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The officers of the company will have to pay the Mexican women for all the damages these soldiers committed.

It is rumored this afternoon that our officer discovered a military store-house in Jalapa, belonging to the enemy, filled with uniforms, over eight hundred coats, over two hundred and fifty woolen overalls, one hundred and twenty jackets, twelve shirts, two hundred and twenty-five pair of boots, ten great coats, one hundred and seventy-five cloth socks, two hundred uniform coats unfinished, and about one thousand five hundred knapsacks, each of which contained some article of clothing, many of which are new. These uniforms must have been calculated for Gen. Solas' guerilla corps.

Tuesday, May 4, 1847.—This morning Gen. Scott sent out the Surgeon-General for the purpose of examining our camp, and the condition of the soldiers. He was accompanied by several other doctors. They examined our quarters thoroughly, and they were not long in finding that our camp was really a camp we styled and named, "Camp Misery."

They reported to Gen. Scott the condition we were in, and the unhealthiness of the camp, and that the sooner the soldiers were removed the better it will be for the troops who are camped here.

Today John O'Brien (mostly going by the name of Pat), of Co. D, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, was arrested for robbing a Catholic priest of his heavy gold chain attached to a heavy gold cross, and a splendid gold watch. Pat was defended by Lieut.-Col. Black and Capt. W. F. Small. They are both able lawyers, and if anybody can clear Pat, they can.

This afternoon Mr. R. Brown, of our company, was taken to Jalapa hospital. Three more men died to-day, and were buried this evening, which creates a melancholy feeling among the soldiers.

Wednesday, May 5, 1847.—This morning it is reported that Lieut. Raphael Semmes, late commander of the United States brig Somers, had arrived in Jalapa City with despatches and communications to Gen. Scott and to the Mexican Government.