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Notes and Queries, July 26, 1902.



Books recently published :

Corlette's (H. C.) The Cathedral Church of

Chichester, 260 Dickens's (C.) Barnaby Rudge, Little Dorrit,

Our Mutual Friend, 520

Dixon's (R. W.) History of the Church of Eng- land, 198

Duignan's (VV. H.) Notes on Staffordshire Place- Names, 219

Dyer's (T. H.) History of Modern Europe, 220 Ely's (Dean of) In a Minster Garden, 378 Encyclopaedia Britannica, New Volumes : Vol. I.,

398; Vol. II., 498

English Catalogue of Books for 1901, 279 English Dialect Dictionary, edited by Joseph

Wright, Parts 11 to 14, 279 Era Annual for 1 902, 80 Extracts from Account Rolls of the Abbey of

Durham, edited by Canon Fowler, 338 Fletcher's (W. Y.) English Book Collectors, 358 Foreign View of England in the Reigns of George I. and George If., edited by Madame van Muyden, 479

Form and Order of the Coronation Service of their Majesties King Edward VII. and Queen Alexandra, 519 Gower's (Lord R. Sutherland) Tower of London,

38, 178 Gregory's (Lady) Cuchulain of Muirthemne : the

Men of the Ked Branch of Ulster, 458 Harvey's ( Rev. A . J. ) The Coming Unity : the

Problem of the Churches, 500 Hiatt's (C.) Westminster Abbey, 260 Historical English Dictionary, 58, 298 Hurry's (J. B.) Reading Abbey, 359 Jeremias's (A.) The Babylonian Conception o:

Heaven and Hell, 360 Jones's ( W.) Crowns and Coronations : a History

of Regalia, 160

Keane's (A. H.) The Gold of Ophir, 180 King Horn: a Middle-English Romance, edited

J. Hall, 60 Kirby's (W. F.) Butterflies and Moths of Europe


Lamb's (C.) The King and Queen of Hearts, 179 Lynn's (W. T.) Astronomy for the Young, 80 Marvin's (F. R.) Last Words, Real and Tradi

tional, of Distinguished Men and Women, 58 Meakin's (B.) The Moors, 240 Moorsom's (Rev. R. M. ) Renderings of Church

Hymns, 139 Morris's (M. C. F.) Vowel- Sounds of the Eas

Yorkshire Folk-Speech, 160 Napoleon I., Life by J. H. Rose, 159 Neilson's (G.) Huchown of the Awle Ryale, th

Alliterative Poet, 458 New English Dictionary. See Historical Englis

Dictionary. Noble's (Mary E.) History of the Parish o

Bampton, 360 Nova Legenda Anglie, edited by C. Horstman


Owens College Jubilee, 439 Patent Rolls of the Reign of Henry III., 1216-25 140

ooks recently published :

Perkins's (Rev. T.) Cathedral Church of Man- Chester, 60 ; Amiens : its Cathedral and Churches, 260

Playgoer, edited by F. Dangerfield, 80 Pleadings and Depositions in the Duchy Court of

Lancaster, edited by H. Fishwick, 118 Prescott's (W. H.) History of the Conquest of

Peru, edited by J. Foster Kirk, 259 Quarterly Review, Apiil, 1902, 399 Rose's (J. H.) Life of Napoleon I., 159 Salzmann's (L. F.) History of the Parish of

Hailsham, 340

Sarum, Use of, edited by W. H. Frere, 139 Schroer's (A.) Chr. Fr. Grieb's Dictionary of

English and German Languages, 279 Seebohm's (F.) Tribal Custom in Anglo-Saxon

Law, 259

Selections from English Poets: Dunbar Antho- logy, 1401-1508; Surrey and Wyatt Antho- logy, 1509-47, edited by E. Arber, 79 Shakespeare : Twelfth Night, edited by H. H. Furness, 99 ; King Henry VI., Parts I., II., and III., 160 ; Mystery of William Shake- speare, by Judge Webb, 418 Sheppard's (E.) The Old Royal Palace of White- hall, 319 Sherborn's (C. D.) History of the Family of

Sherborn, 59 Smith's (W. W.) The New Testament in Braid

Scots, 220 Swift (Jonathan), Prose Works of, edited by

Temple Scott, Vol. IX., 419 Time Table of Modern History, 400-1 &70, 139 Vaux's (J. E.) Church Folk-lore, 378 Venn's (J.) Biographical History of Gonville and

Caius College, Cambridge, 480 Verbe Basque, 360 Vizetelly's (B. A.) Bluebeard: an Account of

Comorre the Cursed and Gilles de Rais, 438 Wale's (W.) What Great Men have said of Great

Men : a Dictionary of Quotations, 99 Webb's (Judge) Mystery of William Shakespeare,


Wheatley's (H. B.) How to Make an Index, 439 Whitaker's Peerage for the Year 1902, 119 Whittall's (Sir J. W.) Frederick the Great on

Kingcraft, 79 Who's Who, 1902, 119

Wilkins's (W. H.) Caroline the Illustrious, 18 Wood - Martin's (W. G.) Traces of the Elder

Faiths of Ireland, 78 Zimmern's (H.) Babylonian and the Hebrew

Genesis, 100

Bookbinding, leather for, 182 Book-titles, changing of, 384, 432 Bookworms, boon for, 406, 453 Booth (Nathaniel), 1660-1745, his biography, 65 Bore or boar, and other fashionable slang, 152, 352 Borgia (Csesar), his parentage, 176, 232, 312, 438 Borough, oldest in England, 9, 114, 236 Borrajo (E. M.) on Cellini and Shakespeare, 416

Lord Mayors' pageants, 216 Borrow (George), editions of his 'Zincali,' 113 Boscombrosa on barracked, 196, 355, 514