W. I. R. V.

" THE " AS PART OF TITLE. In the title of newspapers, companies, &c., as, for instance, The Times, "The Union Bank," does the word ' The " correctly form part of the quotation, or should the title be written the Times, the "Union Bank"? What are the authorities on the question 1 S. W.

COCKADE OF GEORGE I. Can you inform me if the cockade introduced into this country by George I. was given by him as #