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To-night having plenty of candles, we devoted our time to writing letters and straightening up our notes of our campaign. All quiet, nobody asking us who we are or where we belong, and of course we are not fools enough to tell them.

Puebla City, Mexico
December 5, 1847

Dear Brother Frederick:—I again embrace the favorable opportunity of writing to you a few lines, to let you know that I am still living and well, and I hope that this letter may find you and all my inquiring friends enjoying the same state of health. You will remember, in my last letter to you, I stated that Gen. Lane had arrived at Puebla, and raised the siege of Puebla. After twelve days' rest, our regiment was ordered to escort a train to Vera Cruz. On our way back we stopped at Jalapa, here we remained for two weeks, and were nearly eaten up by the infernal fleas and other creeping things. Left Jalapa and marched for Perote Castle. This march was one of the most disagreeable we ever experienced, it snowed, rained and hailed nearly all the time; all along, the road was inundated with several inches of water, which made the ground cold and damp, and having no tents or shelter to protect us from the storm. The roads were horrible, mud up to the wagon hubs, through which, with the utmost difficulty, we dragged our wagons, with the assistance of both men and mules. At Perote we halted for two days, and then left for Puebla.

After we arrived at Puebla, we received orders the same evening to march the next morning for the city of Mexico, but on account of blistered feet, and a bad cold contracted during our long marches, I was compelled (for the first time), to remain back for a few days, or until the next train goes to the city of Mexico, when I shall go with it and join my company again.

There were four of our company, who, like myself, were left here with the same complaints. We clubbed together and rented a room; so during our stay we had comfortable