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saucy, and at night got to killing some of our soldiers who may happen to be a little way from our quarters.

I am not going to give you an account of the long siege of Puebla City, for you have, no doubt, before this reaches you, read of it; but I shall merely tell you, that from the 26th of August to the 12th of October, the very day of our State election at home, we were constantly fired upon, both day and night, from all the streets leading to our quarters.

We have been watching the enemy night and day for more fifty days; this was all done cheerfully and without a murmur, all were anxious and ready to perform any duty that might be consigned to them to do, and whenever there was a sentinel shot down, there was always another jumped up and volunteered to go on in his place. Oh, yes, (not being with the main army), I fear the historians will never give us full justice for the long unwavering courage, the splendid discipline and heroic and successful defense of Puebla. The sufferings and hardships endured, is in itself worthy of the brighest page in the history of the Mexican war.

I had almost forgotten to mention the death of Capt. Samuel H. Walker, he fell mortally wounded, at the battle of Huamantla, and soon after expired. We little thought that he would so soon be called from among us. But providence teaches us, "that in the midst of life we are in death;" and that though we may achieve all that early ambition promptly, we cannot conquer the destroying angel; that to be honored and idolized here, does not stop the march of man from the cradle to the tomb.

No man of his age, has departed from this world with better earned fame, than our much lamented and gallant Capt. Walker, and his memory will be cherished as long as the nation shall exist. Silencio de so ceniza (peace to his ashes).

I am no more a private soldier, having been appointed, a few days ago as Third Corporal of Co. C, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers,