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that the first man who attempted to break the guard again will be followed and captured and will be severely punished.

These remarks had the effect of cooling these rowdies down, but not without cursing and swearing, and many threats against Capt. Small, but they cannot frighten nor scare Capt. Small, he is Small by name and small by nature, and he is just as spunky and plucky as he is small, so the boys behaved themselves during the day.

Algiers, above mentioned, will be remembered, as famous for the destruction of life and property by the two largest elephants in this country, Hannibal and Columbus, then attached to Messrs. Raymond & Co.'s Menageries and Circus Company.

If my memory is correct, it was seven years ago to-day that Raymond's Show was then quartered in this immediate neighborhood making great preparation for a grand procession into the city of New Orleans about New Year's day. When everything was accomplished that was necessary to make a grand display, a little before the time of forming the procession, Hannibal got stubborn and wanted to fight Columbus, the keeper, Mr. William Crum, had him finally quieted down for awhile, but soon afterwards Columbus got his back up and he showed a disposition of wanting to fight, or do mischief and before the keeper, Mr. Crum, could do anything with him he struck Mr. Crum's horse to the ground and run his long tusks through the horse's body, his keeper, of course, fell with the horse, and Columbus instantly snatched him, Crum, up with his trunk and dashed him to the ground with such a fearful crash that it broke nearly every bone in his body, from which he soon died. Columbus then went for two mules attached to a wagon driven by a negro. He upset the wagon first, and then killed both mules. The driver ran and made good his escape while the elephant was killing the mules, after which he went for a negro who was sitting on the fence, and looking on to see the fun, and before the negro could get off the fence he raised him up on his trunk and dashed him against