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Thursday, May 6, 1847.—This morning is a glorious one to the discharged volunteers. We went to their camp and gave them a hearty shake of the hand and bid them good luck and safe return to their homes. Telling us that they deeply regreted to leave us almost in the midst of the enemy's country, that they would like to be with us and march on to the capital of Mexico, but the United States Government had fooled and bamboozled them so often, that they have no faith in it; and seeing no sign of the Government prosecuting the war with vigor, and seeing no re-enforcements arriving, they began to think that the Government is in no hurry to crush this war. The contractors have not made enough money, and the quartermasters have not robbed the poor soldiers enough of their rations. That they were told at Tampico, (when ordered to join Gen. Scott's army,) that Gen. Scott's army will be 50,000 strong, and that the enemy was to be crushed to the ground and peace would soon follow. I believe every word these men said; the Government has belied in refusing to strengthen our army. And I hear that Gen. Scott is quite dissatisfied at the way the Government is treating him, in not fulfilling the agreement made previous to his leaving the United States.

No ordnance, no ammunition, no stores, no wagons and teams, and worst of all, scarcely any soldiers fit to march further into the interior of Mexico.

About 8 o'clock, a.m., the reveille was called, when I counted the following regiments who were about leaving us, the First and Second Tennessee, the Third and Fourth Illinois, Georgia and Alabama regiments, Col. William's Fourth Kentucky regiment, and Lieut.-Col. J. E. Thomas' Tennessee Cavalry regiment, in all eight regiments, besides several independent companies. When they started off, they gave us remaining troops three hearty cheers, and bade good-bye to "Camp Misery."

Gen. Robert Patterson goes down with them on his way home to recruit his health and strength, and I hope his courage also.