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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9 th s. ix. JUNE 7, im

Can you tell me whether this officer* was a descendant probably a grandson of Bene- dict Arnold 1 As three of Benedict's sons Edward, James, and William did serve in India, it is not impossible that he was a son of one of these. I am particularly interested in this matter, and shall be glad of any in- formation. W. ABB ATT. 281, Fourth Avenue, New York.

SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN. Can any of your readers furnish me with the titles and dates of authoritative or trustworthy works by English authors (not reckoning Napier's ' Peninsular War ') giving particulars of the siege and capture of this town in 1813 1



SIR FRANCIS WRONGHEAD. Macaulay says at the close of his essay on the ' War of the Spanish Succession ':

' 'Parson Barnabas, Parson Trulliber, Sir Wilful Witwould, Sir Francis Wronghead, Squire Western, Squire Sullen, such were the people who composed the main strength of the Tory party."

Can any one tell me in what work of imagi- nation Sir Francis Wronghead occurs 1

F. C. M.

[Sir Francis Wronghead is a character in ' The Provoked Husband, 'begun by Vanbrugh and finished by Colley Gibber. On its production at Drury Lane 10 January, 1728, Cibber played the part.]

VERSES BY ARTHUR O'SHAUGHNESSY. I should be very grateful to any of your readers who could give me information as to the holder of the copyright of a lyric by Arthur O'Shaughnessy, entitled ' If She but Knew.' These verses appear in the second volume of Macmillan's 'Golden Treasury,' but Messrs. Macmillan inform me they do not know the owner of the copyright. EDWIN GREENE.

[Arthur O'Shaughnessy died sine prole, and with- out, we believe, any surviving relative. We doubt whether any claimant for the copyright will be found.]

BISHOP SANDERSON'S DESCENDANTS. I have been much puzzled by the following note from the Gentleman's Magazine tor 1815, and shall be extremely grateful to any reader who can prove or disprove the descent con- tained therein :

" At Bourne, aged 84, Mrs. Pare. This pious and benevolent woman was the last surviving daughter of the Rev. J. Sanderson, rector of Ad- dington, co. Northampton, and fifth in descent from the learned Bp. Sanderson." Vol. Ixxxv. pt. ii. p. 88.

Any information regarding male or female descendants of the good bishop and great Lincolnshire collector Dr. Sanderson would be most welcome. I may add I have seen

the previous references to this family in 4 N. & Q.' CHAS. H. CROUCH.

5, Grove Villas, Wanstead.

WALDBY ARMS. Can any reader explain the reason for the difference in the arms of Waldbye of Waldbye, given in Stowe and Lansdowne MSS. as Argent, on a chevron sable three crosses pattee or, and another coat for Waldbye in the same MSS., viz , Argent, a chevron sable 1 ? On the seal of Archbishop Robert Waldby in the British Museum the arms of Waldby are a lion rampant gutte, crowned, within a bordure compony. Were these different families 1 YORK.

'HISTORY OF MANSELL.' Was the second part of the 'History of Mansell, Maunsell, or Mansel,' by W. W. Mansell, ever pub- lished? The first part was issued in 1840 or 1850. It is reported that the author died before he had completed the second part. It is a book of interest to genealogists.


MAJOR MACDONALD, of Terndreich, who was taken prisoner after the battle of Falkirk and executed at Carlisle in 1746, had married secondly a cousin, Miss Macdonald, of Killi- chonat. Could any of your readers state how the relationship existed ?

(Major) R. S. CLARKE.

Bishops Hull, Taunton.

CERNEY MANOR, CIRENCESTER. Can any of your readers supply me with informa- tion relating to South Cerney Manor, Ciren- cester, until lately in the possession of the Sutton family 1 The house itself dates back to the time of Elizabeth, and is constructed with gable ends and mullion windows. I shall also be glad to learn if it is mentioned in any county or antiquarian history, and if any print of it exists.


CRESHELD DRAPER, M.P. WINCHELSEA, 1678 TO 1687. He married Sarah, daughter of Sir Dennis Gauden, of Clapham, Surrey, who was Sheriff of London in 1667-8. Licence (Vicar-General) 24 March, 1665/6, he about twenty, she sixteen. Any further information about this M.P. will be esteemed.


TERIN. Mirth's garden in the 'Romaunt of the Rose ' is brightened with the songs of various birds :

For there was many a bridde syngyng, Thorough-oute the yerde al thringyng.

Nightingales, finches, turtledoves, larks, and others are enumerated as choristers. One line groups " thrustles, terins, and mavys."