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Tuesday, June 15, 1847—This morning there is not much news stirring.

At noon there was an election in Co. I, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, for First Lieutenant, Assistant Acting Adjt. I. Walden and Sergt. Minor were the respective candidates. After the polls were closed the votes were counted, and the result was that Sergt. Minor was elected by a big majority. Lieut. Walden is not much liked in the regiment. He is a kind of stuck-up sort of fellow, which the soldiers don't like; although he has a good knowledge of military affairs. Yet, with all that, he did not receive one-third of his company's votes. Mr. Minor is every inch a gentleman, a soldier and scholar, having graduated and practiced law at the Wilkesbarre, Pa., bar.

This evening Christopher Hill and Joseph Cample were appointed Corporals of our company, with much dissatisfaction to the company, for they never did much duty, and particularly when the hour of danger was at hand; in fact, I never saw Cample doing any duty.

Wednesday, June 16, 1847.—This morning Capt. Walker, with his company, went out scouting. He hastened to the spot where it was reported that the guerillas were quartered, and sure enough this afternoon returned bringing in some forty or fifty mustangs as a prize. Capt. Walker reports that a large force is on the road between here and Vera Cruz or National Bridge, awaiting for the up train, which is on its way from Vera Cruz.

To-night I was put on picket-guard; and took me out over one mile from town; had a strong guard on the ramparts or top of our quarters, in case of an attack. Capt. Walker's men are out on the main road as picket-guards. Our spies say that we are to be attacked for sure to-night at 12 o'clock. If this is the case, I don't know why I had to be put out beyond the town. What chances have I for my life?

Thursday, June 17, 1847.—This morning I was released from guard-duty. The Mexicans did not attack us last night.