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9th s. ix. JAN. is, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.




NOTRS : Hey ford Free School : Early Rules, 41 Mercian Origins, 42-St. Heliers, 45 Source of the "Seven Ages," 46 "Two blades of grass" Amberley, Sussex "La Belle Imperia" The Smallest Church in England Cow- per and the 'Times,' 47.

QUERIES : Anthony Warton, 1657 Line of Browning- Edwards of Eglwysilan, 47 T. Maurice, 1754-1824 Con- fessionals " Mischief - Night " The Earth Mother Robinson Crusoe 'Miniature of Col. Fleetwood, 48 Old Charm Kittens as Charms Pictorial Grammar "Flittings" Herrick: Silver-pence Lee of Stepney, 1710, 49.

REPLIES: -Robert Shirley "Kathmath," a Precious Stone, 50 Pe^osiris and Ptolemy West Bourne Demon Repentant Wesley, Lillo, and Home, 51 Rime on Ed- ward VII. St. Clement Danes "Nang Nails": " Nub- bocks " Newcastle (Staffs) Families, 52 Chocolate - Dorothy Cecil Anthony Fortescue, 53 "Odour of sanctity" St. Kilda, 54 -Simile in 'Samson Agonistes ' English in the Last Crusade Earliest European Men- tion of Vedas "Ycleping" the Church, 55 Motto for Door of a House Denham of Wishiels First Christmas Card Stone Pulpit Merchants of Lukes " Ullig "= Manx Christmas, 56 Thackeray's Early Writings Lowndes Motto The Youthful Year" There is a day in spring " The Coronation President Adams, 57 " In petto," 58.

NOTES ON BOOKS :-The 'New English Dictionary' Marvin's ' Last Words of Distinguished Men and Women ' Sherborn's ' History of the Family of Sherborn 'Hall's 'King Horn' Perkins's 'Cathedral Church of Man- chester.'

Notices to Correspondents.


BELOW are the "School Orders" of the Heyford Free School, as they appear in an old folio which was written by Mr. William Taylor, circ. 1724. He was (see Baker's ' Northamptonshire,' p. 1 92) "son of the rev. George Taylor, rector of Keston in Kent, many years master of the free school here [Heyford], was employed by Mr. Bridges ; and sub- sequently, during the editorship of Dr. Samuel Jebb, entered into a similar engagement with Gib- bons the bookseller, to copy monumental inscrip- tions and collect local information for the intended history of the county. His correspondence on the subject from the year 1718 to 1739, in which he bears the warmest testimony to the liberal and honorable conduct of Mr. Bridges towards him, and bitterly complains, apparently with too much reason, of the inadequate compensation he received from the London bookseller, has lately come into my posses- sion ; and a selection of the most interesting letters will probably be introduced into a retrospective view of the labors of my predecessors, in the intro- ductory portion of the present work. He lived to an advanced age in a state of abject poverty, and was buried here [Heyford, co. Northampton] 1 July,

His baptism is recorded in the Keston register on 11 June, 1695.

I may add that Mr. William Taylor was a most industrious man with the pen. I have

in my possession three of his MSS. in folio, bound in vellum. They are written most beautifully, and look more like engrossing than ordinary writing. In these volumes (and they are the only three extant, although he wrote about a dozen or more of them) he has copied many notes, deeds, &c., of local interest. I have also two volumes of his father's sermons copied by him. The two volumes embrace about 1,000 pages and con- tain about 100 or more sermons.

The 'Leges Scholasticse ' may interest some who have studied the advance of education in this country. As master of the Free School at Heyford Taylor apparently, from letters which are copied into one of these folios, fell out with the powers that be, and among these letters are some to the then Lord Bishop of Peterborough asking his in- tervention. These orders are dated 1724.


School Orders.

The Laws or Orders of the said Free School were engrossed on Parchment & putt into a Frame & hung up for the Perusall of Every Boy belonging to the s d School.

Leges Scholastics

sive, Monita Psedagogica.


1. Imprimis, Whatsoever Boy comes to School past 7 o' th' Clock In the Morning In Summer time, and past 8 o' th' Clock In y e Winter time [without Shewing good reason] Shall receive 3 Lashes.

2. Item, Whosoever absents himself from School, Either by Truantry, by trying to stay at home, or otherwise ; Shall incurr his Master's highest dis- pleasure, Suffer the hissing and Scoffing of y e whole School, Tarry behind the Rest one hour at Night for a week, and besides fas a suitable Reward for his ] shall suffer 12 Lashes.

3. Item, Whatsoever Boy shall at any time Curse, Swear, or take the Lord's Name in vain, Shall assuredly suffer for such offence 15 Lashes.

4. Item, What Boy soever addicts himself to Obscene Talking or foolish Jesting, shall Suffer for each such Transgression.

5. Item, What Boy soever absents himself from the Service of Almighty God on the Sabbath day, and spends that Day in a wicked man'er In playing

6 running about, Shall receive 20 Lashes.

6. Item, Whosoever steals from or defrauds his School-fellow of Ink, Pens, Paper, Quills, or any Other Thing Whatsoever, Shall certainly, when found out and detected, receive 9 Lashes.

7. Item, Whosoever tells tales, Or divulves [sic] What is transacted in School, On any acco* what- ever, shall receive 8 Lashes.

8. Item, What Boy soever Loiters in the Way, Either in Coming to Or Going from School, Shall suffer for each Offence 4 Lashes.

9. Item, What Boy soever is catch'd in telling a Lye, Upon any Account whatever, shall receive

7 Lashes.

10. Item, Whosoever is found Deficient in point of Manners (viz) In not putting off his hatt, and