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9*8. IX. JAN. 25, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.




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Notices to Correspondents.



THE number of citizens who have attained to the dignity of bearing the "red hand of Ulster " is far from insignificant. Yet when we remember that this dignity was at its institution, or soon afterwards, conferred

rn any one who was willing to pay down comparatively trifling sum of 1,095. the cost of supporting thirty foot soldiers in Ireland for three years it is remarkable that we do not find a single citizen availing him self of the opportunity. So far as the citizens of London are concerned the coveted title has always been conferred spontaneously by the sovereign.

It is not pretended that the following list is exhaustive of those who attained to this dignity through their connexion official or otherwise with the City. It will, however, probably be accepted as a liberal instalment towards the compilation of such a list. The names are arranged chronologically, and so far as possible the civic connexion, or the occasion for the bestowal of the honour, is indicated.

1621, 19 July. Sir John Rivers, of Chafford, Kent. He was grandson of Sir John Rivers, Knight, who was Lord Mayor in 1573-4. This baronetcy became extinct 31 Oct., 1870.

1621/2, 2 Feb. Sir Paul Gore, of Maghera- begg, co. Donegal, Baronet of Ireland. He was eighth son of Gerard Gore, Alderman of Bridge Out (1594-1607), and brother to Wil- liam Gore, who was Sheriff in 1615-16 and Alderman of Bridge Out 1615-24; also brother to Sir John Gore, Lord Mayor in 1624-5 ; Sheriff in 1615-16 ; and Alderman succes- sively of Aldersgate (1615-18), Castle Bay- nard (1618-21), and Walbrook (1621-36). This baronetcy still continues.

1621/2, 16 Feb. Sir John Garrard, of Lamer, Herts, who had been knighted 26 Feb., 1615/16. He was eldest son and heir apparent of Sir John Garrard, Knight (died 7 May, 1625), who had been Lord Mayor in 1601-2 ; Sheriff 1592-3 ; and Alderman successively of Aldgate (1592-1606) and Candlewick (1606- 1625). Baronetcy extinct in 1767.

1623, 26 June. Sir Edward Barkham, of Southacre, Norfolk. Eldest son and heir apparent of Sir Edward Barkham, Knight (died 15 Jan., 1633/4), who had been Lord Mayor in 1621-2 ; Sheriff in 1611-12 ; and Alderman successively of Farringdon In (1611-21) and Cheap (1621-34). Baronetcy extinct in 1695.

1629, 31 May. Sir William Acton, of Lon- don. He was Alderman of Aldersgate 1628- 1643; Sheriff 1628-9, and was created a baronet whilst serving that office, being the first person to receive the honour in that position ; elected Lord Mayor in Sept., 1640, but dis- charged by the House of Commons in the following month for his adherence to Charles I. Baronetcy extinct at his death in 1651.

1629, 28 Nov. Sir Robert Ducie, of London. Alderman successively of Farringdon Out (1620-5), Billingsgate (1625-7), and Bassishaw (1627-34) ; Sheriff 1620-1 ; Lord Mayor 1630-1. Was banker to Charles I., in whose cause he is said to have lost 80,000^. Baronetcy extinct in 1703.

1641, 28 June. Sir Thomas Whitmore, of Apley, Salop. His father and grandfather were merchants of London, and his uncle, Sir George Whitmore, Knight, of Hackney, was Alderman successively of Farringdon In (1621-6) and Langbourn (1626-43) ; Sheriff in 1621-2 ; and Lord Mayor 1631-2 ; being one of the Royalist Aldermen discharged and imprisoned in 1643. Baronetcy extinct in 1699.

1641, 14 Dec. Sir Richard Gurney, of Lon- don. Alderman successively of Bishopsgate